Thursday, July 18, 2013

i don't want to leave.

i don't want to leave the mountians. i don't want to leave new friends and days spent gallivanting on islands and beaches and playing in the forest.  i don't want to leave the ocean and its cold beauty.
i don't want to leave the boats, even if they aren't mine, i like to just look at them and dream about owning my own someday. i like being on them and lazing on the bow with the cold wind consuming me. i love laying snuggled up in blankets in the bay and smelling like the sea.

i just really love alaska.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

i am excite.

today we're going to boat out to an island, picnick, go whale watching, and simply relax and have a bloody-freakingtastic time.

the sun is shining. that's enough to get me happy because *my* whole summer has been so sunless. in canada it was overcast 85% of the time, and this is only our 3rd sun filled day we've the whole time we've been here in juneau. they say it rains 360 days out of the year in alaska (i'm guessing rain or snow, doh), and i'm seriously starting to believe them.

today is gonna be really good.

but first, i need coffee and Jesus time.


leaving alaska early friday morning. *le sigh*, it'll be good to be back on the road but sad to leave this pretty place!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

last night you added to your collection of drafts 3 times within an hour. last night you finally finished organizing and editing photos from last week. last night you weren't happy but you weren't exactly sad. last night you didn't sleep that well. but hey, you got to sleep in and then you had a fantastic cup of coffee while listening to groban. so what if last night was a bad memory. today you've seen the sun shine and felt the mist of a giant waterfall on your face. today you ate an entire foot long from subway and today you visited the glacier from far away. today you finally got to see what the mountains really look like and today you found a relient k and josh groban cd at a thrift store for a buck, perfect condition.

today you might be dreading tonight, maybe just because you know how you get at night.
but the sun is so bright so you're gonna be happy for as long as you can and you're gonna keep mayer on repeat cos the sun sets late in alaska.

xx- don't beat yourself up so much, k?

Monday, July 8, 2013

the eagle swooped down as i sneaked up to watch and take photos. it was the closest i'd ever been to an eagle, they're not very friendly in missouri. i sat about 7feet away from it, watching it eat a dead fish carcass. i kept crawling closer, over the rocks, till it flew up and away to join the other eagles in the trees. its wing span was at least 6ft, its body longer than my arm.
eagles have always fascinated me, i feel so lucky to have sat so close to one and stared it in the eyes.

next, i want to meet a bear.



Wednesday, July 3, 2013

hello, alaska!

hey guys! i'm in juneau, alaska, and i'm pretty dang stoked to be here! my adventures in canada were epic. i met some seriously amazing people, saw some pretty dull landscape (not counting the alaska highway, that part was breath taking) and i had a lot of fun. i'm totally hoping to visit canada again, actually, we will be heading through canada on our way home! so anyways. its been a long, wonderful last month. i've been gone from home for 39 days, and its been a crazy 39 days. so many wonderful memories have been made that i'm so thankful for. i'm still processing it all.

so anywho! i know you guys want photos. so here are a few photos from the trip on the alaska highway and a few from the ferry ride we took from skagway to juneau. enjoy!

right now we're all staying at a duplex, my aunt's cousin owns it, we'll be living here for the next 2 weeks or so. its pretty nice having a house to stay at rather than the bus. although i love the bus, there's so much more stretch room here and we can cook! i get my own room and there's a giant bathroom and stuff, we're all pretty happy with the situation.

i'll try to keep posting photos and whatnot around here as often as i can.
i hope you guys are having a spectacular summer!

peace out.