Thursday, March 17, 2011

Even though yesterday I had to make tortillas, beans, and papas n' chorizo , in less than an hour for dad's lunch, I still enjoyed myself..Even when I had to make a second batch of tortillas cos the first batch was to small. I made burritos for my pastor, and his family, and I got to have a nice visit with Lucinda (my pastors wife) and Mallory (a freind). My poor N.J. was so sad when he could not to go church! (my pastors son ;) Poor little guy.
So anywho, today I got done with school early, and in a little while me, Mom and Ezra are going to go into town and pic up the limbs for my Gramma and friend. Its super nice out, a bit windy, but still nice. Today my bestie is in CDS, and I sooo hope they get to take me when I go over there! I havent been to Silver Dollar City in YEARS! And we used to go alot..I miss that place! Its soooo much fun, and such a good atmosphere.
Next Wednesday I think I am getting my braces off, I can't wait! If I dont end up getting them off, I will be very bummed :( Cos I've had them on for 2 years! And it seems like much longer.
So far this post is nothing but my ramblings....Oh well.

Today I am going to do a print...All you have to do  is; print up a b/w photo that you like, get some white acrylic paint, lather it on thick on to some fabric, and press you picture down into it very firmly, and let it dry all day. Once it is dry (it has to be VERY dry) you wet it, to peel the paper off it, and then you have you photo printed onto a piece of fabric! I am going to do the above picture :)

There is not much else to say..I am still trying to get my school finished within 2 weeks, it will prolly happen. I only have 20 more days of history, same with math, almost done with English, and I only have 2 books left! Of course I will be doing Biology ALL year long..and prolly next school year too >_< I hate it..oh well!
Signing off! <3  Hope you have a wonderful day!

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  1. Awesome! :D That is one of my very fave things u have ever drawn. :D i LOVE that pic! So creative and fairy-tale-ish. <3 <3 <3