Monday, September 10, 2012

the windows are open

more than often i'm a flood of emotions being kept at bay by an unstable dam. there's a good mixture of happy, joyful, exuberant, contentment, gratefulness, sadness, discontentment, anger, and confusion in this flood.
the negative ones aren't the ones to normally seep through either.
i let neither the sadness or confusion stop me. i let the joy fill me and the happiness visible in my step take over.
because thats how i'd rather have it. i won't let the negative feelings take over. but of course, i won't ignore them either, you have to feed negative emotions with the right attention, the right attitudes.
and when those tears do get through, its ok, just keep going.



looking at the big picture of my life. i don't have much to be negative about.
i have so much to be thankful for. all the things that keep me ticking keep me smiling.
i love the little things, just as much the big things.
little things, like bear hugs from someone who just wants to know you're all right.
things like kisses from a little brown eyed boy who makes me smile.
things like yellow sweaters and fall breezes coming through the windows.
things like being a huge influence in a little girls life. begin a role model is a big responsibility, i'm glad to have it.



i feel like i'm waiting for life to happen most days.
i'm waiting for something. sometimes i know exactly what it is, sometimes i know what it looks like.
other days i haven't a clue.
but life is happening all around, just take hold of it and believe in it. believe its meant for you.

so this isn't a typical monday post, i know that, and i'm not quite sure what its all about, but i needed to write something deeper than "hey, my weekend was awesome, here's a picture, bye!" :P
so i hope you enjoyed all this blabbering. have a lovely week everyone!

with love, 

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  1. That cardigan is quite beautiful =)

  2. Waiting for life to happen? I know that feeling...I know that life is now, and that what is happening now is precious and important, but I feel so impatient...And I don't want it to pass me by while I waste time waiting on it. That kinda made no sense. I'm sorry.

    <3 <3 <3 You write pretty. And I miss you. :)

  3. Wow. This post is entirely me. How do you get that down in words? I could type for years...and yet it would not come out right.
    The picture of you in the tree is phonomonal. Wow! And I loved all the others too. :D <3

    1. thank you, and i have to say that it wasn't easy. i mean once it came, it flowed. but it took time even once it did start to finally make sense.
      this post is weeks of sorting through thoughts and emotions. <3
      hehe, my little friend Sophia {who's 11} took that picture! She has a good eye :)

    2. Gosh you're perfect! lol. I love the photos(esp. the mumford and sons one) And i love little things in life too.