Monday, October 15, 2012

creatures of habit

i like that there are people who always do the same things.
i like that there are people who always paint birds, or feathers, or flowers.
i like that this world is filled with a lot of those types of people.
people who only drink coffee or only drink tea and who never do this or always do that.
i like how certain people are stuck in their ways.
creatures of habit.
i know a lady who eats the same thing for breakfast, and lunch. every. single. day.
and other people, who never wear matching socks... 
this is just a random chain of thoughts that i thought while cleaning the kitchen earlier.
so i decided to save these thoughts and share them with you all.


now me on the other hand. i am certainly not a creature of habit. although i may have wished in the past that i was. because there's something nice and quirky about always doing a certain thing.
{ok. back up. i do always wear a hat when i'm watching horror movies or get scared. i can't help it.}
i have few habits. none of them really concern my lifestyle.
to say it simply, i'm just much to random for that shiz.
my whole personality could never stick with it. and i'm glad, that there are people like me too.
now wearing hats on the other hand. i don't know what it is. but when i'm scared. i must wear a hat! its ridiculous i know. but its certainly not a forced thing.
anyway, my weekend was amazing. yesterday was my church's annual fall fest, complete with face painting by yours truly and hay rides. plus football and soccer, which i sort of participated in. it was a ton of fun and i'm so looking forward to next years fall fest!
so i just found a hilarious picture of me. wanna see?

me in the yellow shirt, all those other beaners are my cousins and the cutie above me is my bro :)
have a fabulous week everyone!




  1. That's why you're awesome! xD <3
    That top picture. *stunning*. geez.

  2. Haha that's like me! I always wear neon colored socks that never match and I always eat oatmeal and drink coffee for breakfast. And i always have a cup of tea after lunch. But at the same time, i like change too. Like having a random blue streak in my hair. Or painting my nails silver on occasion. Or drawing random lines on paper for the heck of it always hoping they might turn out into something cool but always being okay if it doesn't. I love your pictures, and the fall festival sounds indubitably amazing. :) i love soccer and football.

    1. haha, that is awesome! One habit I forgot to mention is that I must ALWAYS have chapstick with me, it bugs me if I don't :)