Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Why is the rum gone?

Oh, thats why~ Jack Sparrow 

I talked to the ships computer today...It hates me~ Marvin -Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy

I like her bangs~ Pedro 

Gus, try it, its fun!
No, Shawn, you look like an idiot bobble head.
Ooh, come on, Gus, just do it!
*gus does it*
You look like a complete idiot, Gus ~ Shawn Spenstar and Bruton Gaster -Psych-

I ate some bugs, I ate some grass, I used my hands to wipe my..tears.~Naaacchhhooooo Lebre 

Me? I'm dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It's the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... stupid.~ Captian Jack Sparrow

I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine and he shall be my squishy~ Dory -Finding Nemo-

The Mad Hatter: What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I used to hat The White Queen, you know. Her head was so small. 
Red Queen: Yes,  a pimple of a head! 
I'm investigating things that begin with the letter M..Moron~ Mad Hatter

I get to sleep in a bed by myself, all my life!~ Nacho


Andy: Barney, what IS the emancipation proclamation? 
Barney: Well...its when they emancipated a proclamation!!!~ The And Griffith Show

Minion:Sir, I think this is a bad idea... 
Megamind: Yes, a very wickedly bad idea for the greater good of bad!
Minion: But I'm saying it's the kind of bad that... Okay, you might think is good from your bad perception, but from a good perception... It's just plain bad.
Megamind: Oh, you don't know what's good for bad! 

Gulliver: I'm starting to love this place
Princess Mary: But don't  you miss your subjects and the White House and the Millennium Fulcan?
Gulliver: Yahhh, but vise president Yoda can run things without me for awhile.

Steven, Those eggs where a LIEEE!!~Nacho Lebre

Jack Sparrow: Captain, I wish to report a mutiny. I can name fingers and point names.

Monday, January 30, 2012

1. What is the most magical thing that has happend to you?

Questions asked by Lydia
1. What is the most magical thing that has happened to you?- Hmmm..To me a magical day would be if *everything* went your way and there were no regrets and you walked away completely satisfied with everything, so unfortunately, I haven't had a real magical day :(  Lame..
2. What do you consider your worst fault?- My temper..its incredible.
3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? Just ONE place?! Ok. Anne Franks secret Annexe in Prinsengracht, Amsterdam. <3 I have a (possible) family member that walks by it ever day! *_*
4. What's your favorite old television show? (must be black-and-white) Mork and Mindy in color. Teehee.
5. Do you turn red when your embarassed? Only in the winter.
6. Would you rather be attacked by a hippo or a rhino? Oh gosh. Rhino's have horns...Hippos chomp you..both, get it over with faster.
7. Have you ever been to another country/countries? Which ones? Yes, I was born in Mexico :P
8. What's your favorite dog breed? Beagle, best dogs ever.
9. Do you like deviled eggs or potato salad better? Potato Salad!
10. What is one song you absolutely hate? Anything by Dolly Partin or FF5.
11. Have you ever read more than two books in one day? Of course! 

Questions asked by  Kate

1. Are you a back-seat Driver? Nope, I never pay attention to who's even driving.
2. Your Greatest Most Life-Changing discovery: When I rededicated my life to the Lord.
3. Slippers or a pet unicorn? Slippers...leather Indian kind..
4. Chinese food or Italian? Chinese!
5. Which would you rather use as a pillow: A chicken pot pie, A bouquet of flowers(in a vase, of course..), Or a medium to small sized blob of Vaseline?  Chicken pot pie..I get 3am cravings anyway.
6. How long are your toenails? Normal? I dunno...their painted black so its hard to tell!
7. In desperate measures, would you rather eat a small tree or a sofa? Huh, small tree xD
8. Who is your living hero? (as opposed to dead) Elisabeth Elliot <3
9. What is your goal? To finish the last 2 questions.
10. How experienced are you at feeding lasagna to a shrubbery? I need lessons.
11. How confused are you right now on a scale of 1-17? 20.

Questions asked by Carson
1. You have until tomorrow noon to live. What are you going to do between
      now and then? Rejoice that I get to finally meet my savior, then spend time with everyone I love most.
2. What's stopping you? Me.
3. What's your favourite lame joke. (Or one of them.) Your face is my favorite lame joke.
4. You just received $50. Which one (1) of the following things would spend
     it on? Gas for your car, a pair of shin pads, shoes, a charity, or an Ultra-
     Deluxe Super-Duper toilet plunger. Pshh. donate.
5. In one word, describe your cellphone. Blue.
6. You have just become a philosopher. What is your first 
     profound/insightful statement? Face.
7. Do you think I'll manage to compile 5 more questions? Unfortunately.
8. Which invention is better, the wheel or the webcam? Yes.
9. What's the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon? With my kids.
10. Which of the following describes you best? Bed-maker, bed-wetter, bed-
     bouncer, or bed-header. :)  .......... :)  .... . .. .. .   ... .
11. Are hard questions good for us? Most definitely. But they hurt my brain :p

Sunday, January 29, 2012

:Fabulous Sundays:

Kinda doing a "my own" fashion spot of the week today!
First, me an my gorgeous beagle girl, Tillie <3333 Love her so much.

What I'm wearing: City Street skinny jeans, brown boots from Kholes, vintage re-done vest from someone, tan v-neck from TJMaz, Candy's sunglasses.

Have a nice week, dearies<3

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Those days..

Have you ever woke up and realized, you didn't know how you felt about anything?
I can't decide if the world looks comical, depressing, interesting, irritating, or beautiful today..
I rarely. I mean. RARELY. Cannot make up my mind on issues like this.
Typically I know just what I want, when, how I'll get it, and I know I'll be happy.
But today..
I dunno if I wanna sew.
Rock or Classical (i think classical will have a better effect on me right now)
Play the Cello.
Make another item for Etsy.
Look at pretty blogs.
I think I should just go take a chill pill and read.

This is me, Kelly and For King And Country from this years WJ..Just thought I'd share it ;)

You should totally check these place out tho if your bored like me.
Bonlook glasses (nerdy awesome glasses that I really want!)

Adorable blog I found this week! 

If I had a little girl, I'd totally get this for her <3
Owl Cape

I can oddly appreciate days like this..

Later today, some 21 Jump Street is definitely in order.

Have a loverly Saturday everyone!

Do you ever have days like this??
Lemme know in the comments below! (hey, that rhymed!)

Friday, January 27, 2012

21JS, Funkey, Bunnies and Paintings..

Besides making fun of homeschoolers, I've been quite productive this week.
First, I'd like to announce that I'm totally getting sucked into 21 Jump Street, aired in the late 80's and went till the early 90's, stars Johnny Depp as the lead character, which is my main reason for watching it, and its about him, and he's an undercover agent. Kool right?! Doh.
Its totally rad, man.
Brings tears of laughter at how lame it can be..BUT. 
Freakishly fuzzy/fluffy hair, amazing earrings and skinny jeans, yards of leather and cool music.
I like this show.

Just remember, left is right, right is wrong. <3

Funkey Owl. For thats what its named.
Today I did this while I was supposed to be reading about the Founding Fathers of America....

It started off me just goofing off, then it turned into a multi hour project.
I think it looks lovely above my bed.
I like bunnies.
But I like even more that I actually came up with this idea myself!

After months of not touching paint brushes to paper. I did these Wednesday.

On this one I used an old piece of paper that already had paint on it (the colored parts) and then I just added more and a face :) Oddly enough it looks like a guy I met the other day..and I totally didn't mean to do that..It looks ALOT like him! o.o

Unfortunately, I can't find a pic of my other one :((((

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Your a Homeschooler If..

1- You introduce yourself like this... "Hi, my name is Charity Joy, and I'm homeschooled"
2- You don't have a clue what "Slap Stick" means.
3-You still call your dad "Daddy" even tho your 19 and male.
4-You don't realize that Jersey Shore isn't in France.
5- You have never ordered your own hamburger.
5- You have memorized The Declaration Of Independence.
6- The most modern artist that you listen to is Johnny Cash, and only when your mom isn't around.
7- The only movies your allowed to watch are Christian ones. And you think they are the BEST.
8-You don't know what Lady Gaga is (oh wait..neither does she..)
9- Your biggest goal in life is to bring the gospel to public schoolers.
10- You've said "what's youtube" in the last 5 years.
11- You know what Cloistered means.
12- You call yourself a southerner. And are convinced the Civil War WASN'T about slavery.
13- You use the word "Niiicceee" about 500 times every day.
14- Your favorite shirt is the one you bought in a real store, full price.
16-You noticed I skipped number fifteen.
17- You think Suicides (mixing several soda's together) are the coolest thing to do, mainly because the connotation of the word suicide is horrible. 
18- You tell public schoolers (the 2 you have met) "Oh, I'm so sorry your public schooled".
20- Spongebob Square Pants is EVIL.
19- You think this whole list is highly offensive and you hate me for switching up 19 and 20 and doubling 5, oh you just caught that?

The biggest difference between the Homeschoolers and the Home educated persons, is that one group thinks its ok to make fun of the other~My mom.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Painted Shoes

Yesterday I found these shoes at the thrift store, 4bucks <3
Unfortunately, and you can't really tell in any of these photos, they are a really redish brown, and I'm not to fond of that. Plus, I've been wanting some shoes to paint..

Lulu was highly interested. I like the shoes alot.
But I'm not to sure if I like what I did to them :(
Lulu isn't sure either!    

I think they'll grow on me, and I'm hoping the paint stays well, so I can paint the rest, because the color in real life really isn't as pretty as in the pictures.
And in case your wondering, yes, that is GOLD.
I like gold.
Do you?

Monday, January 23, 2012

pretty things

Today I made this velvet turban, I found a DIY on THIS beautiful blog.
Unfortunately, I'm not feeling very photogenic at all. I'm not even in the mood for pictures, I think perhaps that made me look weirder. lol..My eyes look dead this evening :p
But hey! The turban turned out great, and I seriously love my rabbit earrings my mom got me for christmas!!

I guess I was feeling crafty today, so I worked on my blanket while listening to music...

It is now 1ft wide, and 4 feet long, I started it a week ago today. I'm getting excited as it keeps growing, I'm going to do other pieces like this, in squares and more rectangles, then stitch them all together into a full size blanket, can't wait!

Well, I best be off here, I'm hungry, and I have to fold a serious load of laundry.
Happy Monday everyone! <3

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whiles its still there, Winter Jam2012

This is a really long post, hope you make it to the end!! <3

Yesterday was Winter Jam in St.Charles..
While everything is still fresh, thoughts, memories and images in my head, I figure I better write it all out now before I forget it all and it becomes just a distant blurry memory.
Left the house around 11, me and Ezra has already gone into Walmart once to get stuff, unfortunately we had to go by again to get more stuff before we set off on a two hour drive to WJ2012. I was pretty excited, also nervous. Being around people like that always gets me antsy. We finally arrived at 1:45, and met up with Kelly, her dad and boyfriend, John and Zac, the guys had been there in line since 10am, so glad someone got a good spot for us in line.

It was freezing cold, and being a shy girl I didn't say much, just tuned in on the conversation and smiled.
My brother, being a social butterfly was right at home interacting with others that he didn't know very well. Me and Kelly knew each other pretty well over the internet, but you know its always awkward when its in person. At least it is for shy girls.
The groups around us were entertaining. The youth group to the left was obnoxious, typical extroverted kids. The Asian to the right had kool hair and I loved that girls hat who was in the same group with him. The guy next to the Asian guy looked like Ben Stiller but he acted like a girl, masculinity is so lost these days.
2 hours before the doors were gonna open everyone started gathering up blankets, tents and chairs and taking them back to their cars. Everyone was pretty excited. Joel, from For King And Country came out and supervised and helped set up a small stage to the right side of us, I could only see him while he stood by the door, he was very friendly, unlike Group1Crew, who seemed snobby. I could tell when the mexican guy started talking, he sounded so CA Mexican, it was ridiculous, and the ladies hair was HUGE. She wasn't very nice I didn't think.

They sang a few songs, tried to get the crowd into it, but only maybe 20 people (who were in obvious need of attention) started dancing, the big haired lady danced with them too. That one guy who looked like a fat Jack White had issues..Not to mention his friend who kept half his face covered with his hoodie and danced like an ape.
Finally, 30min till the doors opened, a man came out and said everyone had to move back 10ft before the doors would be opened, after much yelling and hand waving by several loud people, we got the crowd moved back about 8 feet, that was as much as was possible. Then, to our astonishment, several people, ON PHONES TELLING THEIR FRIENDS TO JOIN THEM, came in front of us and stole our spots! Us and our neighbors were *not* happy. Of course nothing was done, they got in first, people weren't happy.  Soon tho, when the doors finally opened, the excitement of the evening erased the irritation and, unlike last year, the path to the seats was pretty clear.
Pre-jam was great, We As Human started it, I think, after the speaker guy stopped talking.

The crowd yelled the count down, we all screamed and clapped, not exactly for for that band in particular, but because WJ was finally starting for reals! We As Human were ok, they didn't leave an impression on me at all, I can't even remember what they played, or what they were wearing.
Next I think there was more speaking from Newsong, and a modivational speaker, and then some commercials on the 3 big screens.
Next was Dara Maclean, she was...interesting, she was screechy. Thats pretty much it, and her hair was really thick.
Them came For King And Country, they did Busted Heart and the crowd loved that. I liked them a lot, they are two brothers from Australia, they also look so much like super models that it was rather ridiculous. God certainly has blessed them! ;) Not to mention they were really tall and thin.
Then was Kari Job, I loved her, everything about her performance was so Christ centered, the show wasn't about her or how she looked, or about her beautiful voice (that reminded me or Breanne Durren) I loved getting to have a time or worship before everything got very crazy. 
Building 429 was next, they were amazing! Loved their performance and they weren't "to much" like some of the others (group1crew for instance). The lead singer I swear looked right at me! Yeh, I know, every girl says that about a lead singer, but he did.

Then I think Group1Crew was next, they were pretty showy, but I loved their music and it was fun to dance to, so I did enjoy their part, even if afterwards they were rude to me as they signed my bag, I honestly wish I hadn't had them sign it, for petes sake, I don't even like their albums! But you get so caught up in the moment of it all that you just aren't rational or thinking. Pretty silly.
Then Newsong sang, who was also the speaker of the night, plus that Nick guy spoke..Nick Holden? I can't remember.
Broc Gill did a card trick, I love Mr. Gill, he's funny and his tricks are pretty neat! Plus he seemed like a very nice gentlemanly guy (unlike the afro guy from Group1Crew, can you tell I don't like them?!).

After a break, some more motivational speaking and sharing the Gospel and hearing some testimonies and about orphan children, Peter Furler sang, the old lead singer of Newsboys (bald british dude with the eyeliner, as I always used to call him!.) I kinda freaked and went crazy dancing and signing when he started his songs! When he did Entertaining Angels I went NUTS! I kept thinking "what am I gonna do when Skillet comes out?!". But seriously, I grew up listening to Entertaining Angels and I had thought that my chance at hearing him sing that song at a concert was gone, but no! He did it and many of his other originals!! It was great. Then he did A Million Pieces! OHMIGOSH. Serious chidlhood flash backs and nostalgia, that was my favorite part, that and singing along.

Brock Gill did an amazing illiousion where he was tied up with a bunch of chains and then put in a coffin of water, and I am pretty sure he was in there for 1min an half, or possibly 2min, and acouple secs. It was kool. I woulda taken the ping pong ball trick over that, but he told me they wouldn't let him:( Bummer.

Oh, and he didn't die ;)

Then Sanctus Real, they were good, again, favorite part was knowing the words and singing along an worshiping Jesus.

Then..What I think everyone was waiting for. SKILLET.
Now, get this, I used to hate that band with a passion, they are still not my favorite, but I saw them a couple years ago at Rock The River under the St.Louis Arch, and I then realize how much talent they really had. They totally owned the stage, yet somehow I couldn't help but get the feeling that they really did have Jesus in their hearts. So, I stopped hating them, gave them a chance, and tho I don't listen to their music on my free time, I will never give up an opportunity to see them live.
Head banging, dancing, jumping, screaming so loud you could barley hear yourself started as soon as the huge SKILLET (dunno why I keep making them caps.) drape rolled down and the shadows of the cellist and violinist's shadow was cast upon the huge drape.  I can't even remember what song it was, it was just so kool. I went bonkers for that cello and screamed so much. My throat still hurts.
I'm the shy one, remember?
Their whole performance left quite an impression on me. I'm going to the chiropractor soon, don't worry.
They, like I said already, owned that stage, but still left you with the impression that it was all still Christ centered.
I found out how loud I can scream, how much head banging I can do before my neck feels like its gonna break, and that I can do the screamo pretty decent.
Ha, your probably thinking there is no way I'm introverted or shy now.
But thats just it.
There is just something about concerts, where its so loud that the very shirt on you is vibrating, and the music just hits your inner core and you can't do anything but move with it and have a good time. It is easy enough to just stand there and not move, but its so much more fun to go with the flow, get crazy and make memories you'll never forget.
Its like you just stop thinking and start moving and all you know is "this is awesome". Lights, fire, loud music. Thats all it takes to just let go and have fun.
Concerts, and my bedroom, are most likely the only places I get so crazy. The only places I dance and enjoy being young and flexible.

My only regrets about yeserday were small.
1- Didn't all get to set together
2- Didn't get to meet the cellist (this was very sad).
3- Didn't say what I wanted to Mr. Gill, I'm so shy I just forget whatever was on my mind when I meet anyone. I never reply to "how ya doing" the right way, and I always for get to say the "socially polite" things that your supposed to, leaving the impression on people that I'm backwards I'm sure:p I also wanted to show him an amazing card trick I know, its a shame I thought about it after I left. And he was all alone so I could have totally talked more and showed him the trick. Stupid social brain farts. He was nice.
4- I didn't get to meet the cellist..oh, did I mention that already?
5- I didn't have my camera...soo, that means, no pictures until my friend who did have a camera can post hem on fb and I can steal them. But honestly I am glad that she got pix rather than me, because her pix will look light years better than mine, kool camera:)

All in all, I had one epic evening.
And if you actually read ALL of this post,then I love you, and I promise I won't post so much next time!And if you made it, please, please comment!! ^_^ And if you happen to skip it and see this, then scroll back up and read it, ;) <3 Then comment <3
Now to go relax <3

Friday, January 20, 2012

the real world

I've been having the oddest dreams ever..They have all seemed like reality, and everything about those dreams seems to be something that one day, will come true, its hard to explain. But every night this week I've had strange, wonderful dreams..I love sleeping.

Tomorrow me, my dad, Francisco (who just turned 53 yesterday! wow, old man;) and my brother, Ezra, are heading up to St.Charles for Winter Jam! Kinda pumped.
I'm gonna do the fohawk tomorrow.
At first I was rather concerned that people who would see me tomorrow, might think I was living that "other lifestyle". But I realized that they most likely will think I'm just a kid having fun, and thats exactly what I am.

I know this is lame of me...but I can't help it, THIS is the world I wanna live in so bad right now..
I'm gonna add that there are no shallow or ignorant owls in this world<3
My typa happy place..  
A city where happy owls live, work, breathe, ride bikes and fly kites. They pick flowers, sing in the shower, salsa dance, swim in pools, knit sweaters and read dreamy books with happy endings. They roller skate, watch romantic movies, drive clean cars to church, hold hands on the beach and run on treadmills after they eat a lot of pizza. They enjoy vanilla skies, swinging on swing sets, walking in the rain, pajama parties, wearing fuzzy sweatshirts in the winter and imagining what it would be like to breathe underwater. Owl City is an innocent place where life is pleasant and enjoyable. It's a place where pretty owl girl flight attendants smile at handsome boy owls at 30,000 feet. It's a place where little owls sometimes get lost in grocery stores but they always find their momma's again.

Monday, January 16, 2012

What up, Doc?

So, I've not been up to much lately...Just the normal, school, sleeping, eating, school, crocheting , school, writing, reading, school. I really hate the later.
And I got rid of my old craft table, and down seized to my great grandmothers  vanity. I draped my Christmas lights all over it, and its wonderful. At first I hated it there, but now I love it!
like my little poodle friend on the floor??      

My writing desk has been abandoned for the vanity :( i feel bad kinda..

 And, I've been painting my nails lately. Weird for me, but now I am hooked!

This blue is my particularly favorite color. Next time I'm going bubble gum pink!
Its fun being a girl <3
 I woke up to snow last week. Not even enough to cover the ground, but it made me so happy! The snow created a gorgeous lighting in the house all day. Good lighting is a must for me.

so, what have you been up to??

Tagged and Monkey Bread

I just realized its almost been a week since my last post! I guess I've been a bit lazy. In truth, I've been fighting laziness lately, this cold winter weather is getting to me.
ok. 6 things I loath to death.

Switching from house shoes to boots.
nasty rotten food.
Getting done with math, then getting hiccups right after while trying to put on boots to run nasty rotten food down to nasty gross chickens. :)

Something I love? Getting tagged, and monkey bread <3
 I love when my mom is bored, she makes yummy things!

So before I start with with this, I'm gonna add that I shall not tag anyone like my instructions said too, as I don't have alot of bloggers that I know who actually blog alot, and all the ones I do know, were already tagged by Sailor,who tagged me:) So my apologies, but if I tag them, they'll tag me,then I'll tag them again, then I'll have started that whole dumb John Connor must go back and save his mom for the thousandth time! <3

11 Questions, asked by Dream Sailor

1.What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Become the first lady Prez..why not?? Actually, no, thats dumb, I'd prolly just become a professional photographer in a week <3.
2. If you had an opportunity to go to Haiti with a charity organization, would you? first I'd pray about it, and if God gave me the go, then I'd go!
3. You're in a situation where you know doing the right thing will get you in trouble (with the law, your family, friends, your school, ect.) what do you do? The right thing. Of course, I'd stray as far away as possible from doing the right thing, the wrong way.
4. What do you want to change in the world? All the corrupt racism, we live in a society where absolutely no racism is accepted, yet those people who enforce that, are some of the more racist people ever! I wish that wasn't so.
5. Favorite species of owl? Um, I dunno, the cute little fuzzy ones?! <3
6. What would you rather eat, if you absolutely HAD to: a crayon or a camera card? Camera Card. Does swallowing count??
7. You see a see a ten dollar bill on the floor in a check-out lane, it may or may not belong to the person in front of you. What do you do? Ask if it does, if not, hold onto it for awhile and then give it to tithe!
8. Who do you like better, Darth Vader or Ken (Barbie's obnoxious boyfriend)? Ken. "You say 'I', then I'll say 'love' then you say 'you'! See, that time I said LOVE!"
9. You break something in a pottery store. Now what do you do? Pay for it,then take it home and blue it together with gorilla glue.
10. What would you do if you woke up and found yourself in the 'cat room' of an animal shelter? Meow.
11. What is your opinion of the sesame street character Elmo? Personally I think he is harmless, but unfortunately, all those wacko liberal jobs have taken him and are using him to brainwash the young generation of kiddies. Its pretty sick...And I think kids over age 6 should not be watching him! Same goes for blue's clues..actually..no human on earth should watch that guy..end of story.

I must say, this was fun! Thanks for tagging me Dream Sailor <3

Happy Monday ya'll.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The name game.

I'm not sure how many single, not married or pregnant, girls actually spend time thinking about the names they will name their future children, but I have. I've spent hours reading name books and filled pages with lists of names. So over time, I've accumulated a few that I'm pretty in love with..

Boy names (i'm best at picking these out)

Noah Prosper (this middle name is my favorite of all)
June Craig
Victor Randal (don't laugh)
Jack Moses
Robert Tat

They are all pretty old fashion, but I like that. Robert is by far my most classic name, but there is just something about the name Robbie or Rob that just gets me. And Tat was my great grandfathers nick name<3
I found the name Prosper from a book I read called The Thief Lord, I love the meaning of the word Prosper, and it makes the perfect middle name for Noah.
Victor is just another one that I love the sound of it, Jack, well who doesn't love that name? And pared with a biblical name like Moses its just irresistible (to me at least!)

Girl names.

Stella Grace (Grace is my big sister middle name, Stella was gotten from Great Expectations<3)
Nora Jem
Margo Elisabeth
Lucy Ahn

I'm not so good at picking out girl names. The name Jem comes from another childhood favorite book, Elisabeth is in honor of a few amazing people in my life, Ahn is my grandmothers middle name, and Lucy, its just dang cute. I need to find another name to pare with Lynn, in honor of my mom's middle name.

Names are such a thing for me, I love the sound of them. My favorite name of ALL time to say is Giovanni Ribisi! Thats an actors name, and I don't care for that, but seriously, said with the correct Italian accent, that name is just beyond loverly.

This is me and my cello, it hasn't got a name yet:(

What do you think he looks like? Yes, its a he..

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a bright speck...

Always in the winter I feel deprived of beauty, the world in its way is still pretty, but its just harder to notice it, ya know? So a couple times a week I try and either create, or find something beautiful or inspiring. Material things do have a thing of creating a smile on your face.
So far this week I've found several things in the form of other blogs, items on etsy, or stuff from my own head.
I *really* love fashion, and admire those who's tastes are similar to mine. So anyway, my friend sent me this blog, and I've honestly drooled over almost everything about it.
Its just..wow..if your a girl, and you like clothes and vintagy things, I just know you will love this blog.
Plus the name is so catchy!

 A Beautiful Mess<<click it!!!

So I have to get something off my chest...
I know I could go on a rant about how I, as a christian shouldn't focus on the material things of this world. But I know where my heart is, and I'd be happy to leave all the beautiful things that have been created here in this world, to be called home to my Lord who's home I will abide in with Him, and it will be beyond anything I can imagine..
So what is the harm of loving the things of this world? Um, getting caught up and obbsessed. Doh.
But thankfully, even tho I love fashion, and pretty things, I'm not really obsessed or hooked to it, good thing. But I do believe there is no harm in surrounding yourself with pretty things.. Just don't get to caught up in it ;)
Ok. I feel better now! 
But seriously, that lady's blog is  *amazing*
Click it..now.. <3

Monday, January 9, 2012

Go, and be golden..

I receive bags of clothes from all kinds of people, unfortunately, most of the clothes are either to big, to old (like old lady clothes) or just plain wierd..but, every once in awhile I find a treasure, such as a cute hoodie or something. But the last time I got a bag of clothes I found gold PANTS.
Yes my dear reader, GOLD PANTS. So maybe your thinking, "so what?", but seriously, gold pants are the best. Specially if they are extra comfty...

i love dads old red truck <3

I got up there and posed in less than 10 sec.!
What I'm wearing: Gold vintage pants from who knows. Blue Shirt from Target. Cream Convers from, uh, Shoe store:) Gold Rose necklace from Avon<3

I rather love photo shoots..so I really had fun today ;)

I've got wat they call a ducky face..yay me...    

I love candy canes <3 and my brothers bike ;)
Jean jacket from ROXY   

objects in the mirror are closer than they appear..ror....

I took a few more but there's no need to put them up, you get the idea, gold pants, stunning blue shirt, new hair cut (oh, do you like it?) makes for a keen photo shoot<3

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Circles Around The Sun

I just found out what Owl City's new album is called!!! YAY! I have to say I love the sound of Circles Around The Sun <3 Holy cats, I am beyond pysched.

For more info, 8>8>8>CLICK HERE<3 <3 <3

Ok, so yes, in case your wondering, I'm a HUGE fan of anything Owl City, not quite a fanatic, cos I've seen those before (when in reference to OC that is) and they are just beyond creepy.

I'm so psyched. I'm looking forward to seeing how much Adam Young has grown this time. Ocean Eyes was a wonderful CD, probably still my favorite, the songs are just gorgeous, but that one, compared to Bright And Beautiful, I could sense a big difference, not to mention less techno dance beats, but I could tell as a writer he had grown up alot. The whole album seemed..bigger, fuller. Complete.
Yet how is Ocean Eyes still my favorite? Perhaps I've just not grown into Bright and Beautiful yet. Ocean Eyes seems full of dreams and hopes, and I'm still in that stage.
I'm thrilled to think that perhaps MY KIDS will someday still be listening to OC, if he keeps putting music out and staying strong, I have no doubt. Lets see, his music thats been out is what, 4 years old? And Switchfoot, has been going for 17 years, and is still, so that gives OC another good strong 13 years. I think he can do it <3 This is me rambling.
Ok, its Sunday morning and I didn't go to church cos I've got Strep and was bummed that I'd have to keep my distance from everyone :( And I'm tired, so yeh, gonna veg on some Psych or something <3
Have a loverly Sunday everyone <3

I just noticed how many hearts I used above. Hmm...must be cos I was talkin' bout OC <3

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Have I ever mentioned...

That I'm an extreme nerd when it comes to collecting stuff?
I love collecting colorful tins,  odd porcelain plant holders in the shapes of animals (I'm hunting for a fox plant holder next, then a  rabbit, oh I want white rabbit books ends soo badly! But apparently they are hot on the market and pretty pricey!) rocks, bottles (I have count, around 40 old bottles) books and so much more its not even funny.
Yep, I'm the geek antique collector.
I love it.