Tuesday, July 31, 2012

in the mood for bows

the velvet ones aren't so easy to make like the others:p just a warning in case you try it yourself.

yesterday..or, this morning, i can't remember {its been a loooong day} i wanted to make bows, so i found THIS super easy bow DIY, and now i'm in the bow making mood. i'm going to sell these at a shop in town {where i've been selling my flowers and bracelets like crazy!} and i really hope they are popular. because i love making them.
my favorite bow is the cream one{last pic} i've been in love with that fabric ever since my sister got married, moved away, and left it for me to find. and now i finally found a way that i want to use it, there isn't very much of it anyway, so i'm stingy on cutting it up!

Monday, July 30, 2012

3 ideals

3 ideals

i discovered Polyvore.
i'm in love. 
i created this one today
i call it "3 ideals"
 3 ideal outfits i'd wear anytime, anywhere, except to a wedding.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

good times

-i'm in love with all the moments captured today
-good times are just beginning!
-yesterday biggest brother took me to see The Dark Knight Rises {2nd time, i went opening show too}
-today was spend with awesome little kiddos and a cute cat.
-Wednesday night church finally starts back up again this wednesday!
-this Thursday i'm leaving to see my cousins {we're going to Oklahoma for a few days} then on the way back home, we're gonna stop and see The Band Perry!
-yup. life is good, and i can't wait to capture more of it through my lens.
-xox, noni

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

last night i went and saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Muny in St. Louis, and i loved it. all the main parts were executed beautifully, joseph was played by justin gaurini {american idol's first runner up} i was excited to find out it was him. he was pretty awesome.
i love watching productions like this, to see all those people together doing something they are all so passionate about is inspiring to say the least. the dancing was also great, better than Singing in The Rain was last year at the Muny. the numbers where so creative, everything from country-hick-square dancing, to Elvis {as pharaoh, of course} i don't even like elvis, but it was hilarious and awesome anyway. they mixed in the greatest, even had a micheal jackson persons up there.
needless to say, i want to go back and see it again.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

in the middle

 ^mah new favorite picture:)

sometimes..most of the time, i wish i lived by the ocean, i think a huge majority of people do wish that. i remember what its like to have the beach near. well enough to miss it at least. 
but instead i live on a farm in the ozarks. no waves and salty air here. no surfing, no gorgeous ocean/sunset pictures or running into the waves any time you care. but. all the same, where i live, its beautiful too.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

changing plans

today was going to be fun and busy. cello lesson, hanging out with friends, swimming, vbs {i was recruited to take photos for my church}. it was going to be awesome. but that all changed with one phone call. my cello teacher is in the emergency room, i don't know why, but i hope she's ok. but that canceled my whole day. no lesson=no driving up to farmington where my friends live and where vbs takes place.

but all the same, i'm glad my day changed. i'm sad to not see my friends, but i'm happy to have a day to myself, to do whatever i want. cos the rest of my week is going to be busy. so today's plans have changed. now i might take ellie for a ride, maybe go swimming in my own pool, perhaps watch some Foyle's War, maybe finish that portrait of Emma.

i like how things suddenly change. i could have been pretty upset about today changing, but thats silly. i'd rather be happy.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

inside my sketchbook

i've been painting and drawing faces and anything geometric
i'm quite in love with my new watercolor notebook
i've also been practicing odd angles and shadow drawings

Friday, July 20, 2012

the new addition

the feel of the lens focusing
the weight of the body
the sound of the shutter
 the new NikonD3200
oh yes.. <3


Thursday, July 19, 2012

i'm back!

i've decided to cut the break short.
i'm back.
the break was fantastic, and seeing as its almost august, and i'll be gone the first week of august, i figured i might as well start blogging again.
honestly, i've been ready to get back for several weeks now, i've been gnawing at the bits to start writing again. its good to be back at the keyboard.
i'm sort of nervous to be back tho.
i feel like i had really found my bloggers voice before my break, and then i suddenly lost it.
now comes the adventure of finding it again.
but its all been worth it! all the things i love doing, i did more of. i'll spare you the list of accomplishments, but don't worry, i'll be sharing more later on.
and most importantly i found more time to think, pray and spend time in God's word.
i finally figured things out.
and it feels really good.

i've been enjoying myself.

and now i'm really happy to be back, miss me? 

silly me, almost forgot to point out the obvious. new blog name! :D

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

-i kissed-

i know its only july, but i just wanted to pop in and tell ya’ll about this book i’ve been reading this summer.  its called ‘i kissed dating goodbye’ by joshua harris. yup. read on.

my mom ordered this book for me about a month ago, when it came in she handed it to me, i looked at it, rolled my eyes and tossed it on the bed and continued with my drawings. i wasn't to thrilled, just the title ‘i kissed dating goodbye’ was enough to make me groan. i've known about this book my whole life, my sister read it when she was 13, and she made up her mind then not to date. so i've always sorta known the jist of why she chose not to do the normal 'dating game', and i guess i always thought i would feel the same as she did. my parents certainly encouraged me to look up to her as an example. my parents have never really told me "you can't date", but its always been pretty clear that my family had higher standards when it came to dating than most of the people we knew. but i guess i never made their standars or convictions my own. until now. the Lord has definitely used this book to show me things i was blinded to and to give me convictions that i lacked. i'm really thankful that i read it.

joshua harris introduces a new attitude toward romance and relationships; there are some really wonderful concepts and ideas in this book that i think everyone can benefit from.  and one of the most refreshing things about this book, is he isn’t legalistic about his convictions or ideas! it doesn't feel like he's trying to shove em' down your throat, and in everything he is able to take you back to scripture on.
its neato.

harris really hit the nail with this book, he addresses so many points that i’m sure we can all relate to. this is the kind of book that i can’t stop underlining paragraphs and phrases. this is the sort of book that makes me want to go out and buy a hundred copies just to hand out to all my friends.  not that i have a hundred friends. but anyway, my point is, its a good book and worth the read. even if your married, single, in a relationship, or whatever your case. i know you will benefit from this book. 

loved this chapter most of all

so, you should totally read it. cos its awesome. i would also like to point out that this book isn't a "girly" sorta book, although i'm sure a greater percent of the readers are females, this book is especially great for guys, it is after all written by a guy.
that is all.
till august,
-noni joy <3
fave paragraph from the book {page154}:

“yes, we’ll still have a lot of questions- we may not know whom we’ll marry. but we must not allow what we can’t know to hinder us from acting on what we do know. and what do we know? we know that we have today to move with resolute energy toward maturity and crhistlikeness, a calling of every christian whether he or she will marry next week or ten years from now. when we focus on “redeeming the time”, we’ll not only make the most of each moment; we’ll also prepare ourselves for the next season of our lives. our faithfulness in small things today earns us the right to handle bigger responsibilities down the road.”