Saturday, March 31, 2012

I want to..

marry a musician and go on lonnggg road trips..
live on the beach..
hang out laundry right next to the sandy shore..
make bigger stamps..
go to SDC in may with my cousins and friends..
have a full out interesting conversation with Glenn Beck..
eat chocolate animal crackers..
make that western material i have into a pencil skirt..
finish my quilt..
slap racism in the face...
make april go by quickly without wasting one bit of it...
paint another shirt...
inspire someone..
go to a switchfoot concert...
write an actually interesting blog post, because this is failing...
cuddle with C...
meet someone new and exciting and...not a stupid guy..
slap the person who made up the saying "a true friend NEVER judges"...
marry a musician...preferably one who makes a living at it..

capture real beauty with my pen, camera, pencil and brush...
make a note book dedicated to funny/cool names, like Luther Cobb, Left Lynnard and Herman Buska...
name someone johnny, because its a timeless amazing name...
get jack's album "on and on", i lost it...
come back in 3 hours an find at least 4 comments...please?
watch more merlin, but i must limit myself...
 marry a musician who plays the piano...
have like 10 little boys when i'm married, they'll all have long little boy hair and go barefoot...
sing with jack johnson, he'd love me...
build a tree swing...
create something mind blowingly great...
make a sell on my Etsy shop...
stop this really boring list...
not post this really boring list..

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the chairman says we have a lengthy agenda this afternoon

painting R's shirt- one line taped out!
my son would NOT look like that-i realize this could be confusing
loving micheal franit's 'the sound of sunshine'- its on repeat.
{this song makes me want to go bare foot- oh wait. i am.}
wishing i could make myself wear boy-gym shorts to church- never happening.
political rants- in the process.
loving the face above- he's my man.
can someone buy this for me?- i'd love you for life.
finding my book [robinson cruseo] before church- i hate losing things.
the hunger games- excellent.i could watch it over and over.
omw. aurthur and gwen kissed- shocker.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


i smudged her lip! she looks like she has a mustache, hehehe, but i love her face anyway.

i smudged her nose :-(
i'm quite satisfied today, even if  i just got chocolate icing all over my wrist watch because my doughnut is sitting to close to the key board:)
i'm satisfied with my new header i just designed, it feels right to me, and i like that i didn't change my name, but actually added to it in a classy way, do you like it?
i'm satisfied with my bluebells on the vanity and the sketches i did today and yesterday.

there's chocolate everywhere!

i really want some moccasins like the ones in the drawrings.

now i shall satisfy myself with watching another episode of merlin...that is, after i take the beagle for a walk up the lane.

over and out,

i quite agree with lydia, the blogger world seems quiet lately...oh well, lets liven things up a bit, shall we?!

that means i love comments :P

Monday, March 26, 2012

listen to me laugh

do you ever feel like on one ever listens? or should i say, no one cares to listen. or perhaps they try, but you just have to much to say and they get bored with you? i think we've all felt like this.
every time these feelings begin to make their way into my life, i just to have to remind myself (pardon if this sounds totally cheesy and cliche) that HE is always listening. HE knows my every thought. its comforting to know:)

:CAPTAIN OBVIOUS: quiet people are content to be quiet

that is me. in public, around people, i'm content to sit back and watch. listen. take it in.
'course if someone comes up to talk to me, i like to think i make pleasant conversation..ok, its a work in process. and i do often put in effort to talk to other people, i'm not some snob who sits in the corner observing everyone. i'm very personal with people.

then there's the fact that sometimes, i just don't HAVE anything to say. sure my brain is still working up a storm, but that doesn't mean i want the whole world knowing whats going on.
i often get lost for words when someone wants to talk to me. i don't know why, but i don't like it when someone comes to me with a "we're gonna talk" attitude, its makes me nervous and uneasy.
thank reeses i don't have many people in my life who put me in those situations.
but then there's times when i won't shut up.
those times are normally when i'm home. i don't think i've ever talked up a storm unless i was in my comfortable surrounding or at least with those who i know best.

i still find that being a quiet person can be confusing.
i'm sure i have puzzled quite a few in my time.

the other day my mom told me that for such a quiet person, i laugh loud. that kinda freaked me out. i don't like loud laughing, but alas, she said its a good enjoyable laugh. not growly and obnoxious.
but its true, i notice it myself, i laugh, not only rather loud for a quiet person, but i laugh alot.
so instead of talking alllll the time, i shall laugh, giggle, maybe snort occasionally, and i'm sure, chortle.
i can get over the fact that some people who i greatly admire will never hear me out, will never get the opportunity to listen to what i have to say, but i do know this. they will hear me laugh.

i know! these photos are totally irrelevant to what i'm trying to write about, but i went for a barefoot hike the other day in my woods and got a whole bunch of photos that i just had to share. these woods are magical right now.

sure, people would describe me as shy. its rather a fun word to describe yourself as, in fact, its become almost popular, rather cliche too. but i'm not just shy.
i'm quiet, reserved- yet personal -
i have barriers to break.
you might call this introverted, but that has become SO cliche these days i almost don't like saying it. even if it is the truth. i hate cliche, and in hating cliche, i'm sure i've become it to a degree, its only normal.
anyway, i'm not sure where this is going.
sometimes i wonder what people think of this blog and what they read/see...i'de like to find out..(that means comment for you dull folk)
i'm looking foreward to a really great warm week here in MO. i hope your monday has been awesome like mine has!

i think i'm going to change some things up, give everything a spring cleaning, i'll probably ask someones help, but i'm also going to change the name of this blog, i know i've already changed it once because i found several other blogs that ran under the same title, but i just really don't feel like 'yellow melodies' conveys the right feeling i want it to. so anyway, look forward to some changes around here!!

i'm tired of posting things like this. but since i already wrote it up i'm just gonna post it anyway and hope it doesn't go ignored..or maybe i do want it ignored.
i'm leaving now.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

<3they are the best<3

specially with pretty dresses..
have a lovely Sunday everyone!

excuse the horrible quality of the last 3, the lighting just wasn't to go today inside.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

chasing cows

this is what i've been doing this week..only a little bit of what i've been doing that is ;)
seriously, chasing cows. i hate it // going on walks of clover // finishing my quilt top //  losing my temper at stupid dogs // not proud of it // watching to much merlin[bbc!]- // being heart broke over youcef nadarkhani, the christian pastor who's been held for the past 3 years in iran // praying he's still alive // wondering what to beleive//montanan skys // running out every evening and afternoon to capture said skys // sad and beautiful black dogs // getting ready for a potluck tomorrow at our house // wanting to see the hunger games // wearing brothers shirt //  hanging sea shells on my sock drawer handle // hating the horrid lack of comments around here // dusting my room and loving my odd collection of porcelain // obviously not in that order ;)

Friday, March 23, 2012

song-and-trance man

in 1960, when my son gordon was 4 months old, i boarded a plane at midway airport in chicago to fly to washington and join my army husband. gordon, known as "buddy", started out suckling milk from his bottle as the stewardesses suggested he do, but when the plane was about half way up he started screaming and wouldn't stop. i know now that it was because of the pressure and discomfort in his ears. nothing the stewardesses or i did could solve the problem. suddenly, the curtain between our cabin and the first-class section flew open. in strode a tall, curly haired redhead asking what in the name of common sense was going on and whose baby was screaming so loudly he couldn't even get a nap.
well, with buddy still screaming, identification wasn't a problem. instead of giving me the what-for i was expecting , the readhead asked if he could hold the baby. having recognised the man by then, i handed the baby over.
he starting cooing and talking to buddy, rocked him in his arms and then began to sing a nonsense song.
buddy was so mesmerized that he stopped screaming and fell asleep. when he handed buddy back to me, Danny Kaye smiled, winked, thanked me and announced to the other passengers, "well, now i can get some sleep."
to this day, i don't know what he was doing on that plane, but i do know that i'm sorry i didn't get his autograph! - judith carlson [from-reminisce: the magazine that brings back the good times]

i don't know about you, but next to gene kelly, danny kaye is by far my favorite person/actor from the good ole' times. i've never heard something bad abouthim.
i only wish i had been born earlier to meet this amazing and talented man.

-i swear i was born to late-
if you haven't ever seen a danny kaye movie, please, your missing out on one of the most classic and talented men in film history-and that is an understatement- so do yourself a favor, watch one.

i would suggest seeing 'inspector general' first, its perhaps his most famous one, besides 'white christmas' w/bing crosby. if u can believe it, mr. kaye never had a dance or singing lesson. in. his. life!! crazy.. <3

Thursday, March 22, 2012

dear boys 2

dear fiddle red head
we did have chemistry when we were 12, because i disliked you
i wish i dug red heads- said the liar.

dear random old man,
i like old men, not in a creepy way, your just so cute
i hope my husband is as cute as you when we're 85

dear peter pan,
i'll meet you in kensington gardens
i will never grow up

dear guy who mows grandma's neighbors lawn,
i seriously don't like mowing at the same time you do,
you give me the jeepers

dear guy at joann fabrics
you look so much like ryan goslin i gawked
i wonder if you go to church? 

dear sweet boy,
i love when you call me nonii
i'm going to make you a bracelet

dear guy at walmart,
you have the worst hair on planet earth, stop dying it
i think your balding already

dear tall dark and handsome
yes, you look like tom everett scott
i'm not available:(
dear tall boy who thinks your as buff as superman,
you act like a girl and your twin is hotter,
don't touch me on the shoulder while playing pingpong with me

dear emo boy,
i didn't fine you obnoxious, just special
we could have been friends

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Shrink that thing!

have you ever heard of shrinky dinks?!
they are so much fun.

to start, all you need is the srinky dink paper (6bucks for 10sheets at hobbly lobby), permanent markers (sharpies) and a paper hole puncher..if you want holes that is.

i use a piece of cardstock paper, draw my design and then trace it onto the SD paper, it works best this way so you don't have to worry about making a mistake or anything.
the markers go on wonderfully, almost with a water color affect. then you just cut out your shape,
the SD is really thin, basically like plastic paper, so its pretty easy.
-make sure and put your holes in first!-

i love this A, its so cute
now into the toaster oven for about a minuet!
its starting to shrink!

sometimes it will curl up bad like this and you can just reach and pull it out semi flat, then let it heat more and it will flatten out by itself.

ta da!!

now for my boat..
 they are so  much fun to watch shrink up
and their done! i will later make these into necklaces:)

this is how much they shrunk..

i did this last night with friends..

you can also color the sides after their shrunk, that way the color will reflect into the rest of it.
the first time i did shrinky dinks i was really little, now 10 yrs later, they are just as fun as i remember them being!! 
if your in need of fun and easy entertainment, i highly recommend shrinky dinks.
have a beautiful Wednesday everyone,

i guess you can call this my first DIY...but i'm really just showing off my creations ;)