Monday, June 4, 2012

fading with the rain

the house was ginormous, the huge spiral stair case went up and up, the width of the stairs was at least 10 feet.
the circle that the stairs created must have been double that across..all was ivory and gold, with old couches on down on the main floor, there were different stairs, that somehow wound their way up to the main spiral ones.
the gold molding was blinding, the green couches paled in comparison, the tv screen seemed miles long. i never wondered where i was and why i was there.. oh yes. i wondered aimlessly, trying to get out, before they got home, i found the kids rooms, light blue, huge, un-believably huge beds complete with lofts.
stuffed animals and toys everywhere, in the corner the girl was reading, where were her parents? running down the basement stairs, i passed the trampoline in the bathroom, i came into a hardware store, it was huge, high ceilings, filled with isles of everything i could imagine.
this should make me feel giddy..but instead it had a freaky calm affect on me. but.
then panic! i had to find those yellow shoes, they had stripes, where where they. shoes upon shoes were piled on shelves next to the material department, that guy from hobby lobby was cutting up material..
stupid shoes.
suddenly i ran looking for a mirror. my hair, it was past my shoulders, long and gorgeous. i flipped it around my face. it couldn't be real..
just a dream.
i opened the door to my bedroom. it was a dream. i was going to wake up, the hair would be gone.
no. it was still there.
not possible. i didn't have hair like this. but it felt so real. strange and familiar. it made me panic more. it had to be real. if i could just keep focused on it, it wouldn't go away.
no. i tossed and turned. it was gone. i cried in my pillow.
walking out my bedroom door into the mexican village market,i saw that horrible stuffed spider that haunted me. i saw myself put on lipstick, those girls where laughing at me.
looking in the reflection of a puddle, i realized how short i was, my hair was long again, bangs cut straight across my forehead like when i was 4. but it wasn't real, not like last time.
running after my dad i left the sunny area and went under  the building to the meat section, oddly, it didn't smell bad.
chickens and voices made up the background noise. those girls where still laughing in the background.
the ground was shaking. i woke up...the hardest, loudest rain i'd ever heard in my life was pounding my window. lights went on all over the house, radio clicked and static filled the kitchen.
its just rain.
the rain lulled me to a dance, a dance with him. by the window we stood, swaying to the sound of the rain. i wasn't the type to dance, i didn't know what i was doing. but he did, so i followed him. i'm good at following.
it was like i was watching us from the outside of my room, but there i was, he was much taller than me, there was something i couldn't explain about him. but i felt him. i couldn't see his face, but i knew him. i could feel him close to me.
we swayed till the rain faded, and with it, we faded as well.

fancy this, i just took the photos today, but i wrote this "story" {if u choose to call it that} about 2 months ago.


  1. yup. I agree with that guy. ^^ <3 <3 Loverly.

  2. what a gooorgeous post!! noni, boooyy, can YOU WRITE!! :)