Wednesday, November 30, 2011

To be honest, I've not been in the christmasy spirit lately. Not that I've been scroodgy, I just havent felt Festivy at all. Not even thanksgiving felt like an old memory of thanksgivings past, which they typically do.
But then...*drum roll*...Behold, the Valencia Tree.

 It was, sadly, under my influence that it was put up last night. Heaven forbid it be put up BEFORE December! ;)
But after reading numerous facebook stats and blog updates about all the holiday stuff that everyone's loving, I felt like I was missing out.
So without further adue, I sent brother back to bring the tree in, and me and mom commenced to putting it up.
It not a fancy tree, some think its tacky I'm sure. But its simple, country, cozy and cute.
I like it.
Have a merry month of christmasy cheer and holiday spirit, friends!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Eat That Gravy!

If these were an epic part of your childhood..

You are blessed, no matter how many bruises, or OOpps, it didn't go in's that you heard uttered during you childhood. You. Are. Blessed.

I had a fantastic weekend filled with family, food, games, music sharing/listening, and amazingness. I've been blessed with really great cousins. I love being together with them, and thinking back on all our memories that we've had over the years. There is nothing quite like being with a group of people, that you have known your whole entire life. No more holding back from shyness or introvertedness. I let it rip! Anything from randomly breaking out into hysteric fits of retardedness, to "moon walking" (who am I kidding, I couldn't dance to save my life!) to staying up really late playing games and taking fun pix in dark rooms with flashlights. I love being able to randomly start talking with a ridiculous voice and no one thinks anything about it, or jumping up and down and quoting Psych back and forth with your equally silly Psych fan cousin. Its kool to know someone good enough to play off of them. Like. I'll say I, then you'll say Love, then I'll say you, Hey look! That time YOU said love!!! 

But then there is the goodbyes...
I hate goodbyes, but who doesn't?
When good friends/family leave after a good visit,  there's always this nasty bitter sweetness aroma left in the air, I wish I could vacuum it all up and move on quickly to normal life again. But typically speaking I just wander around the house, cleaning up, talking to whoever will listen about the visit, and missing them, wishing it could have lasted longer. Wishing that they hadn't taken to much fun with them, hoping that they are thinking the same. Wishing I could have gone with them on their tour..But alas, as I told cousin John, I've got duties that call me to stay home. Even tho I love home :)
But I'm thanking God for a beautiful 6 days of fun filled wonderfulness.
Now back to pleasant filled normalness of real life. 
Reality is a lovely place, but I wouldn't want to live there <3

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today I am thankful for forgiveness. I've been forgiven. I can't express how it makes me feel, its one of those overwhelming feelings. Everything I've ever done, all the harm I've ever caused, bad I've done, He has forgiven me.

These words below where written by someone who understands how I feel, and perhaps how you feel when you think about all the grace that God shows you everyday. He is someone who's been blessed with the ability to convey things that I have trouble with. 

I forget the last time I felt brave,
I just recall insecurity, 
cos it came down like a tidal wave, 
and sorrow swept over me.
Then I was given grace and love, 
I was blind but now I can see, 
'Cos I found a new hope from above 
And courage swept over me. 
-Adam Young-

The Lords sets a prime example on how to forgive. In my mere existence of 17 years, I've only ever had a handful of people truly wrong me, when I did nothing to them. All the others who wronged me, well it was mutual, but there haven't been a lot of those cases, and I've forgiven them, and they me.  I'm not a conflict seeker, but sometimes I don't runaway when I should, perhaps cos I loath running away.
But to those who have wronged me, I've somehow been able to forgive them. And its only by the grace of God that I have. But just cos, in whole, I have forgiven them, doesn't mean I don't have days where I feel the hurt all over again. Hurt, or annoyance or anger at the whole situation.

There was the situation 4 years ago, with a certain group of people I had know for 8 years. They didn't just hurt me but my whole family. Then part of that group hurt my friends. And people don't mess with my friends without me getting upset and hurt tooEven when it seems like I'm holding on, I forgave.
I'm also not the type of person who likes to admit being hurt. Naturally I'm tough, not bragging or anything, I just am. But sometimes, I'm not as tough as I think.
Therefore I have a hard time admiting I was hurt by a certain person or situation. 
Alot of the time I prefer to do one of two things.
First, shrug it off like it was nothing then go in my room an freak out about it.
Second, become dramaticly mad to try and cover up how I'm really feeling. 
But I am thankful that even tho thats prolly not the best way to handle life, God will always continue to work with me and forgive me for messing up.
Forgiveness is a beautiful thing to experience.
And it indeed gives me courage. <3

Monday, November 21, 2011

A full days worth

If I truly read a big amount of all the books I'm reading right now, I would be busy all day.
Thankfully, I don't have to read a ton from each book, still, I end up reading alot. I'm not really a slow reader, I'm probably very average. But anyway, right now, I have alot of heavy reading on my plate..I think I have to read about 20-30 or 50 pages from each book every day..maybe that is alot?

Top to bottom.

Acts- By J. Vernon McGee
John Wesley- by Sam Wellman
Tales From Shakespeare- by Charles and Mary Lamb
The Holy Bible.. <3 <3 <3 <3NKJV. (even if Jesus did speak the KJV, lolz <3 )
50 People Every Christian Should Know- by Wiersbe
The Pilgrims Progress- By John Bunyan (in modern english form, WITH notes! :)
The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain- By Betty Edwards (i just lost my bookmark in that one, dang it..)

Also I try and read something from The Blaze, The Drudge, or Foxnews everyday, if not, then I listen to Glenn Beck in the morning (aka, Glenny Time ;)

This may not seem like alot of reading to you, and I have to admit, the fact that I'm not really reading Shakespeare is somewhat, pathetic, specially since Charles and Mary Lamb were both insane people.  And the fact that Pilgrims Progress isn't the original version either is a bit sad, I do like the fact that there are alot of notes at the end of each chapter, its REALLY awesome. It gives you alot of scriptural references, so a good deal of my time reading that book is spend looking up all the verses it suggests. Which, sadly enough, is something I need practice in.
This is this is just *some* of the books my mom put together for me for my school this year. I'm doing church history. I was dreading is like the plague this summer, but now that I'm in the middle of it, I quite enjoy it! So far my mom has made my reading selection pretty enjoyable, tho I have to say I  *hated* reading Pages From Church was the boringest book ever.
Even tho I do love to read, I'm not really one of those book worms who spends every free minute poring over books and consuming 3 books a day. No I'm not that way at all. Sometimes I can go weeks without reading anything. But, when I get good books in my hands, like the Inkheart series, I honestly have to limit myself to 10 chapters a day to make the book last! Sadly enough, I haven't found a book as good as those yet. I'm honestly so sick and tired of all the vampire saga's out there. Please don't be offended, but I can't allow myself to be sucked into all those stories (no pun intended).
Of course there are the classics, like Emma, Little Women, Freckles, Anne Of Greene Gables, but I've read them all..sigh..At least I have some worth while material on my hands to keep me busy and learning.
I'm very grateful that I live in a country where I have so much access to so much knowledge. So many countries don't even have the bible, yet I'm blessed with so many works by many wonderful christian people, and I can learn so much. 
You should check out some of the above books, so far, I've greatly enjoyed them all. 

Today I am thankful for having been taught to love to learn <3

Friday, November 18, 2011

Its here!!! all I have to do is wait..I wish I knew if anyone has even seen my shop yet sides a few fb freinds..But I am so thankful  I finally got my shop set up (: Now I just need to list more items! ^_^

Please visit me on Etsy! <3

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have a thing for being happy. Its just nice. (-: Course it does help in life to have the JOY of the Lord, but happy is kool to (:
So I am gonna find some photos that make me happy, hopefully they may put a smile on your face if you have the same -ish taste as me <3

I just know this is what my future family will be like <3

I seriously love everything about it...except the bald dude..I mean, if the man that I pray God is saving for me does turn out bald..well, I guess he'll have to look like Micheal Rosenbalm, but yeh..

This one should make most people happy, and if it doesn't, well either your redneck or just crazy...
No explanation needed. <3

This has to be one of the cutest things I've ever seen (sides the above, lol, no really, I'm NOT a creeper fan of him)
I'm going to have this much fun when I'm that old, Lord willing I will b in good health, and have a happy person by my side.

This horse is gorgeous. I actually was fortunate enough to snap this shot and pet the beautiful creature. I love my some horses...

:D love this terribly.


All righty, I hope all this made you smile like it did me!! Have a lovely weekend folks <3

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tis the season...


I love pie a lot, even more than I love cake, cos pie is just way kooler.
Today I realized while wasting time outside instead of doing school, that our pecan tree is actually giving this year! I was stoked, so gathering up as many as would fit in my makeshift kangaroo pouch that one makes with their shirt while hurriedly picking up stuff like its gonna run away, I picked up nuts. 
Then I took them inside and got a bag and went out to pick up more. I think I prolly have at least TEN pies worth of nuts in the kitchen, that may be an exaggeration, but  I should, seeing as I spend an hour picking them up. Then me and mom cracked them for at least 2 hours, and we only got a cup of nuts.. So later this week, I have alot of nuts to keep me busy, and drooling thinking of pies..

 Pecans have to be the hardest nuts to crack and get a good whole nut out of. Actually its almost impossible to get the nut out in one piece.
Therefore I'm am very proud of the last above picture. 

Its also the season for setting up my Etsy shop, which I plan to do Thursday.. Here is a small sneak peak at is gonna be in my shop..

once again for the affect, this is a very small sneak peak <3


Tomorrow I'm going christmas shopping! Wow,  I can't believe I'm already saying that..

Nonii x_x

Friday, November 11, 2011

17 feels good. :)

My sister and Brother in law are here till Sunday morning, they came Wednesday while we were in class, and then we met them in the parking lot and went straight to church. Everyone sang happy birthday to me right before Mike started teaching, it wouldn't have been so bad if everyone hadn't turned in their seats to look at me. But even tho I'm sure I turned red, I felt an odd mixture of pleasure, gratefulness, and embarrassment.
I've really enjoyed getting to have my sister here on my b-day. It was a conveniently planned visit.
I have been *sooo* spoiled. So spoiled with so many people who truly love me. Honestly sometimes it just blows my mind. After going from one church where no one really cared about you, and there was no love towards any anyone in need of it,  and being there for 5 stinking years and my being severly burned by people coming in with an agenda, and just changing all the "sound doctrine", and having your best friend who you thought you would know for the rest of your life, turned against you and your family..*breath* We came to our current church, Parkland Chapel. If I have my history right, its a branch of  Calvery Chapel, which was founded by Chuck Smith during the 70's Jesus movement in CA. His ministry was revolved around reaching out to all the hippies, and they would have huge gatherings in tents, and alot of people came to know Jesus.
My pastor is actually from my area, and he went to bible school in CA, where he met is amazing wife Lucinda. They moved here 7 years ago, and started up Parkland Chapel about 5 or 6 years ago (i think). We found out about the church because its in the same building as one of the first churches that we started going to when we came back from the mission field, and some friends of ours (who has also gone to the old church as well) were going to PC.
Anywho, PC is awesome. I am the only girl my age there, and besides my family, there are just a small handful of younger youth there. I'm not much attached to the youth, but I am attached to the kiddos. Like I've mentioned before, kids love me, and I have 6 kids (there are way more, but only 6 are mine). I love them like they were my own.
Then I have 4 very dear adult lady friends. They are amazing, and a great influence in my life. Along with my mom of course ;) <3
I love my church for so many reasons. Reason number one, is that EVERYONE, is genuin. Let me say that again. GENUINE. They seriously love God, and they seriously care for people. They make you feel like your wanted, and that your worth something. They are pretty much all amazing. I love them all. Well, almost, hehe ;) <3 Reason number 2, they all pretty much carry the same type of dry humor, and my pastors doesn't really "preach". He teaches. And when he teaches. He's really captivating (dont tell him i said that, he'll get a big head!) and he is the biggest goof ball ever.
I havta say tho, that even tho our experience in the other church was horrible, and they really hurt some dear friends of ours, I did make some life lasting relationships with 2 girls who are totally amazing. We still get together often (tho not often enough) and I love them alot. (:
So anyway. I was show lots and lots of love this week, and it makes me realize how much people care about me. Its always a nice thing to know and remember when your feeling like a horrible piece of crap who no one loves.
I find it rather comical that an introverted persons of my sort, would have so many different and unique friends, but I guess that just goes to prove that we aren't aloof nerds after all, and that people can find it easy to love and understand us!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

In 2 hours..

I'll be 17. I really really really don't like making a big deal out of birthdays. Actually, in the past I've been known for not doing anything special at all for my b-day. Or even telling people about it. I guess it was my way of defying the fact that I was turning yet another year older.  Course that was about the ages of 14, 15, and 16. Before that I always had friends over to go play in the woods. And a few b-days my family was in, or there were fun plans already planned not in honor of my b-day, so I had fun anyway.
I never would have guess how much things could change in a year. Or how much I would change. And even tho I've lost a few friends (not broken relationships, just relationships made geographically harder, that makes sense right?)  and I've  gained a few freinds, and I've gotten closer to the ones I already had. It really has been a wonderful year, filled mainly with the normal things that life likes to throw at your face.
I'm really just my same old self, but thankfully, I can say that I am alot more mature.  But most importantly, my walk with Jesus is stronger.
I get so humbled when I think about it all. I get so lost in it all, all the mercy HE has had with me, all His patience, grace and love is completely astounding. 
<3 Happy birthday to me, for my life is happy <3

Monday, November 7, 2011

::13 Things That Make Me Happy::

1: Music of all sorts, specially Bobby Darin and Owl City...
2: Writing
3: Eyes
4: Swing sets
5: Taking lots and lots of pictures
6: My kids, their not really mine, but I pretend.
7: Yellow flowers of any type
8: Swimming (mainly by myself or with 5 screaming kids)
9: Sleeping in reeeaaalllly late
10: Building really awesome forts on the bluffs in the woods by the river with people who still know how to play!
11:  Climbing huge trees that make you feel like a ninja.
12: Antique shopping
13: Mohawks on my favorite 4yr old <3

 I was going to just go with "10 things that make me happy" but I had to add 3, I could add more and more, but I figure I better stop while I still have my head on straight. So what makes you happy??
<3 Nonii

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Winter has come

I know its truly winter when the house smells good. We started up the wood stove today, I know it was a little late, but we've been rather busy I guess.
I love to read in the winter, and after reading a blog entry by dear Adam Young about how good the book Bambi was, I had to find out for myself, cos honestly, I doubted him, and I thought it would be, well dumb... But I was proved wrong. Bambi is epic. I mean there is no other word for it. Maybe beautiful. Stunning.  Yes those words will do as well. Its not what most people think, when they think about Bambi. Its not all nice and fuzzy, it very real, sad, gorgeously written, and just all round a good book and worth reading.

I know its winter when I feel inspired to sew.
I'm very happy when I've sewn something.
Even tho I strained my back very badly, and I limped around all day and had to lay down several times during the period that I was sewing, I was still happy to sew.
Those pins are only there so I can hand quilt it.  And yes, those cute little dots are stars. <3
I'm not sure what it is about winter that makes me feel as I do, but I don't mind it, I just wish I was so productive in the summer as well.

I love cold rainy days like today, as long as I can view it from inside, doh.  I love that I become productive and get inspired to create things.
Sometimes when I stop and ponder all the nice things I've been blessed with, like a warm house, an awesome mom, enough talent to make pretty things, I don't just feel happy,  I feel joy. And that's something that can never truly go away. And it also makes me thankful that my middle name is Joy.

Isaiah 55:12 - "You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Normally when I sit down to blog, I don't particularly have a certain subject to write about, and thats really frustrating for me, so from now on, I will always have a subject.
This time I'de just like to share with you how God has been reconstructing me in the last year.
He is changing me from the inside out. I'm not sure many people can really tell, cos I'm kinda hard to read, being of the introverted nature, but in ways, I'm a new person.
A year ago I didn't give one single thought to whether my walk with God was right or not. Sure I thought it was, I mean, I was a Christian, I read my bible sometimes, and I prayed.. sometimes. But I never grew, I never applied the things He taught me, I just noticed them and moved on. I didn't care about the life I could be living with Him. As  long as I was happy, had the things I wanted, and was around the people I liked, I was good.

Frankly, tho I never took the time to really meditate on things and truly realize it for some time, I was a miserable person. True I wasn't all bad, and I wasn't allowed to hang out with friends who would lead me down wrong paths, but I didn't really need friends to help me, I was perfectly capable to do it on my own. I  wasn't really given any options to  do anything bad, which was prolly God's doing, but my heart was still rotten either way. And when I was given an option, I seemed to fail.
I had recently gone through a week long Christian conference thingy at my sister's house in August of 10', and thats when God really started trying to get my attention. But I didn't stop and really listen till around January of 11'. There was a dramatic melt down from me (well dramatic for me anyway) and that was my starting point.
I didn't just suddenly say "ok God, I'm tired of being rotten, change me" and BAM, I was filled with Joy and longing for Him. Nope, I had a sloooow start. It was a hard and spiritually tiring. I gave up several times, and I can't tell you how many times I  ran back to Him and begged forgiveness and a new start. I'm not a very diligent person, and it takes alot of hard work for me to become consistent and devoted to something. So I just asked Him to take it slow with me. I knew that if I just jumped into being all Christ like at a super sonic speed, it would just be another epic fail. I knew I had to take things slowly. So thats what I did. And that's what I am doing. Through the course of this summer I made A LOT of mistakes, some that I'm so ashamed of I like to pretend  that they never happend. But then I always have to remember what He taught me from those mistakes, and in a way, I'm glad I made them. Because if I never had failed, I'de never have had to lean on Him. I've spent more time in prayer than I ever have in my whole life, I've actually read my bible somewhat consistently, though I must say, reading anything consistently had been a struggle lately.
I also started a new journal, to go along with the new lifestyle. I can't remember when, but I think it was in June. And so far, I've written  through at least a fourth of the book. And its a big huge note book too. For me, writing is one of the only things that clears not only my mind and thoughts, but my heart. I don't just write for the sake of being able to record good memories. My writing means much more than that, for in alot of ways, my journal is a prayer book. Most of the words I write in there, I know are never read by anyone else but God. So in a way, I write for Him.  And so far, in the past 6 months, writing has been the main consistent thing I've done, and its my way of staying close to Christ. When I get super busy, I don't write, when I get super busy, I seem to stray from Him. Not alot, but enough to feel icky inside. And thats a feeling I loath.
Another thing thats really helped me in the last 2 months is a certain person. I don't really know him, but at the same time I do. I got to know him through his music and blog. His name is Adam Young, and his band name is Owl City. He  builds beautiful songs, and writes a really neat blog. And through his blog and music, he has encouraged me when I'm down, inspired me when I had no inspiration at all, and I'm sooo thankful for him. I know it sounds pretty silly and shallow to say those things, but its true.
His music makes me feel so happy, its like, if you could combine the sound of a rushing river, lazy creek, dry leaves, wind in the trees, and all those loverly nature sounds that I love to much, with elctro beats, you have Owl City. Its amazing, and no words could do justice to how much I have enjoyed listening to his newest CD and the one previous to it.
Then I found his blog. And I found out how cute, funny, and dorky he is. I also found what a devoted Christian he is, and how much he loves God and strives to give Him Glory in what he does.
I know I'm only one fan, amongst millions (literally) and I'm sure there are other fans out there who feel the same way I do. But I feel like I seriously understand him. And its nothing that unusual, its just that he takes the time to let people understand him, and thats the unusual part. I'm not going to let this turn into a "Thanks Adam, your the bomb!" kinda post, because all the glory goes to the Lord.
If it wasn't for Him, Adam wouldn't be the person he is today, and neither would I.
Granted I'm still in the reconstruction mode, I'm still weak, but every day I'm growing stronger in Christ. I'm learning to listen, and to wait on Him. I know I'm gonna fail, its just human nature, but I know He will always be there for me.
Every day I have to ask him to give me patience because I don't grow as fast as I would like, every day I have to lean on Him.
And as I become another year older in one week, I can't hardly wait to see what He has in store for me in the coming year.