Thursday, September 6, 2012

analysis of a mouth

sometimes i can be really observant. but not always, but there are a few things that i typically notice without fail. and that is people. i guess i'm sorta obsessed with faces, i draw them, paint {on} them, take pictures of them. i love faces, familiar and un-familiar. my friends tell me i have the wackiest taste in guys, and i'm constantly noticing unique and beautiful people everywhere. i can't tell you how many times i've been in a store with my mom, and someone with a strange mouth, or gorgeous eyes, or neat hair walks by and i go "omigosh! mom, did you see that person?!" and she goes "nope, wasn't paying attention" then i go on to describe to her the feather i noticed. 
normally i always notice eyes, but if not eyes, then mouths.
i'm incredibly obsessed with mouths. no, that doesn't sound weird. its completely normal. ;)
my favorite mouth belongs to Christian Bale. ok, that does sound a little strange..
but here he is anyway..


so i couldn't find just a picture of his mouth. but more the better, no? hehe.. 2nd fave mouth is this
then this one. and i'll just leave you with that.

recently i've been pretty bored, and have had a lot of time on my hands to goof off with my camera, and an idea hit me.
i'm going to start taking pictures of mouths. i'll start with people i know, of course, and maybe, come out of my shell a little and ask random strangers if i can snap a picture of their mouth. haha, thats not likely going to happen, but i can dream!

so anyway, i have to start from somewhere, so i've started with me. i've always been incredibly insecure about my mouth. its that one feature i'm still learning to like. i'm getting there, but not quickly.
so without further ado, here's my lips. {now that, sounded creepy.}

Collage of a Mouth
ducky lip ducky!

so there it is, i wouldn't be doing this if i hadn't had braces, that is for sure. braces are a wonderful invention!
so, what do you think? is taking pictures of mouths, or being as interested in them as i am, a little odd? yes? oh well. i like it, so i do it! i've learned thats how to stay happy with my art.
have a great day!


  1. I notice people too. more than anything else. :D I'm always the one asking whoever I'm with if they saw one person or another and usually they didn't. You do have wacky taste in guys, but not when it comes to Christian Bale. I love his mouth too even though my mom says he doesn't even have one. ^_^ and that picture right up there of him with the epicest hair I've ever seen him wear, is a dang heartstopper. :o ^_^
    You have a gorgeous mouth! I've always thought so. *jealous* :)
    nope. not odd. to me anyways. ^_^ I like this post. <3

  2. As usual, your photography is immaculate. Keep up the good work! :D

  3. I notice people all the time, you’re not alone. ;) I love creeping on people at airports! haha I like the mouth idea.

    -Victoria Horea

  4. I love this! I tend to fall in love with eyes... <3 I love the picture on the bottom right of your mouth soft and pretty! :)

  5. I notice people, I have a knack for that. I like people watching. People are beautiful and they don't know it. As for Christian Bale, oh me oh my. <3 lol. As for your beautiful smile, very breath taking! I love it.

  6. hehe, yes, I know I'm not alone in noticing people :D
    Thanks for commenting everyone! <3