Tuesday, June 5, 2012

i search among the clouds trying to see you

^that has nothing to do with this post. just another lyric.
have you noticed my title's rarely have anything to do with the contents of my posts?

so last night i was getting really tired of the christmas lights that were strung around my bed frame.
so i took them off and bunched them up inside my
origami ball that hangs above my desk
then i decided to start a big collage on my wall.
i'm quite in love with it.

love the lid of a hat box someone gave me. and of course, bobby darin is quite charming next to my watercolor ;)

a lil' thing i embroidered a few years ago, then today i painted that picture frame purple and cut out italy from my atlas.

Cash, painting by me, ginormous 4leaf clover, cover of an old hymnal, and triangle wall hanging, by me:)

yeah, BRIGHT yellow. eek. i'm gonna paint it blue sometime. hehe.

i'm still going to be adding to it, i'd like a few more small photographs framed to put up.
and i need feathers...
xoxo, noni


  1. I see you have Venice circled on your map of Italy...

  2. This is pretty awesome! lol :)

  3. I love it Jana! I think I like the hymnal cover best... It is so cool! <3

    P.S. Have you noticed that I have become like Toni with hearts at the end of every comment? :-) Thought that was a little funny. <3

  4. it's wonderful. ^_^ I'm jealous cos I don't have something like that wall. and a glowing oragami ball.....*sniffsniff* ;)