Tuesday, July 31, 2012

in the mood for bows

the velvet ones aren't so easy to make like the others:p just a warning in case you try it yourself.

yesterday..or, this morning, i can't remember {its been a loooong day} i wanted to make bows, so i found THIS super easy bow DIY, and now i'm in the bow making mood. i'm going to sell these at a shop in town {where i've been selling my flowers and bracelets like crazy!} and i really hope they are popular. because i love making them.
my favorite bow is the cream one{last pic} i've been in love with that fabric ever since my sister got married, moved away, and left it for me to find. and now i finally found a way that i want to use it, there isn't very much of it anyway, so i'm stingy on cutting it up!


  1. Oh golly, those are cute! I love hair bows. My fav is the one on the far left, top picture. *so* cute! I hope you sell a lot! <3 <3

  2. Super cute! ^_^ I love the little flow'ry one and the cream one best!! <3 (not a big velvet fan. :P ) looks fun. I hope they sell well for ya! <3