Friday, May 31, 2013

today is the day..

i'm leaving my sister's house in Sringfield and headed to my cousins house..
i think we're going to Wisconsin first, then Minnesota, then North Dakota. those are the state side plans that i know of..

i'm excited its finally here. but i'm sad too, because it marks the end of this time here in SP. every time i leave it gets harder and harder and i hate it.

but such is life.

i'm ready for this.



i had the funnest times at SDC yesterday, probably the most fun i've ever had there in my entire life...and that really is saying a lot.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

as far as friends my own age go, i don't live near them. but i've got em', and they're epic.
my favourite one is Rachel. she's the beastie. ermm. bestie. the partner in crime. the one i wouldn't want to live with out.

we did her senior photos yesterday and this is one of the best shots.

pretty dang adorable.

and its late, like almost midnight. and tomorrow i'm gonna hang out with said epic friends (and a stinking load of other people i don't know *pouty face*) all day at SDC, so i have to get an early start.

sleep. yeah.


Monday, May 27, 2013

heya there! happy memorial day, everyone! just popping in real quick to let y'all know i'm having wonderful times here in Springfield. as always.
sunday night was a blast, i went bowling with all the fun kidz and we went to starbucks after.

i'm exhausted, today was exhausting.. tomorrow i'm hanging with caitria for a bit in the morning, then i'm gonna do rachel's senior photos. super excited! i'm gonna love tomorrow.

so here's a picture of me and my nephew for ya. :))

his chubby face and freaked out look kills me.

so anywho, have a fantastic week!


Saturday, May 25, 2013

this is my last full day home till the second week of august.

i find it rather amusing that people have asked me, "are you ok with being gone all summer?" and they're all like. shocked at my answer.

ha. ha. hahaha.

oh, goodness. YES. i'm more than ok with it. sure, i'll miss my family, especially my mum, but hey, i've spent 18 pretty solid years with them. i think i'll be ok for 2 months. and i know it'll be a great stretch for me.
i'll probably miss hugging the cat quite a lot. my cousin's baby might just have to get used to me hugging her in the mornings.
i like to hug in the morning. its either the baby or my pillow and babies make noises and are way cuter. so yeah..

i'm gonna miss having the convenience of going on mile long walks whenever i want. these past few days i've been walking the lane (which is a mile long..) once to twice a day, plus riding Ellie the horse everywhere. i love exercise. i told rachel i may just havta run around the bus 100 times every time we stop for gas.
because seriously.
i have loads of energy. all. the. time.

the other day i made this daisy crown. it was so cute, i hadda show you guys. and it looked pretty dang cute with the pixie. ;)

so anyways. last, i've got quite a lot to do. so i better head off and start on stuff.

have a grand weekend, k?

peace out,

Thursday, May 23, 2013

take your breath away- live high

there are things that i want to learn and do.
there are things that i feel like i'll never get around to. things that i have no desire to get around to. just little things, really.
and sometimes its depressing seeing people chase their dreams so hard and getting what they're chasing.
i feel like i'm just sitting here on a rock watching everyone pass my by. doing new things. going to new places.

but i'm not just sitting on some rock. i'm sometimes a pessimist and often an optimist.
or am i?
i'm always the doubter.

patience is something i'm always forgetting about.
i always jump ahead of myself. i often feel like i'm running out of time. i become rushed and the need to do something is overwhelming. it creates a bad atmosphere in my heart and i just get so confused.

i am young. there's *plenty* of time left.
take. a. breath.
and stop.

then go. become your own person, become that person gradually. make sure you know what you're becoming. be the person you love.

i'm about to set out on something new. a fantastic adventure.
i love that word. 


i'm hoping that this trip will stretch me. i'm hoping God can use me as a source of encouragement with everyone i'm going with. they're my family and i want to be the willing and helpful spirit. i don't ever want anyone regretting that i went.

these last few weeks have been somewhat hectic. in many ways. so much to do, appointments to make and meet, school to finish, school to plan for and sign up much preparation.
but also emotionally hectic.

so much has happened. there's been times of serious disappointment, like finding out i have to leave 2 days early, which means missing out on my best friends graduation ceremony/party thingy and just time in general with her.

and there's been times of extreme excitement and happiness.

i've been living high on emotion.

i've learned so much about myself. and life. by living high.
one thing people need to know about me.

never give me bad news in the morning.
i can't take it.
seriously. there will be tears.

happiness is up to me. but happiness doesn't last. those moments that take your breath away by their beauty are fleeting.

but they're worth it. every tear of madness and frustration are worth it.
maybe i take things to seriously sometimes. maybe i think to much.

there is peace in my heart. i hand everything over and there is peace.

this is my chance to do something, to prove something.

and my only wish is that whatever i do, whatever i prove will glorify my God.
when it really comes down to it. thats all i want.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

late night self sessions sometimes result in some pretty cool shots. i'm pretty excited about these. i love the lighting on them all. the way little patches of my face are lit up by the lamp has always been a favourite of mine. finally caught it on camera.


Monday, May 20, 2013

so right now, i'm forcing myself to blog.
the desire is gone, but i know i just gotta get past that and it'll all click for me and i'll remember what it was that i used to love so much about blogging.

this is my last week home until August. it's finally here. the last week.
its exciting.

but seriously. anyone know how to pack for 2months?

deciding what shoes to take, which jackets, which pants. which shorts and t-shirts. which dresses, hats, scarves, earrings, necklaces ect-.
yeah, i'm excited to tackle that bit.
not to mention i'm still going to do a ton of shopping in springfield next week before i actually leave. which means taking less than what i need and hoping i can find things i like when i shop.

i'm glad that this week will go fast, because i'm so stinking excited about this tour and going to springfield for the entire week before. i just want it here already!


so anyways. i went and saw Star Trek twice.
Cumberwumberbatches in realD was *amazing*. like. wowzerilla. just. yeah, go see it. he makes one stinking, epicly-epic bad guy.
oh, and the movie itself was pretty good too! the way Simon Pegg says "i can't-ee-ah do it" is unbelievably adorable and i'de go back an see it again just to hear his lovely scottish-cutness.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

the pixie

before i went in to get my hair cut i made a list. 4, actually. the first was reasons why i didn't like long hair. the second was why i did. the 3rd was why i liked short hair, the 4th was why i didn't.
basically. short hair ruled out long by far. my list of cons for long was miles an my list of cons for short was tiny.
my list of pros for long was tiny. my list of pros for short was long. you get the point.
so short hair it was.
can't tell you how glad i am that i decided on it!
funny story here. well. sorta. anywayyyss...
i cut my hair myself a few days before i went into get this pixie. apparently i do a good bob, no one guessed i had cut it myself! it was fun times cutting my own hair and having a cute bob for a few days.
nothing is more fun than a pixie, though! oh, and the pixie with my new nerdy-ish glasses. *love*.


Friday, May 17, 2013

guys, i have my mohawk back. *happy dance*. i don't always wear my hair like this now that its short. but i will wear it like this more than i did last time.

i promise, real pictures of the hair coming soon!
but for now, there's this. :)

also.. i'm wanting to get a new design around here. something summery and simple. something geometric, cos i love goemetric-ish styles. always have, always will.

*sigh* i'm not very fond of redesigning headers..or anything, for that matter.

peace out,

Thursday, May 16, 2013

am i back?

i think, i hope. the answer is yes.

i'm not quite sure what i'm doing here. maybe something will click again and it'll all come rushing back.

 one thing i *never* forget how to do is make a list.
so here's a list, or, series of lists.. lets see how long this goes..

::things i really like::
1) i'm really liking my new laptop.
2) i really like my new hair.
3) i really like my velvet tights.
4) i really like imagine dragons and AWOLNATION.
5) i really like life. and blogging outside.

::things i'm beyond excited about::
1) canada and alaska.
2) seeing rachel and my nephew!
3) life.
4) going to SDC.
5) living on a tour bus for 12 weeks.

::things i need to do::
1) take pictures of my hair to show you guys.
2) make a new pillow cover outta this cool fabric mum got me.
3) ride my ellie may girl several times before i leave in 9 days.
4) blog more.
5) draw something.

and thats really all i've got. i hope you liked the photos, i adore them. there's so much gorgeous around here, its overwhelmingly lovely.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

let me explain

i'm still alive, promise, it's just that the main computer is dead and i don't have a laptop....yet! i'm getting one here very soon, a cute little asus notebook, i already love it. right now i am using my mums mini ipad, freaking pain to type and i can't do my photos. so here very soonly i will be back for realz with loads more photos and hopefully something nice to say, if not, then just more pictures.

18days till i leave, 7 days till i'm done with college classes.

i want another nap.


Sunday, May 5, 2013

more words

listening to- the sound of the clock ticking, the tap dripping, mum doing something in the back and the refrigerator running. 

have i ever mentioned that i adore foreign films? i like french ones best, although i've only seen two so far. one was called 'a queen to play' the other was 'the hedgehog', i highly recommend them both. some might say they're boring, but i found them beautiful. not only beautiful to watch, but listening was a treat. obviously english subtitles are a given, ha. i just love the french language.

earlier i was reading through some of my old blog posts from two years ago..i felt like i was reading about another person's life. i don't know, it was just really weird. i liked the way i wrote, i feel like my writing is different now and i'm not sure if its better. sure, my spelling and grammar have improved, my tack and grace as well. but i feel like i was more myself then. 

i like baby carrots. a lot. sometimes i get weird cravings for baby carrots dipped in ranch. and i normally hate ranch. but yuuumm. baby carrots in ranch. yep. ha, one of my dear friends *loves* baby carrots. i can't help eating these without thinking about her and missing her. all my friends are moving away, i wonder if this means i'll move away too someday? i certainly hope so, but i'm not in a rush. i like life here and right now.

i leave in 21 days. i'm hoping to go to Springfield for a week before i leave for the tour. its handy that my cousins who i'm going on tour with only live an hour from Springfield. 
my best friend graduates soon and her grad party is the  day before i leave, i'm so glad that i'll be able to make it, she said she wouldn't go if i wasn't there! and that would just be awkward for everybody. 

dudes. i'm seriously eating this entire bag of baby carrots.

i thought maybe i'd get on today and have something decent to say instead of just rambling away about nonsense, but you know, i'm pretty fond of nonsense. 
but still, i've been doing so much thinking lately i feel like i should have something nice to say. i know that me thinking a lot is not knew, but on top of that i've been doing a pretty significant amount of reading as well. reading the sort of books that make me think about things i've never really considered before. i've also been reading a giant book on vincent van gogh. yeah, that man. i like him.
anyways. i read a book called 'a severe mercy' i highly recommend that book. its phenomenal. 

and now i'm gonna stop. this seems like a stupid post and if i go on any longer it'll just get sillier.
next monday is finals. *squee*. 
i'm also getting my hair all chopped off again. *double squee* 


Thursday, May 2, 2013

i'm so in love with all these photos, i couldn't wait to share them with you. blogger refuses to work on the main computer, so i decided to borrow my bro's mac to get these up.
like i said in my last post, spring this year has just been splendid! all these photos were taken about a week ago. since then all the trees have become fully clothed in gorgeous green and i can finally hear the wind through their leaves again. pretty much everything is greener, lusher and gorgeouser.

this would be Heilda the morning she was born. she is 3rd of this years baby ewes that have been born. our first was a set of twins.. its our first year raising sheepies, they're so cute! i love waking up in the mornings, opening up my window and hearing their adorable "baaa"'s and looking out at our flock of sheep. we have 12 in all. if you haven't ever heard a baby lamb "baa" or seen them jump around, you're missing out! so much cuteness!

yeah, i know, i'm really, super duper blessed to be surrounded by so much pretty. i really can't and won't ever get over it. but you have eyes of your own, i don't need to go on about it. ;)

oh, before i forget, i think in my last post i said something about going to Alaska for 3 weeks? haha. yeah, thats happening, but i didn't clarify that the tour itself is 11 weeks, so i'll be pretty absent this summer. i'm not sure how much internet we'll be able to get in Canada, so i'll just have to wait and see.

also, check out james blake. i recently fell for this guy's music. its.... different. eery, beautiful. lots of layers, eccentric. luscious. quite european. for some reason it makes me think of benedict cumber batch.. yeah, its really strangely gorgeous like that. i'd suggest you start on this song then go to this one. i like his album 'overgrown' best.

that is all.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hello my lovelies! How have you guys been doing?! I hope all is swell! I told myself I would be back when my passport came in, and it came just a few days ago, so I figure its time.
So much has happened in the last several weeks, it's overwhelming but beautiful.

Firstly, I'm going to Alaska! Well, first Montana, then North Dakota, then maybe Minnisota? Not sure exactly..but then its up into Canada for a bit, then a ferry over to Alaska for 3 weeks. Yep, those are my summer plans so far! I'm pretty dang excite. I've done very little traveling in the past decade and I'm so looking forward to this tour. I've decided that "tour" shall be my everyday name for the trip. I keep saying "when we go on tour", and then I stop and say "we" one more just to hear how nice it sounds. Befor it was always "if" and certainly not "we" or "when". Earlier this week I was reading Johnny Cash's autobiography and he talked about life on the road, but more importantly, life on a touring bus on the road. He said life on tour comes down to a few basic questions. They were, "where are we?", "what time is the show?" And "where's the food?". I can already hear myself and everyone else asking those questions. So yeah, I'm really pumped and I still can't believe it's happening.

Secondly, tomorrow I am going to be forever done with highschool.

Thirdly, I'm completely exhausted and about to head off here, I'm not sure when I'll make time to blog again, but I am back ;) Blogger is having some complications right now, it won't let me upload photos, so until that is resolved, I'll be back with more words and*hopefully* pictures, because I have SO many spring photos to show you guys. We've had a stunning spring here, for some reason it seems so much more gorgeous and magical than springs of the past. The country side resembles English Shires and the wild flowers are everywhere. I'm in love with it.
But right now I'm more in love with my bed.