Sunday, September 30, 2012

when the sun shines

i'm feeling just a bit overwhelmed at the moment. but i'm also listening to Owl City {which is having to replace sunshine, because there is none right now:p}, so life is still good.
today has been hectically busy and i'm unbelievable tired. its probably all the  riding i did yesterday plus today on my horse, Ellie May. no wait. thats bareback riding. i finally got the nerve up to take Ellie May out bareback, she likes it way better than being saddled up, and i just use lead ropes instead of that nasty bit. she hates the bit. and so do i.
bareback riding requires a lot more from me than it does the horse. i've heard its really good exercise, and it MUST be true. because my legs feel like wobbly rubber. but it feels good to be sore. because it means i did something.
not only am i physically sore/tired, but i'm mental zapped. i'm going to sleep really good tonight.
and then get up bright and early to ride Ellie May again! unless its foggy.... :p

the leaves are finally starting to look like autumn, just a little bit tho. but still, i want to go out and take nature pictures so bad. but the weather has been stupidly gray {although the temps are "perfect"} and ugly. and i really can't imagine getting good pictures without sunlight to work with.
i rode Ellie up to the top field, and i spotted this spectacular patch of the brightest green moss i've ever seen in my life. and i've seen some epic moss before. i didn't get a very close look at the texture of the moss this time, so tomorrow morning i'm going back up to inspect it. and probably take lots of pictures. and who knows, it may be some sort of strange little leaves growing everywhere! 

i love when the sun hits my view, and it outlines all the distant trees and hills so perfectly. i could look at it for hours, but it only lasts about half of one.

so every evening, when the sun is shining, i get to see this.
isn't it great? that field looks luscious enough to eat! i bragged about the view a few posts back. but thats probably because i'm really proud of it. not a bad proud. the good kind ;) i'm so thankful that i have this view to look at. all this beauty. right at my doorstep. its just what my soul needs.
someday though, i want to move to some real mountains. like the Appalachian mountains. now that place is beauty overload!

anywho, tomorrow i'm leaving for a week long trip to visit my sister {her hubby is away for the week with work, so she wants us to come stay with her, plus her babyshower is that week} and i get to see my bestie {and her family!} i'm pretty happy/excited about that.
its going to be a good trip, 4 hours of pretty missouri scenery? i think yes. i just really hope the sun is shining. this girl needs some sun in case you can't tell.
i probably won't be blogging at all next week, so.. miss me, ok?

Friday, September 28, 2012

what takes me back

 ah! sam, he's my absolute favorite, next of course is the man above ;)

 and these two, they're just epic.

just a few things that take me back to when i was a kid.. and i don't just mean these movies, i mean the books too! ;)
i'll just leave you "awing" over that last picture.


if you want to hear one of the few voices that gives me nostalgia, listen to this and this.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

random rainy wednesday


~loving~ this rainy day thats starting to turn all sunshiney.
~planning to~ start the hunger games {the book, and yes, i'm soo behind!}
~pinning~ to my style board.
~getting excited about~ visiting my very prego sister and bestie rachel! 
~daydreaming about~ captian america<i'm not embarrassed to admit that -_-
 ~finishing~ wuthering heights.
~drinking~ lots of hot cocoa.
~realizing~ i'm a stinking blessed kid! 
~being~ set free.
~admiring~ that above photo, just makes me happy.
~wishing~ my hair was long again so i could braid it up.
~crafting~ my crotchet blanket, tis finally the season for yarn projects!
~listening to~ switchfoot's dark horses. simply epic.


give this a listen :)

Monday, September 24, 2012

catching the autumn sun


_DSC1606  _DSC1626  _DSC1627  _DSC1634  _DSC1637  _DSC1639




self timered photos shoots! i think i'm getting better at them, i know i had a blast doing these photos yesterday. they made me incredibly happy. totally happy with how they turned out.

so lets talk about that view, with the setting sun shining over the golden-green fields?
yup, thats my view.
i get to look at it every day, and i never get tired of its beauty. i'm constantly {at least 3 to 5 times a week} running out to the driveway to take pictures of the sunsets. of course the evening i choose to do a photo shoot the sunset isn't incredible, that would be my luck.
but let me tell you, we have some EPIC sunsets here on the Link farm. like national geographic worthy sunsets. you should come out and see it sometime ;)

xox- noni

Friday, September 21, 2012

i found the fairies dust


when i was little, peter pan was by friend.
and i lived in neverland,
but eventually i began to grow up, so peter cast me away.
i kept with me a small jar of fairy dust.
because i knew that someday, i would need it to believe again.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

finding the light


_DSC1284  _DSC1286




you know when something happens in your life, and months later you're still wondering.
what the heck happened? what went wrong? what could you have done to make things better?
we all know that feeling, it feels like being stuck in the dark because it just isn't making sense. wondering if we'll ever understand what it all means. the circumstances differ according to each of us. but even then, we all. or, most of us. know that sort of feeling.
and you can't help but to wonder what might have happened. if only..

no. no what ifs allowed. keep going. pause to reflect. but no ifs.

don't think about what may have happened. what happened, happened.
there's no changing that. you tried your best. you failed. you succeeded, you were hurt, but you tried. you loved and you were a passionate, dear creature.
trouble found its way to you and you didn't walk away.
so what matters now, is what you still see in it all, what you've learned about life. what matters now is that you know what you're holding on to. who you're holding onto.
what matters now, is that the light is shining, just take off your sunglasses and see what it reveals.
hold fast. 
stay true. 
the light will shine on you too.

so, i'm not completely sure where this came from. but hey, it just came, so i didn't stop it! ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012

2 years later


 i've been in blogger world for two years now!
has it really been two whole years already? somehow that doesn't seem right. it seems both to short and to long. two years isn't really that long, but it must be, because so much has happened and changed in 2 years. here's my first ever post, just in case you're curious. ;)
blogging has taught me a lot, just stuff. me, people, this crazy world we all live in.
its definitely been worth all the headaches it sometimes brings! 


anyway, sorry for these random pictures from this week, i haven't uploaded anything from this weekend yet cos i've been busy finding things to make, reading wuthering heights, eating yummy junk food, watching  monk and listening to my jason mraz radio..
my version of a lazy day.

Friday, September 14, 2012

an argus autronic 35 and something french

i've found that vintage cameras are not only incredibly photogenic, but they make me really happy too!


 i'm not the type of girl to pine over paris
its never interested me, i'm normally the ones making french jokes..
but i have to admit, the french language is gorgeous, and i guess i 
really wouldn't mind going there someday.
{of course italy and switzerland will always come first}
There's a song called La Mer {the sea} its so gorgeous, you should totally listen to it here.
you may recognize the tune, its the tune to Somewhere Beyond The Sea, that epic song Bobby Darin sang. he just used the music {which was written in the 30's} and then added his own lyrics. so these two songs are the same musically, but lyrically different, making them the same song, but not the same song! ahem..moving on..
i think i'm loving the french feel because of the weather today
its chilly, rainy and dreary.
it finally feels like fall, and i always think of paris when i think of fall.
i guess its just all sorta magically similar and cozy.


Thursday, September 13, 2012

before i forget


i keep forgetting to mention that i set up another blog
this one is simply for photography, very few words will be found there {unless in typography}
anywho, if you wanna, go check it out!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

from me to you

i believe in taking deep breaths, in learning to love.
i believe in second chances, i believe in crazy dreams.
because they might just be the future.

i believe in doing things that sound, look, and might just be completely crazy.

and always, do the hard things because they mean more


Monday, September 10, 2012

the windows are open

more than often i'm a flood of emotions being kept at bay by an unstable dam. there's a good mixture of happy, joyful, exuberant, contentment, gratefulness, sadness, discontentment, anger, and confusion in this flood.
the negative ones aren't the ones to normally seep through either.
i let neither the sadness or confusion stop me. i let the joy fill me and the happiness visible in my step take over.
because thats how i'd rather have it. i won't let the negative feelings take over. but of course, i won't ignore them either, you have to feed negative emotions with the right attention, the right attitudes.
and when those tears do get through, its ok, just keep going.



looking at the big picture of my life. i don't have much to be negative about.
i have so much to be thankful for. all the things that keep me ticking keep me smiling.
i love the little things, just as much the big things.
little things, like bear hugs from someone who just wants to know you're all right.
things like kisses from a little brown eyed boy who makes me smile.
things like yellow sweaters and fall breezes coming through the windows.
things like being a huge influence in a little girls life. begin a role model is a big responsibility, i'm glad to have it.



i feel like i'm waiting for life to happen most days.
i'm waiting for something. sometimes i know exactly what it is, sometimes i know what it looks like.
other days i haven't a clue.
but life is happening all around, just take hold of it and believe in it. believe its meant for you.

so this isn't a typical monday post, i know that, and i'm not quite sure what its all about, but i needed to write something deeper than "hey, my weekend was awesome, here's a picture, bye!" :P
so i hope you enjoyed all this blabbering. have a lovely week everyone!

with love, 

ps. go like this page! ;)