Wednesday, February 8, 2012

:DDDDDD- I'm good at it.

I think I'm having to much fun with painting stuff..
Here is another shirt I just did today! I love it alot more than the other, because for one, the tan shirt is one of my most fave. comfty shirts to wear, and then with this added design, its just to amazing now! ;)

I am thrilled that this paint job turned out so much better than the last one. It has to do with what type of material the shirt is...
Right now this shirt is in the washer xD
I'm always very impatient about my projects. I'm the type of crafter who loves projects that can be started in one day and then finished.
And since I really rushed the painting and drying of this one, I think I'll be able to whip out a t-shirt a day!! IF the material is right.. ;)
I'm gonna hopefully make one for my brother next:)
Maybe he'll advertize for me at college, hehe, I'd love to sell some shirts!


  1. holy cows! This looks totally professional! Brilliant. <3 Is that a blast?? lol. I want to paint a shirt now. 'cept mine would prolly be a disaster...and ugly. LOL. <3 luvz it.