Monday, April 16, 2012

all in a musical nutshell

the first song is pretty much where i'm at.
 the last, i can rightly say has been my life story.
i always wanted to find a song that was my life story in a musical nutshell.
 i never had much luck, till i really listened to "I Wanna Be Real".
funny thing is, i've had Chris's album for over a year, and i really did love it, but suddenly this song just jumped out and bit me. i finally fount it, and its spot on.
 these songs are really special to me.
one of the things i love most about music, is that a song might mean the world to one person,
and not a thing to the next.
and its all ok.

life's been good, i'm learning a lot lately, praying a lot, hoping a lot, waiting a lot and reading a ton.
i'm so excited for this summer.
i'm excited for this art contest to be over, magical game nights with friends, visiting with cousins, going on trips, weddings, babies, laughter, tears, heartache and headaches.
i'm ready to get going.


  1. Duuuude!

    There is no excuse that you've been following my blog and I didn't really look at yours.

    Secondly, I think Chris August is super amazing.

    <3 :-D

    1. lol!! its ok:D
      yeah, Chris is a cool guy:)