Saturday, March 30, 2013

listening to- On Top Of The World by Imagine Dragons

this is what my weekend is consisting of...

if you're thinking, oh my goodness, thats the cutest baby i've ever seen!
you're 100% correct.

i'm the luckiest aunt ever, i just can't wait to have my own little gorgeous babies someday!

happy almost easter everyone!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

treskie over at occasional randomness {which is, btw, one of my favvveee blogs!} awarded me.
so. erm.
here i go!

le rules
2.) thank the person who awarded you.
2.) Answer the three questions. 
3.) Nominate four bloggers.
4.) Notify the bloggers you nominate. 

so, treskie!

and now the questions..

What famous person would you like to meet?
i find this question amusing. because i dislike meeting ordinary people {only slightly kidding}, so of course, meeting someone famous is sorta out of the question.
i mean, can you imagine how freaking awkward that'd be for me?
i can just feel the pain thinking about it.
but, that said. if the opportunity were to because reality. then i'd pick Benedict Cumberbatch.

basically i'd hug him, get a picture, and then run away as fast as i could.

What's your favorite flower?
daffodils! these are the closest i could find to my favorite species of daffodils though..

What is your least favorite food?
definitely peas and green beans. 
peas are like fungus pills and green beans are just plain evil. and they're both so disturbingly nasty that i'm not posting a picture of them. ha.

and now for the step i normally skip! the bloggers i nominate are...


well that was fun! did you have fun? i did. :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

listening to: Watching You Watch Him, by Eric Hutchinson

i haven't done a 'what i wore' post in ages, huh? 
i blame the cold, the UN-photogenicness of my face and awkwardness of doing your own shoots.
but today i was brave,  its not very cold out, so that made it easier as well.

i've actually never wore this outfit out, but its pretty close to my usual kick back style. that shirt is actually my pajama shirt..
yes, you read that right.
i've only worn it "out" maybe twice. its one of my favorite 'i don't care what i look like' shirts and its sooo comfy.
and yes, my hat is a banjo hat. i'm fond of that hat, and i'm not sure at all why i'm wearing it in these pictures..i just, threw it on on the way out.
this whole outfit wasn't planned.

hah. obviously.

and thats all i've got for you today, folks!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

listening to- Knighs Of Shame, by AWOLNATION

i have no original pictures today.
i'm not even sure what words i have. i'll just keep writing and see where this goes...
today was the sort of day were i barely drug myself out of bed, and an hour late at that.
i haven't had a drop of caffeine all day too, for some reason coffee slipped my mind this morning.
i feel asleep on the couch for 2 hours while trying to read. and it wasn't even noon yet.

totally unmotivated, artistic juices running on their lowest.

sometimes being artistic is draining, stressful. there's this natural urge to create. 

then there's this lack of passion and inspiration.

its almost like being physically sick. actually, its worse.
lately my passion and inspiration has been at a low, its honest to goodness, no fun.

-expectation is the root of all heartache-
~william shakespeare

the past few weeks have been full of expectation and longing.
they've been full of heaviness as well. waiting for answers, hoping and trusting. questioning my motives, why i ask for what i ask for.
hoping i can trust right. 

i've been learning so much lately, i don't even know how to soak it all in. much less explain it.
i've had to let things go recently, that i didn't want to let go. 
i've spent hours wondering whats going to happen, where i'm going, what i'm doing.

there are moments when i get so overwhelmed with happiness. moments where i build up the most wonderful castles in the sky. and even though those moments pass, and i give those castles over.
they're still there. and they make me smile, and they make me sigh. because i can't know for sure.

with love,

this was my 401st post.

Monday, March 25, 2013

boredboredbored! only because i havta leave in a half hour for speech, and thats not enough time to really do anything..
so. bored.

i haven't been taking pictures lately.
i know, its sad.
but, here are a few from the past 2 or 3 weeks that i did get!

my calendars from the past 3 years. i still need one for this year, i'm thinking a ship or DW one..

i did this for a speech i'm giving..tonight actually. its a persuasive speech. i hope to convert someone to the whovian society.

annd, i made this one night..

these are my favoritest necklaces i own. :)

my beauties!

and you know what else i haven't done lately?  i've taken *no* self portraits this year.
so here's me from sometime last week when i realized how long it had been.

and here's my first ever try at black out poetry!

life has been very lifey lately, last week was good, someone brought me a rock {err, artifact!} from Israel, we bought The Hobbit, still need to watch it. i worked out every single night, monday math class was canceled, and. well, other nice things happened, but i won't bore you with the details.

my weekend was just normal weekend stuff.
yesterday, particularly the evening times, was fantastic though.
wanna know what happened?
well, its not really *that* cool, unless you like 2 particular British boys.
my mum was watching netflix while i was in the kitchen working on a mini sculpture, and randomly, Benedict Cumberbatch showed up in one of her Miss Marple shows! so mum calls me in, and of course, that  meant squealing and gushing from me throughout the rest of the show.
it was good.
then, next up was some random british detective show, and guess what? none other than Tom Hiddleston made several appearances in it! gah.
you can imagine what state i was in.

so yep, that was the hype of my weekend.

i apologize for the randomness of this post. i wasn't planning to blog today, and. well, this always happens when i don't plan out a post.
but i hope you enjoyed it anyway!


Friday, March 22, 2013

so that was the lamest blog break ever, huh?
well good news, the internet is back to its lovely self, which means i was able to catch up on all my blogs and put off blogging for at least a day! 

right now this key board is kinda sticky..not the gross kind, like the smudgy kind. cos i was playing with a big chunk of clay {*trying* to get it to look like ben c.} earlier while chatting with rachel earlier. good times.

right now i'm watching the office with brother, dwight is such a freak.

so my week was pretty great, i don't know why exactly cos i'm drawing a blank, but it just was.

and now for a rant...

sometimes my feels are conflicted about fandoms.
i've always been super in to stuff. that stuff may have been faeries when i was 8, or all things sailor-pirate-peter pan when i was 11, or journaling and book collecting when i was 12 or christian bale when i was 13. actually that started earlier than that..ehe.
you name it, i like to really be into stuff.
but you know what i don't like? when people, meaning people who don't do fandoms, make me feel inferior and ridiculous for really liking stuff. for fangirling, for jumping up and down and squealing when i realize richard armitage is in a Miss Marple show and for all those things that people like me do.
which is basically just getting unnecessarily  necessarily excited about things we like.
when they're all "ugh, i just don't get it."
i just wanna look at them and say, "i'm sorry, i'm so, so sorry."

i recently had someone give me a super un-approving look when i explained my "i *heart heart* the Doctor" pin. psshh. poor soul.

but you know why i feel conflicted? because i understand perfectly, those people who don't fan over stuff the way fangirl/guys do. i guess its because i have enough self control to not live my life in cosplay. i see their point, and although it seems a rather boring life to live, the whole "not getting it". i still see why they might think we're utterly ridiculous. the reasons behind their inability to fan is pretty obvious to me.

geeking out is silly. but silly is good.

i've always had an irrational fear of being different, call it an insecurity.
being different has pros and cons.
i like it.
i hate it.
i don't want people thinking i'm normal.
i do want people thinking i'm normal.
do you get me?

some of this stems from having been home educated my whole life, being a shy person, and having dealt with people assuming i'm some sort of freak because i've missed out on the normal social crap that other kids deal with. 
some of it stems from the fact that i am different from what society things i should be.
i don't care about society anymore though. :D

so, to sum it up. i am, and have always been, someone who reallyreally likes to get majorly excited and in to stuff. but i do not, in any way, dislike people who don't. and i'm not really sure why i wrote all of this, but i just felt like it. and i also had all these fantastic pictures to show and they go alone perfectly with this sermon, which i hope y'all enjoyed. :)
i'm going to go read some more sherlock holmes.

stay excited.
stay silly.
stay beautiful.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

i miss you internet has been throwing a tantrum since Monday, so until it gets back to normal, guess i'll just take a break from blogging for a bit. *davidpoutyface*

so enjoy this collection of epic. this is my wish list for if i go on that northern trip.

anywho. can't believe i actually got that picture to load properly. :D


Sunday, March 17, 2013

so spring break is over. i didn't leave the house once last week, 6 days of solid nothing.

but i painted, and sketched, i read and i worked out. friday it was 80degrees out, i spent all morning/afternoon outside in shorts and a tee just reading and playing with my horse. silly girl tried to eat my book, and when she figured out i wouldn't let her, she tried to eat me! not sure what got in to her, she's weird.

now its 28degrees and raining. ah, missouri.. 

it was a good week. i needed a week of nothingness.
it was slow and easy, and sometimes reallyreally boring and hard. but i'm getting use to that.

and this is pretty much how i feel about having to go back to school..



Saturday, March 16, 2013

week 6- a photo{s} of something red//write about love

 there's a dark side to love, and there's a light side. there's a side that feels soso good, and a side that hurts soso much. but both sides are love, both are good. both unconditional.
so what does love look like?

this is what love looks like.

as my pastor says "no one raise your hands, but be honest with yourself, is this you?".
well you know what, *raises hand*, this isn't me. i mean, sometimes. but i fail and fall short of this all the time.
but its ok, cos Jesus loves me.
and i know there's always going to be more chances to love right.

thats all i've got, i've been thinking about this post all week and now that i'm finally getting around to doing it, i don't seem to have a lot to write about. and i really honestly thought i'd have a whole lot to say. but i guess i keeping such a big subject simple is a good thing. :)


Thursday, March 14, 2013

the little book

song of the day- Clarity by John Mayer

this little book is very dear to me, i love filling its pages with little bits of lovely and thumbing through it wondering what will happen in it next. i love how the sides of the pages are stained and wrinkly. i love how the leather is starting to show signs of wear. i love how it smells and the texture of the paper. this little book has taught me patience. because i want to see it filled completely. but that takes time.
but i know it'll be a bit sad when its filled. but a really nice sort of sad.
this little book excites me, because someday it'll be filled with all sorts of memories that i don't know about yet.
this little book give me satisfaction.

do you have a favorite page?