Monday, December 19, 2011

In this Picture

So I kinda had an idea, a couple times a week I'm going to share a photo, and the history and memories behind said photo.
I love finding old photo's from my childhood  and having all the memories come back to me.

 So left to right on this photo is: Me, Tyler standing directly in front of me pointing at the sand castle, then you can barley see Grant's head, then there is Bethany bending over, then my sweet friend Lydia (she's such a doll) then my bro Ezra, then Krystol, and then Isaiah inbetween them, he's the little guy.
In this particular picture above, my memories are somewhat fuzzy. It was a hot summer day and our local homeschool group asked to borrow a local church's play ground area. I remember getting ready to leave for this event, I was super excited cos I loved play, and at that time, I had a good friends that I'd known for awhile. I remember my mom made me wear orange overalls, with a white shirt that had PINK and orange flowers on it. I remember *hating* it, but as I look back, I was actually kinda cute!
I remember that I didn't have much to do with this sand castle, it was mainly Ezra, Morgan (not pictured)and Bethany who built it. I was probably busy playing at something less organized.
Sometimes I still go back to that volley ball pit and remember that old sand castle. I lost my favorite necklace there. And we still have that ice box.
It funny to go back and see a picture of yourself so long ago, but even funnier to see a picture of someone you know and marvel at how much they have changed. 
I think my favorite thing about this picture is the flag in the background. It give it such a free American feeling. <3



  1. Aww, such a cool photo! Thanks for sharing it. I love going through old photos. I love your blog by the way! Very cool, creative name!
    Post again soon,
    -Kate (The Sailor)

  2. Hey! Thank you!! Thanks for taking the time to comment too, tis wonderful to know someone reads here ;)

  3. OH my word!!!!! :D I remember that day! And I think I remember your overalls too! LOL That post just made my day. =)

  4. It was a wonderful day! A day that sticks in one's memory because the weather was gorgeous and none of the children fought or got hurt. :)