Monday, February 28, 2011

Not much has been going on around here. I think I am baby setting the Webb kids in an acouple hours, I am not sure. Mom didn't understand if they were just gong to come by to meet Agnes, or if I was going to watch them. So I guess I will find out!
I have been playing around with picnik once again. I really love to edit pictures. Here are a few of my newest.

And that's all I could find that was still on the computer. I don't like to have to many pictures on here, so a couple days ago I got about 700 on CD's then deleted them all. One of my friends Emily Peterson had a really awesome talent for photography, and the other day, someone asked her on facebook to stop taking such beautiful pictures of herself. And she replied wonderfully. She said that if someone would volunteer to model for her, she would gladly take pictures of them instead. But for now, she is stuck with herself, and that will have to do. :-)
So its the same case for me. I got anyone else sides me, so that will have to do! I do get pretty tired of 'me' pictures tho.....
When I go up to Springfield in April I hope to have a photo shoot with my bestie. We should both have our braces off by then, so the pictures will be a lot nicer ;) I will definitely share them with you. I better go clean the kitchen now, and the living room. Mom is gone for today, Ez too, and Dad is leaving for work here soon. Thankfully I shouldn't be home alone today if Drew and Bailey stay....
Signing off! <3

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I don't wake well in the morning unless this is what I see...Sunshine! I love a sunny morning. Unfortunately even tho this morning was sunny, it was still cold out side. It's still kinda cool out now. But it's still nice to wake up to sunshine even if its cold out. And to look over and see this nice patch of sun to sit in while you are still waking.
Its The Good Life......

Monday, February 21, 2011

this will be short.........

Today I baby sat some kiddos in town, Drew and Bailey, they are 12, and...I think 10, maybe 11, I'm not sure.
I always have fun when I baby set them, prolly cuz I'm just one big kid and can be as goofy as anyone, and prolly cuz I have known them since they were itty bitty :) We mainly watched tv, ate un-healthy foods (not to much tho!) and slid down their stairs on a mattress. They also have 2 kitties who are fun to play with. When I got there they had a ton of play dough on the table, so after awhile we played with that.
When I got home, I didn't bother to do school, I just fed my animals and put them up for the night, then came in and worked out.

I did this while riding the bike :)

It's getting a wee bit late, and I am pretty tired...and I have to get up in the morning..and be human.....sooo, that means I need sleep.....Goodnight ^_^

Saturday, February 19, 2011

So I decided to try out doing Adsense.....I hope to earn some extra monies for my trip to Springfield in April, or May, we havent decided when yet. I'm getting sooo exited about it! :)

Yesterday was a beautiful day! So sunny and nice out, I spent most of it outside playing with Agnes, Tillieo, and myself..
Mom got Agnes so eat some sweet graind! I can't wait till she eats it on her own! :-p
Today was not so nice outside. Cold, cloudy, ugly....I now have to go feed Agnes...again!
Please take a look at my ads :) I've got no clue what they are, lol...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I had my monthly orthodontist appointment today. It went well, besides that I now have to wear rubberbands, and now my bottom teeth hurt, but ohwell, just alittle more to go!! I am not sure weather he said that the next time I come in, will be when I get them off, or the time after. But its REALLY close to idk, I am soo exited to get them off!! I am going to have them taken off, then I get to go a week without anything while my avisaline (sp?) retainers are being made. :) :) :) :) :) :)
Me and mom had to go to The Factory (a place that has a bunch of booths filled with anything you can imagine, its kinda like a bunch of garage sales but better) to get my grammas doggie some dog food. So, since their are antiques, books, and clothes there, we HAD to walk around. Mom found some beautiful old plates, and I found an amazing 70's-ish tin for 4$. I just LOVE it! Then we went to another antique store, and I found a MATCHING one!!! How fantastic is that?!?!

I just LOVE the pattern, so...quirky! So totally my style.
I am not sure which is my fave! I think this one might have to be it, its so unique, it looks great on my desk :)
This one if not really quarky, but it is vintage :)
And that is all for today, I just wanted to share with you my lovely bargains (did I mention most of them were 2$?!?!?! that was the best part!!)

Monday, February 14, 2011

It is sooo pretty outside today! It got up to like 65 out! It was so pretty that I didnt wanna do school at all, but of course, I had to :( While I was supposed to be doing math, I did Origami instead. Awhile ago I made several origami parts to put together to make one kool big cube, but I couldn't get it figured out, so I put them away for awhile. And since I've been doing a lot more Geometric origami these days, I figured I could figure it out...well, that did NOT happen. The instructions were just as terrible as I remembered them being.
This is as far as I got...I got farther than the instructions showed...I think they just expected you to be able to figure out what to do, without giving any hints, ON WHAT TO DO! normaly I dont "read" the instructions, I can just look at the pictures, and figure it out, but not on this one..there where hardly and pix to see! I do really love this origami book, but somtimes it fails.
So I was reduced to making them into these. Little (a little heavy) flowers. They are cute, but I wish they had come together better into what they were supposed to be.
This is an old thingy I found in the milk shed. Idk what it was for, but I now use it to water my daffodils and tall grassy thingy in the corner.
 I decided to separate the vine-ish weeds from my daffodils and put them in another container to grow up my bed frame.
  I hope it works.

Today I decided to introduced  Agnes to Mrs. Pumblechook and Mrs. Havisham, oh, and Poppy Pumblechook. They are the cows residing in our side lot. I dont like Mrs.Havisham AT all, cuz she is a crazy cow, with a wild look in her eyes. She would likely run you over if you got in the same lot as her. But Mrs. Pumblechook and Poppy are very freindly and will sniff at your hand. So moving on. Mrs Pumblechook took a lot of interest in Agnes, trying to lick her throught the fence, and mooing quietly at her. Agnes is really cute, cuz if I walk away she will run and kick after me, so I decided to run away from her along the fence, and see what the others did. It was funny cuz they ran like crazy after Agnes. I think they were very disturbed that she was on the other side of the fence, with a HUMAN!
Its dark out now (only 6:22!) I cant wait for the days when it gets dark at 8! I did some figuring the other day and found out that I should be done with school on April 17th. April will be a good month, for many reasons :)
Mom is wanting to watch Fringe, and I am wanting to watch Lark Rise To Candleford...I don't think I will win, bcuz Ezra will NOT want to watch my show. So Fringe it will be. Oh, btw, Ezra got glasses! Hahaha :)
Signing off till nxt time.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

This is what I did this morning. Nice little corner to paint in right? Well, it still is, but about an hour ago just now, I came in from feeding Agnes, to find both Ezra and mom, on their knees, cleaning up a great big mess. Lulu had walked across the art table, making it go down, and spill all the contents on the tile. Including gram-pa's 44$ cow medicine. Its really dads fault about the medicine. I had set it on the grown under the table, mainly cuz it was gross, but also cuz I didn't want what happened today, to happen. So, the medicine got ALL over everything, my paints, brushes, floor, carpet. It smelled horrid. And on top of all that, my GLASS cup broke and went EVERYWHERE! Thank goodness tho that my pottery cup (the one with the paint brushes in it, i just love it!) didn't break. If it had, I would be VERY upset, cuz Like I just said, I love it. I only have 2 of them, and they were given to my by a very nice lady at a local antique shop.
So now I have a pounding head ache from the terrible smell of medicine. Er, I rarely get headaches, and I like 'rarely getting' them.
On top of that, I got a dandy paper cut, Lol, it bled alot, so I wrapped it up with some cloth, cuz a band aid is impossible to find in this house. I think that's all for today :) Mom is sick, and watching Pride And Prejudiced (which she always watches when sick) so I have a feeling I will be doing some extra chores tonight. I already make lunch/supper, chunky chicken dumplings, but it turns out, mom doesn't like them "chunky" Oh well, I tried. ;)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a bit of spring

The other day I came across these old pix of mine from several springs ago. I thought I'd share them.
                   ah, lovely flowers!
Its a sad thing that our yard will not have its beautiful flowers this spring. When the EPA came and tore it up, they demolished our daffodils, and hit dog wood tree, and made it fall down in the ice storm :( 
 This one is definitely my favorite. 
And then I found random pix of little chickies. Its a shame cute fuzzy chicks have to turn into big, ugly, gross chickens.
I think they look like a boy band ;) lol.
That's all folks :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

this beautiful world

Today had been the prettiest day in a long time. Right now the sun is setting, and our magnificent view is so bright and sparkly I just cant get over it. Neither can I take enough pix! So all day, every time I go outside, I take my camera, and snap  a few. And then I go inside, compare them to my others, and delete the ones that aren't as good. And since I have to go outside often because of Agnes, I end up with way to many pix.
 This is the view from the back, Mount Devon is what this mountain is called. 
And this is the front, from a side view, its really much better.
              That's better :)

Agnes update:
Woke up this morning at 7:30 (early for me!) And took her a nice warm bottle, boy did she down that thing!
I feed her at 8, 11, 2, and 5:30. It makes the day go by sooo fast when u have to do something every couple of hours. But its fun, and I better enjoy it because befor I know it she is gonna be huge! I mean, she already a really big calf.
             Isn't she cute????
Signing off :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

6 more weeks!

The hardest part for me in blogging is the Title name. Just thought I'de let you know. 6 more weeks! just came to me right now. I say that, because there are only six more weeks of winter left!!! I'm sooo happy.

Yesterday, as I mentioned, was nasty with freezing rain. But I dont really mind the nasty cold and rain. Because that rain, turned to ice. I love ice, yes, I know, it caused us to lose power for acouple hours, it made our dogwood tree fall down, and several other tree's lost their limbs as well. BUT! It gives me an opportunity to use my photography skills. Things are SO beautiful when they are covered with ice, especialy when the sun shines as it is right now!

                                             Yes, I know, that is amazing.

  And this one I just went out and took. So gorgeous

       Around 4 yesterday evening we were watching Fring. One of our favorite shows. When we lost power. It was sad, because that episode was getting really good. In fact, we still havent finished it yet. Moving on. Not long after the lights went out, Grampa, who lives across the river, came in and said he had a baby calf out there who was new,and was freezing to death. He had come in around noon telling me that he didnt think it was gonna live, but I was to shy to ask if I could take care of it. So when he came in saying this, me and mom offered to help him bring it in.
Him and Ezra went out and brought it to the back porch where me and mom where ready with old bath towels and blankets to rub it down. The poor thing was soaked through and through with mud, and freezing rain. It took ALOT of rubbing, and Grampa fed it, but finaly we got it dry, and decently warm.
And this morning, she is still weak, but healthy as well. Grampa said I could have her, and I am soo happy bout it!!!!! She is SOOO cute!!! :)

 I've decided to name her Agnes, I think its a perfect cow name.

    So after we rapped it up last night for the night, we went and watched a movie on Ezra's laptop, which he had charged up and ready incase we lost power.
 Me and mom also played rummy by lamp light. That was fun.

I then read by lamp, Kon-Tiki is a really good book. Especialy with banana bread ;)

So right now, its still snowing, its really coming down. But its not getting much deeper on the ground. It really dry :p With the sunsetting, things are so sparkly and shiny and pretty out! I just cant get over HOW gorgeous it is out.
I better go now, I need to read about Ronald Reagan.
Bubye til next time

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Sad to say, yesterday was not a good monday, I'm not sure why, but I'm afriad it might mess up my whole week. Mondays are the days I like to get everything done, do things right and thurely. That way, I'm kind of all set for the coming days. But it didnt happen this time. I barley got all my school done by 5, then it was dreary and misarable out, and I was totaly unmotivated to do anything but watch tv. And as it happend, my brother was using the computer all evening listening to a live streaming conference that was happening in Chicago. By the time he was done, I was tired, and only had time to check facebook, do my reading, and go to bed by 12.
Even tho it was such a awful Monday, I did convince myself to do a bit of sewing, and drawing. Mom had me make Banana bread, which I was very thankful for this morning.

Today its awfuly misarable out. With freezing rain falling, I'm stuck inside, with nothing to do but sewing, drawing, watching tv, playing video games and writing. The only productive things in that sentence I dont wanna do, and the couch potato things I dont wanna let myself do!
But here is a bit of what I did get done yesterday. Of course, I sewed the binding on the wrong side :p But with a aplique stich and silk thread that will be fixed easily. :)

I am going to hang it up in my room, I love boats, they make me happy.

I'm really in the mood to take pictures with my amazing camera, but I have no interesting subjects who would let me dress them up and pose for me...So that wont happen today. Pluse the lighting everywhere is terrible :p I so wish I had at least one little brother, and one little sister. 3 or 4 would be even nicer. Younger siblings, ah, that would be lovely, but it will not happen. :(

To end off, I will include this picture of me and my Thanny James (Nathaniel James Harrison). My pastors little boy.
 The most wonderful little guy I know, man I love this kid! He will be 4 years old in a week. *GASP* I dont know how that has happened!!! <3


Oh dear, bear with me here, these photos wont upload right. Isnt that just nice :p So cock your head, and see how adorable he is!!! Till next time.