Thursday, August 2, 2012

a long/random post on awkward things and lists about packing

today we're leaving for for a 3hr drive to my cousins, then a 6hr ride to oklahoma with them tomorrow morning. i love road trips, and i love packing for them. btw, road trips are even better when traveling in a touring bus with you cousins.
i think i'll be gone for 7days, and my goal this time, is to get everything, in 3 bags.

i think it'll happen.

so, onto awkward things. yeah, had a couple of those happen to me this week.
like on tuesday when i went to the dentist {lets face it, dentists are evil} i was asked what time of music i like, i hate that question. its like asking me how many movies i've seen {don't ask that either}. so i told the chick i liked everything. folk, jazz, classical, rock, pop.
so she goes "Oh! lets put on some country then!"
and i sit in the chair for an hour listening to some redneck sing about how rain is good, cos rain makes whiskey, and whiskey makes his baby frisky.
oh boy. i knew there was a good reason to hate country music.

then the same day i had a group of redneck guys honk repeatedly at me as i walked through town and country parking lot. 
me: are they seriously honking at me?!
brother: just keep walking, don't look at them!
me: *starts laughing cos brother is acting so awkward about it*

last night the moon was HUGE. i mean. ginormous. and yellow. me an brothers were going into walmart {which btw, one of the walmarts that was closed due to bomb threats, in case you read the news :p } and above the store, there's a flag, and the moon was right under it.

it looked much better in person. trust me. and larger.
so there was another group of dudes, not rednecks this time, and as i was talking my picture {not the one above} they were walking out. it must have looked to them like i was taking their picture. they wish. then they drove by me reaaally slow. but i put on my stone face and ignored them.
it was all pretty funny. if you were there.

its not every week i get honked at by rednecks.

so now i'm off to drink coffee and start checking off my list! 
i won't be posting must, but i'll be back next week with pictures of all sorts of things 
to share with ya! have a great weekend!


  1. This made me laugh.
    I'm going away for 5 days next week, and I'm hoping for 1 suitcase, camera bag, and 1 travel bag. Wish me luck! (:

  2. lol. I hate packing...I usually end up opening a suitcase and throwing in random stuff that I might possibly need at some point...I don't do lists. Never have. I pretty much always forget something though or wish I had something different....Yeah. :P
    hahahaha!! I've been honked at by rednecks far too many times. :P It does happen.
    omw! That country music bit cracked me up. :D
    I hope you have a fantastic time visiting your cousins and not me. :( ;) <3 luvluv

  3. Rednecks, whether the singing type or the honking type, are tough to deal with. Good thing they're entertaining.

  4. Haha!! This post made me laugh several times over!! Nice!
    I am blessed. I have NEVER gone a trip where packing only a few belongings was necessary. The only ones I have taken were for several months at a time and days and days away from home and you take your entire wardrobe (which is not very much) and then some. :D
    Have fun on your trip and looking forward to pics!!!!

  5. haha!! i love this post!! i laughed heartily at the country music part(feel the same way) and at all the other awkwardness with its rednecks and random dudes :D hehe