Friday, November 16, 2012

feeling anonymous

you can't un-live the pain
you can't rewind to yesterday
you might never find your place
in the time that remains

PicMonkey Collage

so if tomorrow never comes
from living fast and dying young
and hope the best is yet to come
in the time that remains for you
~Three Days Grace~

i feel like i should apologize for something. maybe the lack of posts. definitely for the lack of comments from me on everyone's blogs, truth is, i'm sorta out of it.
not inspiration, cos i've been drawing, painting, sewing and shooting things like crazy.
i put together that collage of Three Days Grace, cos their my favorite rock band, and i was bored. and my brother just got me their new album. i felt like i needed to explain that bit.
i also feel like i should explain that fact that although yes, i listen to TDG, it doesn't mean i endorse everything that they stand for. they're not a christian band, so they're bound to have songs that i don't agree with. but all the same they're so talented and i love most of their music.
its sorta an awkward and inconsistent relationship that i have with them. ;)

after 10 days of solid crazy and being away from home. and being rushed about and stressed out, i feel like i need a break from something. not sure what. maybe i'll take a week off from blogging {starting monday, of course}. its just that i have so much that i want to say. but i can't express it.
i'm out of pracice, and i don't like feeling like this blog is in a rut. which is what i feel.
i've lost my touch. i feel like my ability to express the simplest emotion is bland.
now don't get me wrong, i'm still happy here. i'm just saying that..
well see, i'm not even sure what i'm trying to say..
maybe i'll find out someday, and when i do, i'll come and tell you all about it.
maybe i'll wake up tomorrow and know exactly what to do. but probably not..
for now, i think i want to bow out till at least after thanksgiving.
so yeah, have a fantastic weekend everyone!


i get to see my nephew tomorrow. yeah. nuff said <3>


  1. No need for apologizin' deary. :) I think we're all getting busier this time of year. It happens. I know im debating taking a break next week or not. It depends on whether I have time or not. And if i do have time it probably wont be a lot, so i'll still wont be catching up on other people's blogs probably until the week is over. So I hear you!

  2. Apology accepted! ;) totally messing with you. You don't need to apologize. I'm the worst ever right now. this is the only blog I've really checked since my last post and I'm not planning to post much more until after new years. :/ like, a post every other week. lol. :P
    <3 I hope your week is epic! <3

  3. One day soon, you'll get this wave of feeling and inspiration and type it all out feverishly in just a few minutes. And be out of your rut.

    At least that's my guess.

  4. I awarded you on my blog…space...thing. :)