Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So here I am. I really should go sew my binding on my wall hanging for the art contest tomorrow, but I just rememberd that I ALWAYS for get how to cut the ends, so I have to wait for mom to get home ^_^. I forgot some other pix of my plates. So I think since you all enjoyed them last time, you might like these too :)

The bottom is my fave, its WAY more yellow in real life, the lighting was blue in this one. :p So Have any of you ever heard of Mod Cloth? Here is the link, http://www.modcloth.com/   the dresses on this site are beyond LOVELY, oh, I just LOVE them all!!!!!!!!!!! well, almost all. hehe.
Mom just called me and said I need to clean the house up. My room also is in dire need of a good cleaning. For some reason it has gotten SO messy this week! I JUST cleaned it yesterday, and now its a wreck :p
I better get going! <3

Monday, March 28, 2011

Plates....Bowls, more plates....

Yeah, I know, thats a pretty creative title huh? Well, thats what this post is about, so lets get going!!! ^_^

I got 24 dishes. Most are the small plates, only 3 bowls (and one gravy dish thingy) and only about 5 big plates I think. I am really loving them all, they are mine...and thats just so nice! I am really looking foreward to when I have a hopechest to put them in.
I think I'm going to start collecting dish towels as well. I am very picky about my dish towels. My gramma gave me one, its blue, and I really like it, I want more like that one. :) So uploading those pics, took forever, now I am going to do something fun, I dont know what, prolly chat with my bf, and go sew on my wall hanging some more. I REALLY need to make some matts for the art contest. I have to have everything ready by wednesday. ugh...Well, hope everyong had a GREAT weekend (like mine) and has a GREAT week!!! (hopefully like mine too ;p)
love ya!! <3

Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Looonnng night.......

Me and my best friend Rachel, over at http://rinskiijoy.blogspot.com/, have been on a sugar fast since the beginning of this month. Not cos we think we are fat or ANYTHING like that....Well, I mean we are teenagers, and if no sugar would help our skin to stay clear, well that would be lovely. In fact for me it has! Moving on, my point of telling you about our sugar fast is this. I had SUGAR yesterday! Ah! I know, confession time. So I had some Dr. Pepper around 2, and went over to a freinds house, and I had some Mt. Dew around 5, then later some Orange soda. Not very much, like a half a cup of each, less of the orange. And when I came home, I had extremely YUMMY chocolate box cake. It was SOOO good... ^_^......But on the down side...I didn't sleep ALL night long! For reals, I've never really stayed up all night long before. The latest was like 4:30 with my cousins, but then we all slept in till like 10 the next morning. So it was not that tiring.
I'm assuming (haha) that is WAS the sugar and caffeine that kept me up. Since it was Saturday, we were all up late anyway, so by the time I actually went to "go to bed" it was around 1. But then when I tried to sleep, I had "Friday" by Rebeka Black (that demon little girl on youtube >_< ) stuck in my head, so I turned the radio on, thinking it would drive that menacing tune out of my head...Nope! Instead, it just kept me awake, cos of course, I knew all the songs they were playing at that moment...ugh.I HATE REBEKA BLACK SO FREAKIN MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Exuse me while I go barf..yes, just thinking about her will do that to someone.......
 So I tried and tried...For like 30 min solid to sleep. But my mind was wide awake. At around 2:30, I figured that by the time I ever went to sleep, I was gonna have to wake up at 6:45 anyway to shower and I'de be SUPER tired, so I might as well not torture my self with staying *still* cos it was pointless, I was not going to sleep .
I sat up in my bed, and played my DS. I FINALLY beat the hardest level in Ninja N+ (an amazing game) and unlocked 5 new levels! It wasn't the first time. But that doesnt matter.
I had some things that had been bothering me for awhile...certain people in my life have ruined alot for me, and its hard to deal with, so I prayed for alittle while...Then I got up and picked out my outfit for church (orange shirt, jeans, hoodie, yeah, I was doing nursery, no use dressing up) I fiddled around in my room for awhile, looking through my clothes, wishing I had money to go shopping with and buy some much needed summer clothes, ha.
I read some books...and listened to music...If you actually sit and listen to music, the time just flyes, I was suprised. Befor I knew it, the time was 7:00, and people were waking up. So I was able to go around the house and do my things, feed my cow, and get ready for church.
It was interesting staying awake all night...

From now on, I will never drink soda when I am on a sugar fast!!!!!!! Lol. Since every post needs a picture, and this was a rather dumb and...dumb post, I will include acouple radom pix ;)

The top is our Lucky Little Lady Love..she is so sweet ^_^ and the other is just a pic of me that I like cos my hair looks super red/brown ^_^
Hope everyone has a great Sunday!! And now I will attempt to go clean my room, and take a nap...partyin paryin yeah!

so I still make fun of "Friday" even tho I will NEVER watch it again....like I said, it will scar yur mind, and you will never forget it, and thats NOT a good thing! :p

on a second thought, I might watch some Stargate Altantis! <3  cos I have a headache :(

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

That Giddy Feeling...

 You know that giddy feeling you get when you step outside in the morning, and realize, you don't have to wear shoes? Well that happened to me this morning as I was on the swing set. It's one of the most wonderful things ever.

I hope you have a wonderful spring!! 


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring is......

Spring is...A happy dog

Spring is...Laundry flapping in the wind.

Spring is...Those delightful tiny flowers in the grass.

Spring is...Dirty feet that run in the fields.

Spring is...A panting dog.

Spring is... Lovely wind chimes.

Spring is... My favorite flower, the Daffodil.

Spring is...Everything bright and beautiful blooming out.

Spring is...Finding your first four leafed clover of the year.

Spring is...Wearing your favorite sleeveless shirt.

Spring is...Gods gift to people tiring of winter.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Even though yesterday I had to make tortillas, beans, and papas n' chorizo , in less than an hour for dad's lunch, I still enjoyed myself..Even when I had to make a second batch of tortillas cos the first batch was to small. I made burritos for my pastor, and his family, and I got to have a nice visit with Lucinda (my pastors wife) and Mallory (a freind). My poor N.J. was so sad when he could not to go church! (my pastors son ;) Poor little guy.
So anywho, today I got done with school early, and in a little while me, Mom and Ezra are going to go into town and pic up the limbs for my Gramma and friend. Its super nice out, a bit windy, but still nice. Today my bestie is in CDS, and I sooo hope they get to take me when I go over there! I havent been to Silver Dollar City in YEARS! And we used to go alot..I miss that place! Its soooo much fun, and such a good atmosphere.
Next Wednesday I think I am getting my braces off, I can't wait! If I dont end up getting them off, I will be very bummed :( Cos I've had them on for 2 years! And it seems like much longer.
So far this post is nothing but my ramblings....Oh well.

Today I am going to do a print...All you have to do  is; print up a b/w photo that you like, get some white acrylic paint, lather it on thick on to some fabric, and press you picture down into it very firmly, and let it dry all day. Once it is dry (it has to be VERY dry) you wet it, to peel the paper off it, and then you have you photo printed onto a piece of fabric! I am going to do the above picture :)

There is not much else to say..I am still trying to get my school finished within 2 weeks, it will prolly happen. I only have 20 more days of history, same with math, almost done with English, and I only have 2 books left! Of course I will be doing Biology ALL year long..and prolly next school year too >_< I hate it..oh well!
Signing off! <3  Hope you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I finished the necklace picture (in case you can't tell :) And thought I'de share part of my Gene Kelly with you, my favorite parts of him ;-) He is too lovely!
You know, the morning goes by VERY fast if you sleep through half of it, and then wake up, and get ready in 10min to have a friend swing by to say hi. Then after a very pleasant visit, you realize you still have to do school, and chores...But you really dont want to do either, and no one is home to make you do them so you goof around..Doing nothing....That was my morning for ya.  As I was outside trying to get a decent picture of myself, that was the goofing off part, Sissy had a seizure (still is) and the poor baby is sitting on the couch shaking all over :'( and there is nothing I can do for her! I hate her seizures.
Anyway, I think I actually did get a good picture of me! Which does not happen very often...I can never seem to find a good profile pic for fb either...which really urks me.
So today mom took gramma to her last Dr. app. I was going to go, but I really dont need to spend any more money. So I am going to go to church tonight with Ez and Simeon...Simeon is Ezra's freind....He is over here ALL the time..

Anywho...I am going to now edit pictures... I hope you have a productive day! Its really beautiful out right now.
And dont worry, I will get my school done and no one will be getting in trouble for goofing off today ;-)
Oh, and I JUST realized I have to make lunch for Dad!!!! So no pictures today!!! (cos i was just uploading one)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Shel Silverstien........

                                Is one of the BEST poets ever. I love his work. Last night I went to bed reading 'Falling Up',one of his 3 books filled with poetry. I found this one, and I just had to share it with you, and a couple more......

::Hard To Please::
(to be said in on breath)
Elaine gives me a pain,
Gill makes me ill,
Winnie's a ninny,
Orin is borin',
Rosy is nosy,
Junie is loony,
Gussie is fussy,
Jackie is wacky,
Tommy is balmy,
Mary is scary,
Tammy is clammy,
Abby is crabby,
Patti is batty,
Mazie is lazy,
Tiny is whiney,
Missy is prissy,
Richy is tricky,
And almost everyone
Makes me sicky.

I'll share your toys, I'll share your money
I'll share your toast, I'll share you honey,
I'll share you milk and you cookies too-
The hard part's sharing mine with you.

I espcially love this one...I know it by heart!

::Needles and Pins::

Needles and pins,
Needles and pins,
Sew me a sail
To catch me the wind.

Sew me a sail,
As strong as the gale,
Carpenters bring out your
Hammers and nails.

Hammers and nails
Hammers and nails,
Built me a boat
To go chasing the whale.

Chasing the whales,
Sailing the blue,
Find me a captian
Sign me a crew.

Captian and crew,
Captain and crew,
Take me oh take me,
To anywhere new.

And I hope you enjoyed that!

And then a picture of me...Cos I felt like it! Dont you love my watch? Ever since I read Anne Frank I wanted one like hers! <3

Saturday, March 12, 2011

::Right Now::

Right now...
I dont care..I AM eating chocolate cake! Yes, I think I Deserve it. 2 weeks of no sugar is good, but I think alittle is needed.
*yum* this is sooo good!! Mom made it, I am not sure if its from a box, but its oh so moist, and with rich creamy chocolate icing. ^_^ And of course, a glass of cold milk goes perfectly..

And now its gone...

Right now...
I am wishing the boys would quit playing video games..I am wishing Eli and Simeon would leave to see there movie...Only to get rid of the latter...I like Eli...

Right now...
I am gonna tell you about today........
I think it got up to 60 degrees out!!! I sat out on the back step, and I actually felt like I might break out in sweat! Needless to say, I would not have minded one bit.
Eli was shooting at dirt clumps in the field with his 22, so I asked to shoot and we got some soda cans, filled them with dirt, and he threw them out in the feild and then we shot at them. I like shooting the 22, cos its a light rifle, no kick at all, and not very loud. I like his new Glock 9MM too, but its so loud. I do like shooting pistols, they are alot more than rifles. I dont know much about guns. Really, I know VERY little...This means of course that I just dont know their names...I know how to shoot them, and could prolly figure out how to shoot most any gun. They are really not that complicated. But Eli is sooo stinkin smart with them, no matter how hard you might try to be informed..He will always know more. He is alot like Carlton Lassidor from Psych. He will get a new gun, and the first thing he will do with it is take it apart, then put it back together. Its kinda funny....who does that? Lol! Eli does! And to challenge himself, he will sometimes do it blindfolded!  Another funny thing he does is watch thousands of youtube videos of guys...Shooting guns...thats it...They just shoot them! I really don't see one interesting thing in it.But that's a guy for ya! And its funny to randomly hear him say "Gosh, that guy is shooting like a girl!" :)
So that was a random little insight to my brother that I didn't know I would tell you about..but when I write, you never know what I am gonna say!

Right now...
I want to watch Fringe, get caught up in my bible reading, and watch my new Gene Kelly movie that came in Netflix today. Yep! Thats my list for the evening. I better read my bible first....
Signing off!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Guess who this is!! It's my Grandma! She is sooooo gorgeous!!!! My Sister Toni looks sooo much like her too, lucky duck!
Last year, starting around February, my Grandma got really sick, we went to a Dr., and he was no help what so ever, because of him, she lost about 4 years of her life. But thankfully, through alot of trials, and mom being gone ALL the time, we found a better Dr., got better meds, and now she is SO much better. Last year around this time I was home alone alot. Mom was gone with Grandma, Ez and Eli both went to work, and of course Dad too. It was pretty lonely, boring, and hard. I pretty much kept up the house work, coz when Mom would come home she only had enough energy left to maybe cook.
but I am, glad its past. And I am so thankful to the Lord that Gramma is so much better. Today she even drove herself out to the house for a visit!! She is a funny thing, really ornery and cute. We enjoy her bunches. And its a good thing we do cos for some reason she enjoys us!

It was SUNNY out today!!!!! I havent seen the sun since last Monday I believe. I got a chair and sat out on the patio and drew this afternoon. It was just warm enough to not have to wear a jacket, I loved it. No tan for me tho, I wore a long sleeve shirt and pants, if I hadn't I would have gotten a really lop sided tan. It's nice being able to tan like I do. But sometimes its not so much. I can sit out in the direct sun for 5 to 10 min and get a noticable tan, BUT, if I am not care full, I tend to get tan lines. Especially around my chest and shoulders.
here is what I drew this afternoon, I got the idea off of a blog...I really can't remember the name if it! Oh well.
And then Tillieo had to come visit me, hm, sweet little doggie! ^_^ <3
She is such a cuddle bug! <3
I have to go finish writing my bestie, and then I have to write a Ronald Reagan picture...Ugh, that does NOT sound fun, I have been putting if off for around 3 weeks now. Well, actually, I HAVE been busy. So there.....