about the girl

this is me, noni {no-nee}

"i think a lot, but i don't say much"~anne frank

first and foremost, i love my Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, and i try to be honoring to Him in everything i do.
 i love quiet days at home, traveling, and horse back riding.
i love to write and take pictures.
i draw a lot and dabble in watercolors, i sometimes share my stuffz on here.
quotes are pets of mine.
i've been told my sense of humor is disturbed.
sometimes i ramble, but its always genuine soul rambling.
i'm obsessed with black and white photos, sunset photos, and music.
i am an expressed introvert. i take lots of selfies and live on a gorgeous farm.
i hope you enjoy my blog!



  1. Haha! I have to agree that chickens are stupid... :)


  2. I love Jane Eyre. And I've always loved the idea of living on a farm. And I play cello too. So I decided we should be blogger friends.

    New follower! I love your photos.