Friday, April 27, 2012

at this particular moment in time

i just got done practicing for my compass math test. it was pretty icky.
i'm wanting a yacht really badly.
and a type writer
and i'm probably going to get the NikonD3100.

i'm really wanting to go on a road trip.
i just ate chips with black beans, cheese and salsa on top. it was delish.
i want to go back to mexico and visit the places i used to live and the candy stores i went to.
i'm planning my b-day party an making a list of invites. 

so far it consists around 15 people. possibly 20.
i'm feeling completely unmotivated and lazy.
seriously...i'm so tired.
but i can sense today will be a good day.
i'm so incredibly glad for a dad who is willing to sacrifice anything to protect his family.

i'm thinking that pic above, that one right there ^ is one of the oddest i've taken.
but i like it.
and now i'm going to paint something in spanish. 


  1. I love that picture of that converse. ^_^
    Who doesn't want a yacht? I do.
    I love road trips.
    waaaiiit....Isn't ur birthday in November? kinda early to start planning? no? lol. <3
    Have some coffee. It's good.
    I like that pic too!! :D It's kool. <3

    1. hehe, yes its in Nov.!! can't believe you had to ask -_- <3 oh, and your invited in case you were wondering :p lolz <3 <3

    2. Lol to the above conversation. I was kind of thinking the same thing as Rinskii, actually ;)

  2. I clicked the link and then thought, "Eh-ma-gawsh, she still remember The Click Five!" Like the dorky fourteen-year-old I am.

    Oh, and if you do get a Nikon, tell me what it's like. I'm contemplating what model of camera I should get if I ever get one.

    1. Lol, i don't even know The Click Five, that song just came up on Pandora=)

  3. ooh I love this post!! randomness is great!