Thursday, January 31, 2013

listening to: Pretend by Sierra Hull 
Shiver by Old School Freight Train< Coldplay cover- a bluegrass tribute.

i am 100% cat person, just as i am 100% dog person, and horse person.
that being said, i like my animals inside, close to me and convenient, and obviously..i can't realistically keep a horse in my house {although she's tried to come in before!} and my parents won't let me keep my beagle puppy inside.

so my kitty gets loootts of attention from me and always has the camera stuck in her adorable little fat face. gah. she's just so ceeuuutttee!!

 brace yourselves...

 oh yes, now the face of "i hate you".

 and the faces that cracks me up so bad.
 aaannd, she's forgiving me..if only a little.

this is Lulu, my little lovely freakazoid.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013


listening to: let that be enough by Switchfoot

1. like gazillions of other nerds, i cried when the 10th Doctor died. that moment when he said 'i don't want to go!', was the breaking point. ermagawsh.
movies/tv and books make me cry. i cry every stinking time i read anne frank or watch the movie.
i also get overly excited about tv and books. 
but anyway, i like the 11th Doctor {matt smith}, he's funny and oddly adorable. not like, his face. its odd as heck, but he is adorable and hilarious. also, i have a feeling i'm going to love his companions WAY more than i ever loved the 10th Doctor's companions. Rose was just..well i never understood what was up with her, Martha was ok and Donna was my favorite. i can't even consider Jack as a favorite, and Nicki was just ordinary.
i'm sure River, Amy and Rory will kick their butts in the awesome factor though. well maybe not Donna's.. ;)

2. the other day i was looking through my photos, and i realized i have a stinking lot of pictures of sunsets, and its always from the same view. nothing wrong with that, because i love my view and can never tire of it. seriously every day i stand and just look at it. gah.

3. The Walking Dead comes back in 11 days. i'm pumped.


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

maybe people shouldn't make me nervous, but they do. and probably always will. i've learned how to deal with it for the most part, i've learned that when i get nervous my palms sweat and my cheeks get really rosy, i never knew that before, still not liking discovery. 

truth is, i don't need an excuse to post a picture of Tom here, Hiddleston is a beautiful person, i really wish i could drag him to church with me. ;) i love how positive he always seems too.

there's something jacked up with my photo software, thats why there's been a little lack of my own photography on here. hopefully i'll get that fixed soon, but i'm in no rush.
anyhow, so far there's not much of a point to this post, but i'm fine with that, there's thunder outside and i have a new book to read after homework is done. i went skating today with friends and slept in till almost noon. it was really nice even if i didn't want to go skating. i supposed i'm feeling pretty unsocial today. or maybe i'm coming down with a cold, neither of those would surprise me.
i've been thinking a lot about people lately, and i suppose thats why there's people quotes up there.
i seem to have hundreds of thoughts swirling around in my head, but none of them are behaving and coming down into my fingers so i can type them out.
so i'm just going to go now..


Sunday, January 27, 2013

i adore this album, just got it the other day, its such a blessing, can't wait to see Chris again in concert!

just a small portion of my lovely music stack ;)

the amazing chris thile and edgar meyer

music has always been in my life, i was raised on it, rarely is the room quiet when i'm in it, because i've always got music going, weather its a favorite album, new or old, or just my pandora {normally set to jazon mraz station or folk} i have it loud, and i have it constantly.

this being said, i really hate when people hate on music. even if i agree with them or just see their point.. i still don't like it, its just not right somehow.
i was going to write up a post all about music, but awhile back the cool adam young of owl city wrote a post called 'how to listen to music', and its spot on. while reading it, the more i read the more i was all "yes! yes, that. exactly!!". he's way better at getting things across than i am, so if you want to read the full version, you can find it here. 
if you're a lover of music, i know you'll really appreciate that post.
and if you don't want to read the full version, i've taken a few favorite bits of it for here. :)

"I suppose it all boils down to the universal idea that learning to be more openminded (without compromising in any way morally or ethically) can allow you to appreciate more colors than you ever thought existed on the palette. I feel like we have a way of limiting ourselves in the way we appreciate creativity, whatever the medium. For music, thinking this way doesn’t mean you suddenly love everything you hear — maybe it’s even the opposite — but it means you listen to what you listen to with a pure admiration and respect for exactly what it is instead of how it makes you look to other people. Not because a certain type of people are associated with it, not because you want to like it even if you don’t, not because you’re the friend who always introduces everybody to new music and when people start listening to it, you bail. You listen to it because you think it rules."

 "I’ve always sort of hopped from one stone to another across a stream of conscious and unconscious appreciation for the emotion and artistic integrity of music as an art form, that is to say, I’ve always latched onto one thing for awhile (a music era or genre) and then moved on to the next thing, but mostly because I have a short attention span and that’s the way I’m wired. Over the past ten years I’ve somehow learned to not take so much stock in whatever it is I’m listening to solely as a music person or an artist, or rather how it looks on the outside. I don’t even care anymore, thus I’ve learned to enjoy whatever it is for the value it contains and hopefully not for the wrong reasons. Suddenly everything becomes clear and real and true and twice as beautiful because it’s genuine and you’re finally content with liking what you like, and not because of how people might think of you liking it. Maybe you still hate whatever’s on the radio but it’s an honest dislike and not prejudiced or biased because you’re annoyed with the kind of people who only love what’s on the radio. I feel like this is a rationality that comes with age, and maybe it’s lost on most people who didn’t grow up as music kids. Thoughts just pop into my head and I type them out and put them on the internet."


Saturday, January 26, 2013

these boys

brothers NJ {almost 6} and Lu {4 in 3 months}.
gah. i love these boys.


Friday, January 25, 2013


album of the week- Josh Groban- 2001.
song of the week- Marry Me- by Train.

inspired by: bleubird blog

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

grr and sniff

listening to: curb side prophet by jason mraz-- some nights by fun-- live high by jason mraz.

you probably wouldn't believe how many different titles i've tried and how many times i've re-written this post or how many times i've blown my nose in the last hour. i'm in a blogger slump, people. blimey, i sorta hate when this happens.

so, here are two little pen/watercolors that i did this week.

i'm seriously so stumped. what to say? certainly not a mile long list of randoms. i don't feel up to that. i think i'll just blame january like everyone else. i don't know why it does this to us. i need to go to the library so freaking bad. i'm out of books, and dickens just isn't cutting the mustard. also, i really enjoy photographing my outfits. ehe, and then doing what i wore posts, they're just enjoyable and easy. so i can guarantee i'll be doing more of those, and perhaps i'll share more of my art with you guys too. i'm tired of posts like these with no point. i need ideas. i need inspired. i need a q&a page too, so if you'd be so kind {last time i asked y'all weren't, but don't worry, i still love you guys} could you e-mail me at noniijoy{at}hotmail{dot}com with any questions you might have so i can get up that page? i'd so appreciate it, and of course you can just ask any questions in the comments if you'd rather. :)
anyhow! seeing as i've been busy all week, the house has been neglected. so i really should go clean up. i'd much rather just stay here and bore you to death, really. but i have to


Sunday, January 20, 2013

what i wore- self session and some rambling about childhood forts

dress: forever21, jacket:3buckthriftfind!, scarf:b-day present from bro, boots:kohles. earrings:forever21

this self session was pretty fun, way more challenging considering i did it among the bluffs and it was freaking freezing outside! but it was fun, i'd been wantin' to do a shoot in the woods for awhile now.
i love those bluffs so much, you know the top picture where i'm leaning against a little old wood board wall? yeah, that used to be part of the coolest fort ever. like something from peter pan, complete with windows, doors, old chairs and a fire pit. oh yeah, and a foot bridge. sadly everything but that little wall and foot bridge is gone *pout*. the fort was all destroyed in a storm a few years back, there was a giant cedar tree, and it feel smack down in the middle of the fort. the fall of 10' me and my cousins went and cleared the area up, working like we were being paid for it, cutting, hacking, getting scratched to smithereens. it was, needless to say, good times. i love doing stuff like that.
and i'm sure if we'd had more time we would have rebuilt that fort. but maybe someday i'll take my kids down there and we'll rebuild it, thats always something to look forward too.

i hope you guys have a fantastic week, mine is already lookin' busy but great, keep your heads up,kids!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

a weeks worth

i've managed, amazingly, to not neglect my sketchpad this week. 
these are just a few of my recent little works.
i really hope that this year i can broden my art work and, well...
just do more. complete more sketch pads and really put the smack down on my paints and pencils.
yup, thats the plan and hopefully you guys will get to see some of the results! ;)


top painting is Daniel Freaking Craig {i do believe thats his middle name, ha}

Friday, January 18, 2013

first thing

oi, don't i have the cutest nephew ever?!

don't just be happy.
be fantastic.
however cheezy this may seem, i hope it brightened up your day!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

i honestly don't mind

its been a busy-out of the usual week. starting with classes on monday/wednesday, and my mom being gone helping out a friend, then coming down with some sort of horrid stomach flu. i've had run of the house since monday. it's not a new experience, the responsibility doesn't bother me. keeping up the house, cooking, feeding the animals in the morning, making sure they have water in the afternoon {its so cold here, we have to keep it broken up} making dad's lunch for work, dong laundry ect-.
i find a pleasant satisfaction when i can manage to keep the whole house clean, food made, animals fed and taken care of. it certainly keeps me busy, our house is huge and even though there's not that many people living in it, it somehow manages to get itself messed up pretty bad sometimes. at the moment, its lookin' quite nice.

when i have the house to myself, with people only randomly coming in and out. it gives me a lot of alone time. tons of time to think while i do laundry or dishes or something of the sort. also, lots of time to read, thats always welcome

meeting different sorts of people this week has been nice, i think i could get used to it. looking at the results of life. the way people let it affect them. 
i'm not gonna get all deep and thoughtful, i'm just saying its quite interesting. it makes me want to not live in a cave anymore. 
its only the 17th of january, but i feel ready for this month to end already, its lasting forever it seems. i'm so ready for spring and summer, then fall again when i start my first full semester.

oi. i feel like smiling.

“it was only puppy love”
“yes, but it sure hurt the  puppy”

i've learned something about myself. its really quite obvious. but i guess it sorta became super clear this week.
and that is that i have to be shoved, i mean. hurled out the freaking door of comfort to do new things. ha, if it had been up to me i'd have become a hermit.
and never ever known what i'd have been missing out on. ;) 
 i wasn't aware that "growing up" can be pleasant sometimes.


           ^this girl's photography will stun you