Tuesday, October 30, 2012

i've been busy

 i've been wanting to make this for a longlong time
and yesterday i suddenly found the motive and inspiration, so i finally made a new bag!

_DSC0908  its hard to tell the size here, but its about a foot or so long and maybe 8" tall.
and it was so much fun, that i decided to make a small backpack today!
  this one is made from an old flannel shirt, for the lining i used an old t-shirt, and then the drawstring is from someones old hoodie:)
yay for up-cycling!

*heads back to sewing room* 

Monday, October 29, 2012

this angel is bound to stray

well summer seems to have completely run away from us!
 last week was high in the 70's and i was wearing shorts and t-shirts for my daily walk or ride with Ellie, but now its time for snuggly sweaters, scarves and knee high mismatched socks under my skinnies. i love missouri weather!

_DSC0882  _DSC0863

i'm really hoping to get another call from someone soon about doing another session.
because even tho i really do love doing self-timered session, i get tired of me pictures.
but i havta get my creativity out somehows! ;)
today i plan on making more masks, just for fun, and i really need to bite a chunk out of Weathering Heights, that book is awful {this is coming from the girl who loves Jane Eyre mind you}
seriously, i wouldn't recommend it to anyone! so depressing -_-
 well, i hope you lovelies have a fantastic week! i'm expecting my sis' to call at any moment at tell us that baby Asa is on the way, full moon tonight, so it might just happen. *fingers crossed*


Sunday, October 28, 2012

seriously, life is fantastic


even when you feel like no one cares
don't ever. you hear me. ever take yourself for granted.
don't ever think you're unloved
because seriously, love, you're great.


even when you feel kinda lonely and the clouds have gathered above and 
maybe the forecast is calling for rain.
keep your chin up, stay strong and lovely just the way you are..


sometimes these are good words to tell yourself.
because sometimes, you can't seem to muster up what it takes to smile
because it seems that those clouds will never leave.
and no one actually cares.


but they do. they reallyreally do.


got my October photo session in {see above photos, ;) }
maybe i'll post the rest tomorrow!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

what i do with my saturdays



i'm not incredibly productive on saturdays, but i do love to be crafty every once in awhile when i have nothing else to do.
this mask was so much fun to make, i got the idea from bleubird vintage and thought hey! i can so make that, so i did.
while listening to really good music, of course ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

a lot of autumn thinking

i though i might mention that this is completely un-edited! :)                    
yus, this is gonna be another post about how awesome autumn is, and maybe some random rambling as well!


this has been the brightest fall in 12 years, and i'm enjoying every single bit of it. right now the windows are open, the last of the leaves are rustling and the cool air is blowing through. its luscious.
i go on walks almost every day, that or ride my horse, and i just can't seem to get enough of the gorgeous trees and sweet country air.
i feel so lucky to be alive.
but a lot more than just autumn has been on my mind. thing are changing for me. soon my nephew will be here, then i'll turn 18, that'll start the crazy busy holiday season. and before i know it, 2013's going to start along with college classes and most likely an actual job. unless my photography business picks up {which is has been, praise the Lord for that!} i'll need to start saving for next fall. i'm trying my hardest to enjoy this fall. not to worry. just to live and be thankful and not waist any time. because time is precious right now. next fall, if things go as planned, will be very different from this one. i'm excited, and a little scared.


i wish somehow the trees could go all bright orange, red and yellow without having to then shed all that yummy brightness. i just really hate losing all the leaves. but i really love ginormous piles of bright leaves to jump in!

before i forget, i have an idea!
so i've been thinking about writing a post about how wonderful it can be to be single, i know its a widely discussed subject, but i was thinking that maybe a few of you single ladies {who love being single} might want to join in the fun? you can just write up a semi short article and you can e-mail me with it then i'll share your blog link and it can sorta be like an interview thingy? i think it might be fun and interesting. my reason for doing this is because i know that for one, being single is very hard, but if its where God has you, it can be really great. and i thought maybe you'd like to share your opinion and/or thoughts on how you feel about being single. the positives and the negatives:)
comment below if you think its a good or dumb idea!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

on the wing

above and beyond all of this, i take great joy and comfort in knowing my Savior has it all blueprinted and planned down to the tiniest detail, and that my job isn't to blubber and worry about the design- but to hush. to be concerned with the principles of morality, servant hood, discipleship and character, and ultimately, to trust.


~Adam Randal Young.

there are many reasons why i admire that guy, the main reason is his passion for Jesus.
when i look at people like him. and think about how his life is so dramatically different from mine. i wonder what it must be like. yes. the fame, money, the chance to see the world, meet all kinds of people, experience things daily that take your breath away. exhaust you. spread you so thin you wonder if you can go on anymore. but totally worth all the lost hours of sleep and long hours of work.

and i know that he faces things i can't imagine. spiritual battle big time. because he's a child of God, and he's been put into an industry that hates God. hates His Son. hates everything pure and good.
now don't kid yourself and be naive, the music industry is laced so thick with corruption. its heart breaking. and i know i've never experienced it first hand, but it doesn't take a genius to see it. but as always, love hopes all things. so i hope, that people like Adam can have an influence with the people he meets. the many different producers/writers/singers/musicians. especially the lost ones. i'm actually currently concerned for Adam and i'm keeping him in my prayers.
so many young kids look up to that guy. and sometimes i wonder if he realizes that just a few words out of his mouth, can honestly change lives.
Adam's obviously a much loved guy, i love him, thats for sure. i love his music and what he stands for. but people fall. and its my prayer, that Adam doesn't forget who he was when he first started out.


ps. what about you, do you have someone to look up to like Adam? Obviously Christ is a given..i hope. ;) 


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

my dear bestie, Rinski, over at Mismatched Socks tagged me in her awarded post.
so, here it goes! :p

these are the rules..

1. You must post eleven random facts about yourself.
2. You must also answer the eleven questions the awarder has given you and make up eleven questions for your awardees to answer in turn. 
3. Tag eleven fellow bloggers. 
4. Notify them that you've awarded them. 
5. No tagging back.
6. The eleven blogs you tag must have less than 200 followers.
now first off, i'm a rule breaker {and lazy} so i'm not going to tag anyone. glad thats out there! ;)

now for 11 random facts about muah! *enjoy*

1. i'm currently obsessed with riding my horse bareback. i galloped for the first time today and didnt' fall off!
2. i have a freckle on my left palm.
3. i have loki hands and hawkeye biceps, girlish version, of course..;)
4. i grew up with LOTR and am ecstatically excited for The Hobbit to come out in Dec.!
5. i have Arachnophobia. severely.

6. i think little boys are the cutest and i want 6 of my own someday!
7. i'm going to name one of my boys Emerson.
8. i hate tea.
9. i think matt smith needs to have eyebrow transplants. immediately.
10. i've been keeping a journal for 6 years and have completely filled about 8 books.
11. i really want to give Bane a big ole hug. cos he needs it..

now for Rinski's questions!

1. Sparkle or Shine?
2. If you had the chance to go anywhere on earth, where would it be? 
3. Which is cuter, Penguins? or Panda bears? 
Panda bears. 
4. What is your favorite movie *series* 
The Lord Of The Rings! wait..thats a trilogy..nevermind..POTC :P
5. Without looking it up, What is Mark Twain's Real name? 
Samuel Clemens. I dunno if I spelled his last name right or not :P 
6. Would you rather live in the City or the country?
Country, but i fall asleep better to city sounds...
7. What's your middle name? 
8. Airplanes or boats? 
Eh. This is seriously tough...prolly airplanes. cos i love flying soso much!
9. Do you have a teddy bear? 
no. but i have stuffed owls.
10. Have you ever been to Missouri?
11. Where was the last place you met someone new?
Springfeild Mo. her name is Grace ;)

Now my questions!

1. whats your favorite sound in the whole world?
2. favorite era in history?
3. most listened to artist/band?
4. favorite painting?
5. who's your favorite poet? 
6. whats your favorite book series? or trilogy
7. which is your favorite, Loki or Thor? 
8. have you ever been surfing? 
9. What did you want to do when you "grew up" when you were little?
10. if you could meet one fictional character, who would it be?
11. ever read 2 books in one day?

well, i probably have no right to ask questions since i'm not tagging anyone, but oh well! you can answer them in your comments or whenever, but i would love to see your answers! and if you don't want to, then thats honkey donkey too.

Monday, October 15, 2012

creatures of habit

i like that there are people who always do the same things.
i like that there are people who always paint birds, or feathers, or flowers.
i like that this world is filled with a lot of those types of people.
people who only drink coffee or only drink tea and who never do this or always do that.
i like how certain people are stuck in their ways.
creatures of habit.
i know a lady who eats the same thing for breakfast, and lunch. every. single. day.
and other people, who never wear matching socks... 
this is just a random chain of thoughts that i thought while cleaning the kitchen earlier.
so i decided to save these thoughts and share them with you all.


now me on the other hand. i am certainly not a creature of habit. although i may have wished in the past that i was. because there's something nice and quirky about always doing a certain thing.
{ok. back up. i do always wear a hat when i'm watching horror movies or get scared. i can't help it.}
i have few habits. none of them really concern my lifestyle.
to say it simply, i'm just much to random for that shiz.
my whole personality could never stick with it. and i'm glad, that there are people like me too.
now wearing hats on the other hand. i don't know what it is. but when i'm scared. i must wear a hat! its ridiculous i know. but its certainly not a forced thing.
anyway, my weekend was amazing. yesterday was my church's annual fall fest, complete with face painting by yours truly and hay rides. plus football and soccer, which i sort of participated in. it was a ton of fun and i'm so looking forward to next years fall fest!
so i just found a hilarious picture of me. wanna see?

me in the yellow shirt, all those other beaners are my cousins and the cutie above me is my bro :)
have a fabulous week everyone!



Saturday, October 13, 2012

i've been hiddled

this is Tom Hiddleston, in case you haven't heard, he's simply stunning. 
and i adore painting/drawing pretty faces, so of course, he had to be painted/drawn.
i'm actually working on a graphite portrait of him, but i'm so happy with this painting, i'm not 
sure i'll finish the drawing...
anywho, today is saturday, and saturday means lazyness, horseback riding and watching lots of tv.


Friday, October 12, 2012

what i wore

what i wore

today i went birdwatching at the park and i decided to record my outfit with polyvore. this isn't exactly what i wore, because my cardigan is way cooler, and my shoes, which are simliar to those black vans, have little neon flowers all over them. so they're obviously cooler as well. 
but i bought that shirt last week with R. and J. in tha mall. 
it accidentally posted earlier. oops! if you saw that, sorry. i didn't mean for it to post.
but seriously, like Soph said, that shirt reminds me of Owl City. so thats why i got it. 
wonderful isn't it? 
i do own a brown leather backpack to, but i couldn't find my exact one on polyvore so that much more expensive one will have to do ;)
anyway, creating outfits on polyvore is so much more easy than doing self-photo shoots. and i didn't have any time for that today. this particular polyvore is really crappy looking, but considering i put it together in 5min, i prolly shouldn't hate on it to much ;)
after bird watching i went to a freinds house and we painted {plus played with their cat and ate really yummy pie and listened to Christmas music!} it was a blast. i drew my Tom Hiddle boy. and he turned out loverly, i'll show him to you tomorrow. *i'm so hiddled its crazy*
anywho, my bed is calling my name quiet loudly. so i better git.

xx- noni    

Thursday, October 11, 2012

this is neverland

 _DSC0282  _DSC0317  _DSC0285  _DSC0199  _DSC0200  _DSC0201  _DSC1613

i have nothing satisfying to say, to myself, or to you. i'm in a rambly mood and i feel it best to shut up. so i figured it an appropriate time to just share pictures. pictures say a lot, songs say even more, at least for me they do. today i'm feeling this and this. with a touch of this. now i don't expect you to actually listen to these songs. but if you do, tell me, is it normal to feel to oddly different things all at once?


Sunday, October 7, 2012

to much to say, but i'll try anyway

i have to much inside me right now. and i can't express it all without telling you every single detail.
but i'm going to spare you that bunch. ok...maybe not.
basically, its all so wonderful and i'm incredibly grateful. i'm also sad. because i really miss my freinds and being with them. but i know there's a next time.
i'm really looking foreward to that next time, when i get to meet my nephew Asa Matthew in just a few week! i won't be able to spend as much time with my friends. but i have a feeling that when i lay eyes on Asa, the world will melt away and i'll be totally smitten with him, plus me and my best friend get to share this nephew, how cool is that?!
last thursday me and R. were sitting on the couch with her newest nephew, and it just hit me. in 3 months. we'll be doing that exact same thing. with OUR nephew. the thought makes me all giddy!!

sadly i don't have many pictures from this last week, i didn't want to walk around the mall with a huge camera around my neck all the time. so my camera got left behind.

but there's this one of my bestie holding my argus. and its really cool. and she wanted to see it.

and then of course one of Jonni, cos she's so beautiful and this picture deserves being shown off ;)

so details. do you mind?

the majority of last week was spent with Rachel and Jonni, me and Rachel giggled constantly over Tom Hiddleston and Jeremy Renner, we spied plenty of ketchup and way to much mustard. {only they will get that} we went bowling, played pool, sang to Micheal B. and Bobby D. in the car with Dean and M. on the way home from bowling, we stayed up all stinking night, watched Dr. Who, scared ourselves silly with scary stories {most of which we experienced ourselves, which made is scarier}.
mall/thrift store shopping was a must. and we did a lot of that.
my last morning was a long one, because we had just pulled an all nighter, and me and R. fell asleep on the mattress we plunked on the floor for about 30min, till we had to get up and R. got breakfeast for the kid. but after that we went out to the trampoline and tire swing and had the jolliest time just talking. it was great. and probably my favorite part of the whole visit.
i'm going to stop myself now, but i'm super happy to be back home and i'm looking forward to catching up on all of your guy's posts that i missed! but for now, i'm still recovering from being up 40hourse with no real sleep.


tom=valentina. nuff said.