Thursday, August 9, 2012

i've returned

its hard to believe i'm already back home.
the trip is accomplished!
i had a wonderful time, i've never sweat so much in my life. oklahoma was horrible {my apologies to anyone who lives there} the towns we were in were something out of a zombie movie, and the weather was 115 on a good day.
i can't count the times i gave thanks that everyone i was with believes in deodorant, seriously, it was so hot we couldn't run the ac cos it would have overheated something the engine. or. something..yeah, you can tell i'm a car person.

anyway, i'm so tired, and my allergies are going bazzerk.

i have else nothing to say. so here are some random photos from the trip.


  1. haha. :D I hate it when air conditioners don't work. Micah's car doesn't have ac. It's terrible. :P
    Great pictures! You're so cute and your hair is adorable in that picture of u an' Maddi. :D and the pic of the Semi truck in the car mirror is nifty. ^_^
    this was a cute post. honest. cross my heart.
    :) xx

  2. When I saw that title... I thought "EPIC ACTION MOVIE"!


    Glad you had a snazzy (-or sizzling, which is deff not good-) trip!