Sunday, January 8, 2012

Circles Around The Sun

I just found out what Owl City's new album is called!!! YAY! I have to say I love the sound of Circles Around The Sun <3 Holy cats, I am beyond pysched.

For more info, 8>8>8>CLICK HERE<3 <3 <3

Ok, so yes, in case your wondering, I'm a HUGE fan of anything Owl City, not quite a fanatic, cos I've seen those before (when in reference to OC that is) and they are just beyond creepy.

I'm so psyched. I'm looking forward to seeing how much Adam Young has grown this time. Ocean Eyes was a wonderful CD, probably still my favorite, the songs are just gorgeous, but that one, compared to Bright And Beautiful, I could sense a big difference, not to mention less techno dance beats, but I could tell as a writer he had grown up alot. The whole album seemed..bigger, fuller. Complete.
Yet how is Ocean Eyes still my favorite? Perhaps I've just not grown into Bright and Beautiful yet. Ocean Eyes seems full of dreams and hopes, and I'm still in that stage.
I'm thrilled to think that perhaps MY KIDS will someday still be listening to OC, if he keeps putting music out and staying strong, I have no doubt. Lets see, his music thats been out is what, 4 years old? And Switchfoot, has been going for 17 years, and is still, so that gives OC another good strong 13 years. I think he can do it <3 This is me rambling.
Ok, its Sunday morning and I didn't go to church cos I've got Strep and was bummed that I'd have to keep my distance from everyone :( And I'm tired, so yeh, gonna veg on some Psych or something <3
Have a loverly Sunday everyone <3

I just noticed how many hearts I used above. Hmm...must be cos I was talkin' bout OC <3


  1. That's awesome! I love OC too. Such beautiful music! I skate to it all the time.
    Great post!

  2. P.s. Praying that you feel better soon! *hugz*

  3. Thank you! =)

    I feel pretty dandy besides being "medically diagnosed" that I am contagious, lol :D but thank you for the prayers all the same <3

  4. OMG!!!!!! I heard that he was working on something, but I hadn't heard the title or when it would be released! I am SOOOO excited! (: haha

    For some reason I still like the Ocean Eyes album better as well. I think it's the electronic stuff. Idk. But I definitely love all his stuff! (: And I agree about the creepy 'fanatics'. He seems to have a lot of those. lol

  5. your back!! lol, looking forward to a post soon? ;)

    yep, i think its the techno dance beats that really get me in Ocean Eyes, i hope he has more of that in Circles Around The Sun<3 ^_^ cant wait!!

  6. Oh am so excited for this CD I first heard 'Summer 12' but I guess it got pushed back. Its fine I know how he is with wanting perfection in his music. Hah. Well glad to see you're just a big a fan as I am. Hopefully I can go see him in concert soon!

  7. ow city rules !!!!!!!!! hes music is amazing!!!