Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Today i don't feel like writing, or posting a photo...Its kinda a lazy day for me. I think I will just go read a book or sketch (yes! I'm back at my sketching again!)  So I hope you enjoy this video. Its by Matt Costa, I first heard him when he sang "Lullaby" with Jack Johnson. Jack is one of my all time favorites, I never tired of ANY of his music, and I think Matt Costa could soon become a second Jack for me. I love everything about his sound, style, and voice...his music just makes me happy, relaxed and nice.. ^_^
Happy Tuesday everyone!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

A good day.

Today was a good day. Not all of it was good. It started off badly with me having a rotten attitude (no one noticed but me tho :) Then I was in a hurry to get things done before we had to leave for church at 8:30 (our church starts WAY to early! lol..I'll get in trouble if a certain person hears that..hehe) Church was good, Mike taught on Revelation 8 (and 9) It was a good sermon, scary, but really good. It's said that without a certain level of fear, good men will set back and do nothing..so I don't think there is anything wrong in being scared about what  Revelations says...cos, it really is scary! (I'm scared for others tho, not me, I know who I belong too ^_^)  Mike actually didn't go over on time today, Lol! It was a good 5 sermons tho! In case u can't tell, I love to tease my pastor. :D (he is the "certain person" and our relationship is..um...special..hahaha : P)
After church there was a picnic at the Selberts at their lake house. They have a gorgeous home! I just love it. I swam pretty much the whole entire time! We were there 4 hours. And I didn't JUST swim. I held on to 4yr olds who were getting tired from swimming, I lugged them around, I helped kids climb up on rafts(which included being dunked!) I went tubing with several sweet little kiddies who where to small to go by themselves..It was alot of fun, and I'm so glad I was able to help all the parents out with their little ones. Now I'm home and ready for bed! But, of course..the house needs cleaned cos we have been so busy this week its been neglected. So. I better git and clean up the family room! Have a good week everyone <3

Cos every post needs a picture ^_^ This is me and my chalk board expressing my love for Owl City :D

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Life Post..

OH man, I'm not sure if I am gonna be blogging much this school year! I haven't even started school yet (tho i was supposed to) and I haven't had ANY time to blog! This week has been rather busy. Monday I babysat for several hours, got home, swam, ate, and did who knows what, then I was stinking tired and went to bed before 12.(!) Then on Tuesday I went to a freinds house, and met her daughter and son in-law, who are the Supervising Sound Editors for the show 24. It was interesting meeting them, and finding out that the son in-law is a libertarian. It was nice to meed a Hollywood person who was conservative like us, and had the same political view points.  Cos I get tired of the mega liberal Hollywood people..tho I wonder if allot of that is just propaganda...but anyhow. Thats a WHOLE other subject! Lol :p
The Wednesday me and mom went shopping, and were in town for several hours, and then had about an hour home before we left for church. Thursday I had an Orthodontist app. and more shopping and running around up in the "Big town" lol :p :p Then a freind came over and that meant staying up late watching movies..then yesterday was just a normal busy day at home..I went to grampas with Dad, Ezra and Dave, and I climbed up on a tall ladder in Grampas garage and found an old suit case. I couldn't bring it down with me without killing myself, so I looked through it up there, with wasps buzzing around my head, and threw down the stuff I found. I found some cool things that used to be moms when she was in college, like an old sketch book of hers, with at least 10 drawings in it, a coat that has a funny story, a small Tylenol tin, that Gramma says is collectable, then other very random things.. Oh, I forgot to mention I found a pair of brand new, awesome black and white checkered Chuck Taylors at the thrift store for 3bucks! They are pretty awesome. ^_^
Today I have to mow Gramma's lawn again..ugh. I was hoping to get to stay at home and do nothing all day..Well, not nothing, cos I want to be creative today. I haven't been creative all week! Its awful. In fact. I haven't even touched my sketch book in a month. Or painted.. Or taken any really good photos that I want to show off...I  *hate* not being creative..I hope to fix that problem today but idk if I will feel motivated to or not...Anyway. I'll try. I need to get some reading done too...I think that means I better git off here! lol.
Have a fabulous weekend everyone! <3 <3

Hold on!!! I totally forgot about this photo! I took it earlier this month, and I have to say, I am very proud of it! Only cos I edited my eye to look truly dark blue..I *so* wish my eyes were that color instead of brown..But oh well...Tell me what u think! <3

Monday, August 1, 2011

July is over. I can't believe it, July is over! Its rather sad, I didn't want to say goodbye to July so quickly, so much happened in July, so many feelings..Bumps in the road, hard issues to overcome, happy times, busy times, no slow times..Sigh...and its over. For me, August has always been one of those weird months.. When I think of August, I don't think summer, I dont think fall, I just think..Yuck...Course then there's school. I don't mind school, cos I've already been doing it part time, the main thing I hate about the school season, is having to discipline yourself to getting all your school done BEFORE 12. If I let it wait till any time after 2, then I have the hardest time getting it done. Annndd, another thing I HATE about the school season is being told "its bed time". I'm pretty sure, that when I'm 45, and come to visit my moms house, I'll get told "Its bed time!" hehehe...But anyway. I won't go into the things I hate about the school season. The things I love, are of course, reading, art, school in general really and the weather. Fall is my second favorite season next to summer..I love ever day of it! Even the dreary rainy days. They are all wonderful. I AM gonna have having to do school tho when its still nice to go swimming out..This is my last year of school tho...So with that thought in mind, it will be a very happy one!
Ok. The pic for today. Its kinda odd. I got it by putting my camera in a zip lock bag. I was kinda nervous about doing so, but everything went great, and I finally got a picture where I wasn't all distorted and funny lookin.
I'm  done fighting blogger. Your just gonna have to get a crick in yur neck to look at this. There is nothing I can do to help it.
I better git!
Have a fabulous week everyone! <3 <3