Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's BACK!!!

My Monster is home!! I'm *soo* glad to have her back! She came home yesterday when grampa had to come over to help us get a cow and her calf up. I found the calf at the S-curve, very weak, and unable to get up, so me and mom gave it a bottle, and then went to check on the bridge. Grampa was actually on his tractor, cleaning up the bridge, even tho it still had about 3 inches of water over it. So we told him, and he came back with his Big Red, bringin my tillie, and we got the calf mama, and it up in the lot by the house. So yeah, as soon as Tillie was home, I had to put her in her pen, and was gone for about a half hour! Poor thing, she was sad. But then I brought her in, bathed her, and spoiled her rotten. She was pretty wound up, so I had to put her in her pen for the night. Normaly I'de keep her in a little after dark, but she was not behaving. : p
Right now she is running around out side. We are kinda afraid to let her run around when the chickens are out. Cos we are pretty sure that she, was the cause of finding 5 chickens dead. I wish we didn't have chickens. They are so gross. But of course, mom went and bought up, 11 MORE baby chicks. They are cute..but soon they will be nasty, ugly, gross, stinky, stupid, big chickens.
So anywho, I really need to go get a shower, I'm most likley going to go to a freinds house in a little while...So I better git! Not sure if we are going to be going to church tonight or not. Depends on the weather :p
Oh, and I may not be back. I may have to spend the night at my gramma's if it starts to rain tonight, cos tomorrow I am getting my braces off, and that way I won't be stuck here. I'm trying my hardest to NOT get exited...Just in case, you know, it does not happen for some tragic reason. But anywho..Hope you like seeing how ADORABLE my little (huge!) Tillieo! <3 <3

Monday, April 25, 2011

It seems like the rain will NEVER stop. It has been raining since Friday, and it is supposed to keep on raining till Thursday. The only thing I can say is, we better now be flooded in on Thursday, cos I'm getting my braces off then!
I have yet to write on GoodBlogs...Its just not coming to me. But I'll get around to it one of these days.
Me and mom are the only ones home right now,  and we could possibly be stuck here alone till at least Wednesday. There is a back road, that we can get out on, only if it is not covered with water too. Right now I imagine the bridge has about 6ft, or much more, of water over it, and when that happens, then the back road prolly has a foot or 2.
Ezra could not miss work, nor could dad, so yesterday, when the water was down, Eli left for work and school, so took Ez and dropped him off at Gramma's house. That way someone can come pick Ez up for work today, and for however long the water is up. Then, thankfully, this morning, the water was not over the road for about an hour, so Dad was able to get out quick and stay at Grampa's till he had to leave for work. Sooo, just me 'n mom..being bored. I hate that word. After I got my school done we watched Fringe, and now we are watching The Two Towers. I have The Fall waiting to be played on Netflix too, I'mma make mom watch it. Its a GREAT movie, and I LOVE Lee Pace!
Yesterady I went on a walk, it started raining, but I was smart enough to take an umbrella.
Here are some of the pix I got. Everything is *SO* green out! I just love it. I actually don't mind rain at's just the flooding part I'm not fond of.

 Toodles! <3

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter, floods, and The Fellowship Of The Ring

He lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today!
He walks with me and talks with me upon life's narrow ways!
He lives, He lives, salvation to impart!
You ask me how I know he lives! He lives within my heart! <3
     Yeah, just cos its springy and kool. ;) hehe               

We are flooded in, and the atmosphere around here has been rather, um. gloooomy? Yes. Its rained ALL weekend, the bottom field is a lake, and we are stuck here for, oh, I don't know, all day, possibly a couple days. Yeah, so with that, its been a little more hard to be happy. Especially since we had to miss out on church, or doing, anything. But looking past all that, today is a happy day.
Right now we are watching The Lord of The Rings, The Fellowship. I normally try to go through them all once in the beginning of each year. Last year I didn't do it, so it's nice to be watching these movies.
Sometime this week I am planning on writing a blog post on I'll put up a link here and on fb, so people can vote for me. If I get enough votes (20 makes the front page of the site I think) I will win $20. And 20 bucks is welcome ANY time around here. I'm still undecided on what to write. There are categories, and your post has to be able to go into one of them. Unfortunately, there is not "babblings" category, or else, I'd just copy and past from here! Lol, tho I don't think your allowed to do that.......
Anywho, I'm going to get back to my movie, and sewing.
Happy Easter everyone, and I hope you have a good week, lots of love!! <3

Monday, April 18, 2011

I need a change of attitude. I'm not happy today and I don't know why. Maybe its cos I didnt get as much school done last week as I had planned, so I wont be finishing this week. Like I had planned. But thats just my problem, I set high goals for myself, and never meet them, then I become discontent with myself. ugh. Oh, and my back is absolutly hurting like heck today. I really should not be having such bad back problems at 16! And I don't even do sports!!! I don't know why my back is always bothering me, lately its my shoulders. Right now they are so uncomfortable that my arms feel numb...and the middle of my back feels like something is poking me and I hate it! And I do all my streches my chiropractor tells me to do, and I even had to quit palates. :p This is not fun. But I've made my mind up...right now..I'm going to change my attitude. This WILL be a good week. Even if my back keeps hurting, my school won't get finished, and I'm bored. I really think I get upset with myself to often. I guess I just expect to much out of me, and never get enough. And that's why I need to keep putting my trust and expectations  in Christ. He will NEVER let me down, Its such a glorious thing. He is the source of my strength!! Ok. done now, just had to get that out there! <3

And now moving  on to a more...domestic, note. Here are some of my projects I've been working/finishing on :)

The necklace I am going to wear with my new Easter dress, and then I am thinking of turning the face embroidery into a pillow, then the leaf will become a wall hanging after I'm done with the echo quilting. I love quilting by hand! I better go now, I need/*want* to finish editing some photos. Then maybe someday get them up on facebook :p And I've got some chores to get done, I need to go on a walk, and take a shower. So I'll see ya later!
Nonii xoxoxox

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hello, today was beautiful. I went to a Dr.'s app (not the beautiful part) then went shopping, and boy did I find some good deals!(beautiful part) First we went to Hobby Lobby, cos we can never pass that place up, and I found some beautiful beads...Now I just need to get some strechy string, I really should have got some there, but I was a bit stingy on my money, I always am. The beads were all 50% off, so of course I could NOT pass that up!
 Here they are, aren't they pretty? I love them!!! Can't wait to make them into pretty things.
 These are like rock beads....
I love wooden beads, I'm going to make these into bracelets and then paint little dots on them, I did it to a bracelet I bought made out of beads just like these, and it looks soo cute!
I also found some super buys at TJMax, which is odd cos I've never found very good deals there, I mean, clothing deals. I got some super cute skinny jeans for 5$, an adorable sweat also for 5, and then a really quarky blue denim Roxy jacket for 10, market down from 80!!
Here is the sweater...
 Its so cute I had to share it with you ;)
For 5$, really? Oh yeah!!! <3 

So anyhow, me and mom just started watching 'Woman Of The Year' with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy...I didn't realize that Spencer Tracer was so ugly! He does have nice hair tho, even if this movie is b/w. Haha, right now he is explaining baseball to Hepburn, this should be good. The other day I watched 'Walk, Don't Run', Carry Grant's last movie, and it was soooo good! I just loved it so much, had me laughing hard! I love Carry Grant, I still cannot belive that he never won an Oscar, that was so not right. He deserved one!
Moving on....
Tomorrow we are going to hear a speaker at a church, Ken Graves, I saw him last year, and he was really good. I love the stories he tells. I dont know what is going on Saturday, hopefully nothing, I'de like it to be nice out, and just stay home and sew. I'm quilting a wall hanging right now, can't wait to finish it! Its super cute.
I just realized how crappy these photos are, specially compared to my last post. I know, I'll show you some of my recent photography! Hope you enjoy, I'm going to start paying attention to this movie now (so far its kinda boring...I really wish Spencer Tracy was nicer looking...I thought all old actors were!!ha, maybe I'm just spoiled by watching to much Gene Kelly, Danny Kay and Carry Grant. lol)

  My favorite flowers in the world!

Going now, wishing everyone a happy weekend!!! I'll see you next time I have something interesting to tell you about! Not like this post was very interesting...haha....
byebyes! <3

the 2 little dudes in the last pictures are Nathaniel and Luke, my 2 most favoritest little people out there! Luke is the super ornery looking one, he is almost 2. And Nathaniel is playing the guitar, just like his dad, he turned 4 in February :) Normally its Nathaniel that's making that super ornery face, lol <3

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

 Hello! I hope everyone had a nice weekend!? I had an ok one, nothing happend, but I did get some much needed rest. I've been going going lately, with school, and things...Things just keep poping up and I seem to always have something to do. Also I'm really pushing myself to get my school done by NEXT week. It better happen. I can't wait. Then in 2 weeks, I get my braces off! I can't wait for that either, but of course, I have to. I'm not sure how many more times I will be able to blog this week...Cos I've got bunches of school tomorrow that will keep me busy till around 3, then I wont want to wast time inside if its nice out, and hopefully I'll get some painting done, then church at 6:30. Then Thursday we are leaving early in the morning to go shopping down in Cape, then a Dr.'s app (for me this time..cos i need more asthma meds) and then we have to be back here by 6 or so because Ezra has a class. Then Friday I will especially busy getting caught up on Thursdays school, and  cos mom hurt her back, I'm sure I'll have to do alot of cleaning...happy...So anyway. I made a bunny today! Its super cute...
                                                                               Draw the body out....
                                                                                      Cut and pin it!
                                                                                After doing the face, sew it....
Oh yeah! The arms, I did forget those, and it was a hassle..So dont forget the arms! The reason I  sewed them together  and then stoped near the end leaving an open space is for stuffing....I'll explain later. Its much easier than the normal way.                                                          
                                Then you sew it all up, and make sure to leave a big gap for turning it inside out!
 The fun part..oh yeah, haha...
 Ah, now he's nice and proper...
 See how if you leave a little gap in the arms and then sew them in, you can stuff them through this hole, then just stich it up really fast.
Isn't he cute? I like him alot, he will look adorable sitting with my Umm dolls!

And now on to other things!

 Its been sooo nice outside these days. Today I went on 2 walks, the first time was for exercise, and at the S-curve I saw some blue bells, so I came back acouple hours later to get some pics. I love blue bells SO much, they are my favorite spring flowers, I wish I could pick them this year, but there are not very many, and I hate picking wild flowers when there are not many of them. So I'll let them be this year.
Here are some pics I took.. I actually EDITED them for you this time! I know alot of my pics lately have been..boring..and un-edited. Sorry about that, it just takes alot of time to actually sit down, upload them, edit them, save them correctly, and then upload them on here. But I managed my time well today, and while they where uploading, I did chores..:)

 As you can see, summer is not far away! I can't wait to get the pool open! I've promised myself I'm going to swim ALOT this summer. Thats why I want a super duper hothothot summer!

Okay, its 10min till the internet shuts down. I better git! God Bless everyone!! <3