Friday, October 12, 2012

what i wore

what i wore

today i went birdwatching at the park and i decided to record my outfit with polyvore. this isn't exactly what i wore, because my cardigan is way cooler, and my shoes, which are simliar to those black vans, have little neon flowers all over them. so they're obviously cooler as well. 
but i bought that shirt last week with R. and J. in tha mall. 
it accidentally posted earlier. oops! if you saw that, sorry. i didn't mean for it to post.
but seriously, like Soph said, that shirt reminds me of Owl City. so thats why i got it. 
wonderful isn't it? 
i do own a brown leather backpack to, but i couldn't find my exact one on polyvore so that much more expensive one will have to do ;)
anyway, creating outfits on polyvore is so much more easy than doing self-photo shoots. and i didn't have any time for that today. this particular polyvore is really crappy looking, but considering i put it together in 5min, i prolly shouldn't hate on it to much ;)
after bird watching i went to a freinds house and we painted {plus played with their cat and ate really yummy pie and listened to Christmas music!} it was a blast. i drew my Tom Hiddle boy. and he turned out loverly, i'll show him to you tomorrow. *i'm so hiddled its crazy*
anywho, my bed is calling my name quiet loudly. so i better git.

xx- noni    


  1. Yes, your cardigan is way cuter. :D I'm sure it was a fantabulous outfit. <3
    ooh!! I can't wait to see Your drawing of lovely Tomster!! ^_^ I'm sure you did a fantastic job. <3 <3

  2. I like anything made out of leather. Real (and sorta cheap) leather bags are hard to find though. I'm going to start looking for a small backpack that I can take on walks and hikes with Piper. Oh, and that shirt is so you. Definitely. :)