Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I know, its been over a week! But lately, AGAIN, blogger has not been wanting to behave! This past week was a good one, not alot happened, but I didn't let myself get so bored an there for was a much happier person...Friday there was a church camp out, that was kinda fun, I didn't feel well..but i am better now! :D
Oh, I also got my hair chopped off on Thursday! I am pretty much loving having short hair, I think I will keep it like this for the winter :) Its sooo easy to stay on top of. I love it.
I've also been doing a few photo shoots. Oh how I wish I had someone else sides ME to take pictures of!!! It gets so tiring only having one model. THIS is when a little sibling would come in handy. Lol. But of course, little siblings never want to pose for pictures..I look rather...tense in this picture. lol...Well..there is nothing else to say or write about..well, thats a lie, but nothing I FEEL like telling anyone about..sides, it would bore u awfully.
Have a good week everyone!
God Bless

Monday, June 20, 2011

Don't you just love Mondays? Their so full of fun things to do..like..napping. Yeah, I've already accomplished that today, and biology. (sense the sarcasm? I hope..)
So yeah, there are not alot of things to do around here. Not even swim, its so cold and cloudy out. And it is muggy, painfully muggy, but there is alos a breeze which helps a bit...But its ONLY 84 outside! How awful is that?! I need those HOT SUNNY windless summer days to get here!
So I CAN'T wait till Wednesday! I can't tell you why..but you shall find out soon, I get happy thinking about it...Oohh soo happy. Lol. Its gonna be great. I know it! Oh, and I'm also gonna get my hair chopped off, I'm kinda excited about that too ;)
This past week was not really a good one for me, yeah, granted Monday was awesome, but after that, I just didn't feel good, my creativity was GONE and I was just so tired all week. And the thing I hate most, is that I didn't really have a good excuse for any of it! Although Friday my allergies kicked in and I was even more tired and draggy and my throat got sore and stuff...But even then thats no excuse for how I was the rest of the week. I was so out of it that I let my room become an absolute disaster! Here is a befor and after pic. Some of you may think that it not all THAT messy, but for me...this is bad. I mean, really bad...


And now after...

I plan to make this a good week tho, I'm NOT going to be lazy and sit around goofing off on the internet, I'm going to try my best and keep myself busy and shining for Jesus!
Hope everyone else will have a good week too!!!!
HA-NUH! <3
My chalk board in my room.. :D

maybe this pic of my adorable kitty will give you a smile :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

So far this week has not been very eventful. The only things that have happened were, of course, church, which was normal, and there was a great sermon as always..We are currently in 2 Samuel and I LOVE it! So yeah, church was awesome, tho I did not get to beat a certain someone at ping-pong, but there is always a next time ;)
Today me and mom met some friends we had not seen in ages for lunch, it was awsome to see them again and get to visit. Tho me an my friend who is my age did not do much talking, lol, we are both kinda quiet so we mainly listened to what our moms were talking about. But I'm sure if we get to hang out more we will become WAY more talkative ;).
Then after that I had what I thought was going to be my last orthodontist appointment. But apparently I have to go back in August, then again 12 week later. :p I guess its just to make sure I'm wearing my retainer all the time (tho I don't!) and that my teeth don't move on me. I'm hoping that if I have enough of my lovely  cousins genes in me that my teeth won't move at all. But moving on.
I'm not sure if we have any plans for this weekend...I know we will not be spending ANY money cos we had a day out on Monday (movie, out to eat, shoes, clothes..ect- twas funn!) AND we are going to Springfield the first week of July..we have to be back tho by the 6th for MAN UP. Anyway, so we are gonna try and save all our spening monies for that trip. Dad gets to come for once too! He actually took vacation. He's been working like a crazy man and really deserves it, I mean, he has not seen Toni (my big sis) or Jason (her hubby) since Christmas, and they didn't get to stay long and it was so busy we that he didn't get to really "visit" with them. So yeah, I'm looking forward to that trip alot. I can't wait!! 
Ok. so this is totally random, but so am I ;) So on Facebook when you upload pictures, it immediately gives you an option to tag people and it comes of w/little pictures of all the faces in a photo or whatever. And sometimes it will even want you to tag a bill board that may have been in the background of the picture just cos there is a face on it. So anyway, right now I am uploading pictures, and it came up with the "Tag Your Friends" option and had a small picture of dirt to be tagged, yeah, like, it highlighted a spot in the ground that looked like a face! Lol..maybe you don't find that amusing like I did. Oh well. lol..Tho what is more funny is that the other day (when I say the other day it means ANY time. lol) and it was a picture of me, and sometimes Facebook will automatically tag a face if they recognize it, and guess who they automatically tagged me as? My sister..of course. Lol, apparently even Facebook think we are identical!! Ok. I'll stop babbling now and share a photo. cos I always have to you know..
My eye w/ no makeup..^_^ Oh, and yeah, I changed the background ...*agian* lol ;)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

After several hours of trying to get blogger working, I really dont feel like blogging..So I will just share some pix I took of a cute little frog that one of my favorite little boys found at the church picnic on Sunday. I named him William..William escaped while someone was taking a picture of my hair...(my friend had done a unicorn braid and I wanted to see what it looked like) Oh..and I'll include a picture of my new old man shoes. I just love them! I've been needing some shoes with support in them for some time now, and these are both cute, and comfty. Well I have an e-mail to write, bracelet to make, and bioligy to do. ttfn!

sorry the one of my hair is sideways..like i said. Blogger is jacked up at the moment..

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Not much had been going on since I last blogged, all I've been doing is waking up at a decent time (8 or 9) eating, facebooking, school, listening to music, reading, swimming, and drawing, ect-. Pretty low key stuff, but for the moment, I'm content with it. Its easy to be content once you learn how, (its hard to get there!) and for me, I'm a MUCH more pleasant person when I'm content with things...
Right now I'm reading a book called The Naming, its really good and I'm really enjoying it, thanks to my friend Rene :) And the only other book I'm reading is my bible every night. The evening is my favorite part of the day (even if thats when chore time is! :p) Its normaly when we watch tv, eat, and wind down for the day. And then around 10, I lock myself in my room (not really, cos my lock is kinda broken :p lol ) and I read my bible, pray and write in my journal. Its become a sort of ritual for me, and I'll be very happy if I can always continue it.
I've been thinking about getting up earlier and having a quiet time then too, and then I will just have to start my evening earlier than everyone else. I might try that tomorrow. Tho tomorrow I won't have a normal evening cos we go to church and don't get back till earliest 9. So maybe I should just do a morning quiet time on Wednesday since I'll be to tired when I get home at night...Sorry, I'm thinking out loud here. lol.....
So we had some visitors today, they brought me a bead loom! Last time they sent my mom home with a TON of seed beads for me, so I am gonna have to try and make some thing here soon.
And then yesterday I made myself a pair of swim shorts! Well.... I had some boy swim shorts that I really love, but I was NOT about to wear BOY TRUNKS in any sort of pubic swimming shorts, that was ok when I was 10, but NOT at 16. And since I loved the print of these shorts, and they went well with my suit, I didn't want to throw them out. Since last year I have been trying to think of some way I could convert the shorts to fit me better and not make me look like some freaky homeschooler :P So all I did was take the top of the shorts, and lower them a bit to make the crotch smaller, then I just cut the length off to make them shorter and sewed a nice hem and TA-DA!!! Mom says no one would ever guess they used to once be  boy trunks! Here they are..And yeah, the editing is really wierd, but I messed it up on accident, so then I just took it farther and made it cool. hehe.
 They are tan, with a brown waist and light brown plaid and orange and brown designs on the side. Cute huh?! I didn't want to really blog about them, cos I at first did not want anyone knowing that I was so cheap to go out and buy a pair of girls swim trunks, but then I realized that was silly, I should be very proud of the fact that I was for once clever enough to make something on my own! haha. Even my mom was surprised I pulled it off cos I'd been talking about doing something like that for so long that we BOTH figured I'd never do it.
So anywho. I think this is a pretty good post, seeing as I'm really not in the mood to blog! So I'mma git!
have a lovely week everyone!!! <3 <3

Monday, June 6, 2011


Its already been a whole week since I last blogged!! Wowzers, and I don't like it. Blogger has not been letting me sign in! So therefore..no blogging :p But this morning, it FINALLY let me sign in!! Yay! So this is prolly gonna be a really big post.  First off, I had a great week! I got my first sunburn last Wednesday, and even tho I got ZERO sympathy from anyone, it really didn't feel good. I laid out and read to much, and my chest hadn't been out in the sun much, so it kinda got scorched!

I've been swimming just about EVERY day for 2 weeks now, its been awesome. I love it. But I'm still not able to swim around 3 times, I'm too weak I guess, lol.
This last weekend was particularly good.  I went to the river w/Ez an Simeon (who is in Florida now) on Monday, and walked around the 2 islands there and found a nice amount of river glass! My pockets were bulging, though this pic does not look like it, they really were.

While I was walking, I heard this pathetic little wail, and looked up on the hill that grampa's house sits on, and saw this poor little baby sitting there looking at me, I can tell she is getting bigger! Poor Queenie, she misses me! And I miss her :(

There are still some wild flowers out too! I wish we had more, but oh well.

This is the river, I just love going there!

I wonder what could have made those type of tracks? hehe.

I am guessing these are raccoon  tracks...Idk.

And these were my finds for the day. Like my glass ring? Yeah, and thats a beer bottle! Lol, I'm thinking of throwing that one out :P

 And this is ALLLLL my river glass that I've collected over about 5 years. Someday my goal is to have enough to make a huge mosaic thing..Not sure what its gonna be quite yet.

This is Lulu being positively adorable..and weird... :D She's so spoiled! <3 <3 (oh, btw, in the background is my newest stuffed friend, a sock rabbit from SDC! he's so cute!)

On Friday, I was sooo bored that I decided to go to town with mom. I also needed to try and find some swim shorts, which I had no luck finding. But, I did hit the jack pot at a thrift store!!! You all know that I've been wanting a pair of cow boy boots, well, I've been keeping my eye out for some EVERYWHERE! And I FINALLY found me some amazing, Tony Lama, lightly used boots!! I was beyond happy. Here they are!

And then I found me some adorable AE deck shoes for a buck! oh, and the boots were only 2 bucks! What a deal!!!

I LOVE these, and have wanted some like them for a long time. So this just goes to prove, that if you are patient, and don't go out and spend a ton of money on things you "want", that God will eventually provide for you!! Yes, I think it was a God thing that I found boots SO cheap, specially since we now have a HORSE!!! And I've been praying for some boots too...Now we just need to get mom a pair of boots..It will happen... (:

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, even tho I did NOOOTTT need this, it was cheap, and I think its cute and it looked good on me, so I got it too..hehe.
I have trouble finding fedoras that are not to tall or huge for my head. I guess I just have a small head!

Thursday was also a lot of fun. (yeah, i know, I'm going backwards in telling the events of my week!) We went hiking w/some good friends, and then back home to watch a movie and eat. It was a good day, on the way home me and Rene stopped at an antique store and I apparently had sold one of the rugs that I had for sale there, so I got paid $15, and then spend $5! I bought an adorable little blue pot, and then these 2 bottles for my window sill. I'm still addicted to bottles!!

Now on to Saturday and Sunday...I hope I'm not boring anyone...If I am...oh well, hehe ;)

The weekend had en "exiting" feel to it. haha...that was a joke. So It was Country Days in farmington, big whoop! haha, I've never even gone before! And never wanted to, but still, there was a parade, and I got to go to it. Only cos my brother was in it. There is gonna be this big christian MAN UP conference sometime in July, and the main speaker is Ken Graves, so all the men in our church have been doing things to get more guys to come to it. Like having a "float" in the Country Day's parade. Really jut 2 gold carts and a jeep with big MAN UP signs on them.  And they handed out 2,000 flyers for  MAN UP. So I went and spent the day with Lucinda (my pastors wife) and a bunch of the moms from my church and their kids. When we were walking around looking for a good shady spot on the sidwalks we looked like a parade ourselves! I think I counted 17 kids, 6 moms, and me. So thats 24 people! :) It was nice setting there watching the parade go by and being with my peoples. This here is my pastor, I call him Harrison or Pops, his name is Mike, but there are to many Mikes at our church..
And then this is Thanny James on the way home! He is WAY to cute!!! And of course, being a boy, would not pose for a pic, silly kid <3  I love him so much!! <3

Anywho, that was on Saturday, Sunday was a little more fun. First there was church, and a GREAT sermon, then I went to the Nursing hom after w/dad and Ez, those trips are always interesting. Then we went to an outdoor  Johnny Diaz concert at country days. There was a nice little turn out from my churchies, 30 or more of them. Then my very good friend Morgan an her little bro and dad came by, and it was so awesome getting to see them and hang out a little.  So I had a great time that day! Then..I came home...and took a short nap, then went to Grammas w/mom and Ez to mow the lawn..I didn't end up mowing cos I was super dehydrated and my eyes hurt and my legs were throbbing and I was miserable. So then I came home and went to sleep early after chatting w/my bf and being on facebook to much.

And now on to today...I've done nothing but read, eat, and go outside a bit and take care of my pup. And admire this pic of eggs that mom left on the deck one evening. I saw it out the window, then saw a kool photo in my head so I ran out and snapped this....I like it alot.
We also got a new drawing book in the mail today! I think I am really gonna love it! I've already drawn a pic out of it too!

So I guess I have not been completely unproductive today. But I guess I better go an do some more productive things. Such as hanging out laundry, putting more in, doing a math lesson, and Bioligy...And after that I will swim, and read! I LOVE SUMMER.
That is all. Have a nice week folks! I will try and blog again if I can!