Wednesday, March 14, 2012

bringing the outside in

i'm sitting here, eating yummo mexican casserole that my mom made afore she left, and remembering the first time i spelled "horse", my mom was so proud.
i think i put to much hot sauce on my food.
my head feels hot and this v-8 is amazing, also, i'm listening to matt kearney<3
and there is a horse outside my window, a rather beautiful horse, she keeps running back and forth, hehe, i think she wants out in the field but i don't want to have to put her up later.
i love letting her in the yard anyway, she's so cute.
so, like the title says, i'm bringing the outside in-to my room.
see my horsey??

still with the eyedrops

i love my books- and owls i made

because i love marbles from SDC

antique tea cup, found somewhere outside on the farm

origami and hello kitty photographer

yes those are sticks on my vanity

in the kitchen

i can't get enough of this weather.
i've been our every second i can, the only time i'm in is to blog, eat, shower, and eat.
i could even take the eating outside like everything else if i wanted to.
i have a serious tan. i've never tanned so fast in the spring.

i've not been able to do anything today but be happy.
its crazy.
 this life is so full when you live it for Him.


  1. Oooee! I love them! Lol. Happy happy happy spring! The daffodils are lovely, and you have amazing taste. :D

  2. Those are beautimous!!!! Your room is so cute. <3 I am actually sunburnt. Lol. I dont tan amazingly like some ppl. ;) ooh! Dean just walked in and handed me a Khaos... I thought that was worth mentioning...

    1. tanks rinski! <3wat is a khaos? not an energy drink i hope -_- '_' <3 ;)

  3. My sis has a glass owl (or pottery, whatever 'tis) 'zactly like yours in the second pic :) iLike..

    1. my cousin got it for me from canada, but i've seen em' online an stuff, their so cute!:)

    2. And I live in Canada- so! they may have even come from the same little store.