Monday, May 30, 2011

::back to the grind::

I must say, its good to be home, but, and yes, there is always a but, things are as boring as ever. We are all rather discontent and bored around here, and we all hate it. I need something to do. Something I WANT to do, not math, or drawing, or sewing, I'm really getting tired of those things...Thats why I'm thankfull that God gave us a new member of the family! Here she is, her name is Ellie, and she is SO beautiful! We are all going to enjoy her so much.
She will be 3 years in August, she is very sweet and gentle. She has not been broken yet, but right now we are just bonding with her. I think today marks a week that she had been with us (i've olny known her for4 days of course). I can't wait to ride her, if things go well, and she behaves, we might be able to ride her in acouple months, most would be like 6 months. That seems like an awful long time, but it will go by, by then I'll be 17! Craziness..Mom had been diong more than bonding with Ellie tho, like, teaching her how to walk by you and not lean on you (she's a REALLY smart cookie) and throwing a blanket on her, letting her sniff the sadle. Today I'm hoping to wash her down, the fly's have really been bugging her (no pun intended!) and my Unlce Lewis, the guy who gave her to us, said that she likes being washed down with a hose. I love to just go out and sit on the fence and brush her and talk to her. Right now she is in kinda a toot cos she realized she has neighbor horses. The people who live in front of us have 5 horses, and they like to talk to Ellie, and she talks back, and it makes her really upset cos she is used to being with other horses. Mom said that if Ellie behaves, that in a year or so, we might get her a buddie. Eventually mom wants a horse for us all, so that we can go riding together. We'll see.
So. Its OFFICIAL. I NEED COW BOY BOOTS!!!!! I've been wanting some for a loonnngg time, and now,there is a good reason to get some! I hate putting my rubbers on every time I go out, plus they are WAY to hot for the summer time.
I went swimming again yesterday, the water is STILL to cold tho, not sure if I will go today, tho is is finally hot and sunny out ^_^
..this boredom thing is really getting to me! I normally dont go to town with mom when she goes. But I am going with her today...just for something to do. Wow. this is really sad. Ok. I'm gonna stop the pity party and move on with life. Things are not really that bad. Well. they are. But I'll pretend like they are not. It would really help if we had some freinds. I mean we have plenty of adult freinds, and a few kid friends...but not any that we REALLY like and want to be around..and that my parents want us around... Ezra's best friend  is leaving on Wednesday to go live in Florida with his family, and my best friend is 4 hours away! Right now we could both use some good christian freinds. Thats hard to find now days. We are all praying for some friend right now, and I know God will provide them at the right time. And Josie, if your reading this, I want you to know I really like you and am thankful for you. But we HAVE to get together more often, lol..Ok, I better go get myself looking decent to go into town..haha, not like u have to look good at all to go into Fredericktown. ;)
Here is another pic of Ellie ^_^
And now I'm off for today! Happy Memorial day everybody!!! <3

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wow. so I'm thinking I won't be blogging for a week..or more. It depends on when I wanna start back up again after I get back from my...vacation sort of thingy...Tomorrow I'm going to my cousins place, then on to Silver Dollor City/Branson for the week. My cousins play blue grass at SDC, they are really awesome at  it too. So I know I was once complaining about not getting to go to SDC for over 5 years, but now, I get to go spend a whole week there! Or at least till Wednesday, I'm not sure. Anyway, I'm hoping to have loads of fun, I'm sure I will. I am kinda sad tho that I will only be able to see my beastie Rachel on Saturday, and Saturday only, but anyway. I'm thankful this whole thing is working out! So I'm gonna go now. I've already packed everything, and there is nothing for me to do, so I might go sketch something since Rae is not gonna be on chat till tonight. Anywho, I will try and blog again one I come back! Have a good weekend, and week peoples! <3 <3

Friday, May 13, 2011


There have been a few changes around here, just in case you couldn't tell.. For one, my last post apparently used up all my storage on blogger, so I had to buy 20more GB, it was only $5, and they said it should last me a couple years.  Also, I made my blog..bigger. As in, the width, and now I can have my pictures bigger! And. I picked a different background. I'm not sure what I think of it.. Its least for me. I don't go much for the teeny bopper look, so this is stretching it for me. But I like it. So we'll see how long it stays.  And now to demonstrate how my pictures are better (or u could just go look at my last post) here is a picture!
I actually won 1st place with this photo in the Mineral Area College art contest. I just love this picture so much! Anywho. Hope everyone has a great weekend! My whole week has been a weekend it seems.... Oh! My big  bro is bringing me home a wall-mart snack plate! (he just called;) yummo ^_^ (and yes, that was random)
Till next time! (whenever that will be :p I don't know)
Nonieo <3

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Summer is......

Summer is: Making  fabric prints with leaves and flowers.
Summer is: Delicious sticky, almond joys.
Summer is: Going for an evening walk to the river.
Summer is: A hand full of wild flowers. 
Summer is: An early morning pastel drawing.
Summer is: Making my Umm dolls.
Summer is: Sweet, berry lemonade.
Summer is: This, and so much more.

Monday, May 9, 2011

I know, its been, what, way over a week right? Well I think I was entitled to a break, and now I'm ready to start up again. Right now I'm listening to a so very relaxing song by Jadon Lavik, 'Tis So Sweet'. Love this song...So I thought my weekend was going to suck. But it turned out to be very pleasant, and we celebrated Mothers day, along with my mom's b-day. We had shrimp cocktail, starting on Saturday, with pork steak, and since our stove is broke, that was pretty much it, then Sunday we bought french bread, grilled, feasted on more shrimp cocktail, and snacked on pork rinds with lemon and chilli sprinkled on top. It was soo yummy, all I did was EAT *all* day long. Oh, and we had caramel/pecan/icecream cake too! That was especially good. After eating and being lazy and naps, dad took me to grampas to pick up Betsy, his new beagle. She is SOO cute! I want her really bad, but I can't. So I will just bring her over here and spoil her whenever I can.
What did I tell ya? She's pretty stinkin cute huh! I reallly do like her. Alot.

Then yesterday evening, we were all outside doing things. Such as, Dad and Ezra working on the pool, Mom working on her flower bed, and me just goofing around doing odd jobs with Betsy Boo. It was a nice relaxing evening. When it got dark we watched a movie. Cannot remember what movie tho...Oh! Yeah, Howards End, it had Emma Roberts (i think it was her) and Helen Botom Carter and (sp?) Anthony Hopkins (this was the ONLY movie I liked him in, he's a creep). It was a long drama, took us 3 different setting to finish it all!

So today I am officially DONE with ALL my reading and English! Now I just have to finish math this week, which I am pretty sure will happen. Biology on the other hand will prolly NEVER get done :p  Ohohoh! I also made an adorable skirt this weekend! I think it was Saturday night. Anyway, I had this old blouse thingy that someone had tried to "taylor" and it was quite horrid, but the bottom part worked great for a skirt. All I had to do was cute the top off, fold the edge over and sew, then rip a little hole and put elastic through. Super easy.
I know. My hand looks weird. But thats cos mom was taking the picture..There is a reason why I am the one who takes the pix in this family. ;) Then I made a watch. Well, I put straps on it anyway. The watch itself is to big for someone like me to wear, but the idea is awesome! Here's a pic.
And now one of Eli and Lulu...She really hates him.

Doesn't she look ticked?!
And now a kool tree frog that was on the window last night. =) and thats all, I'm singing off for today. Hopefully I'll be back before next week!!