Saturday, March 24, 2012

chasing cows

this is what i've been doing this week..only a little bit of what i've been doing that is ;)
seriously, chasing cows. i hate it // going on walks of clover // finishing my quilt top //  losing my temper at stupid dogs // not proud of it // watching to much merlin[bbc!]- // being heart broke over youcef nadarkhani, the christian pastor who's been held for the past 3 years in iran // praying he's still alive // wondering what to beleive//montanan skys // running out every evening and afternoon to capture said skys // sad and beautiful black dogs // getting ready for a potluck tomorrow at our house // wanting to see the hunger games // wearing brothers shirt //  hanging sea shells on my sock drawer handle // hating the horrid lack of comments around here // dusting my room and loving my odd collection of porcelain // obviously not in that order ;)


  1. oh and don't forget u need to call me ;) lol I called your mom earlier today and she said that she would tell u to call me when she got back home.

  2. Cow chasing sounds intense. And OH MY GOSH YOU LIKE MERLIN?? I love that show! *joyful squeal*

    1. it is intense!! hehehe, Merlin is amazing, i'm almost done with the first season! have u seen BBC's Robin Hood??? its great too!!

  3. Omw! I so love that top picture!! I love skies like that in the Spring and Summer. :D They are so lovely. especially when you can hear thunder waaaay off. yeah. <3 <3 I can't wait for Summer.

    And the third down. xD Luvit! mostly cos it's converse. And I am obsessed with Converse. hehe. And the color in that photo is lovely. green and purple (or "plum" ;) lol) are my very favorite colors. Especially together. :D :D

    I so have to watch Merlin. Not joking. lol. Maybe after we finish SG-A. ^_^ <3 <3 <3 <3


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