Monday, September 17, 2012

2 years later


 i've been in blogger world for two years now!
has it really been two whole years already? somehow that doesn't seem right. it seems both to short and to long. two years isn't really that long, but it must be, because so much has happened and changed in 2 years. here's my first ever post, just in case you're curious. ;)
blogging has taught me a lot, just stuff. me, people, this crazy world we all live in.
its definitely been worth all the headaches it sometimes brings! 


anyway, sorry for these random pictures from this week, i haven't uploaded anything from this weekend yet cos i've been busy finding things to make, reading wuthering heights, eating yummy junk food, watching  monk and listening to my jason mraz radio..
my version of a lazy day.


  1. Happy 2-year blogoversary!!!
    And that Gene Kelly drawing in your first post is fab.

  2. Awh! That's so awesome. Two years ago feels like an eternity ago. O.o ^_^ lol. This is the bestest blog *ever*.

  3. Two years ago? Congrats! I love the Bible picture, your shoes, and Jason Mraz. How is Wuthering Heights? I've always been somewhat curious to how it is.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Blogging never would have been half as awesome for me without you. =)

    I've been meaning to read Wuthering Heights . . . it's the one book I kept out of the boxes. But I don't know if I'm going to like it. The Brontes are always a little morbid. Lol.

  5. I like these pictures. Especially the boots and the open bible. So quiet and pretty.

  6. happy two years! And hopefully many more to come. Love your shoes in that first picture.