Monday, November 12, 2012

first off, i'd like to apologize for not reading or commenting on y'all's blogs!
life is crazy right now, but oddly, i'm bored. its weird..everything is weird right now actually.
everything but my nephew. he's awesome.
but seriously, everything is kinda stressed, but not. its uncomfortable {as far as living condition's go} and slightly claustrophobic, but sorta cozy. and unorganized. at least my suit case is... my sister and brother in-laws apartment is sorta small..specially for 5 grown peoples and a baby. but all the same its nice and i'm glad to be here with them. i think i'll go on a long walk today and then come in and clean up my little corner...


second. loki is awesome. but we all know that already so i'll move on...

 i think i'm ready to go home in a bit. simply because i'm running out of clean clothes and socks and i'm tired and ready to snuggle up in my bed and get a good nights rest and hug my cat when i wake up.
other than that, i don't want to leave Springfeild cos all my lovelies are here.
i reallyrealy dislike leaving this place.
but i reallyreally love being at home..


i think that maybe someday, when i'm married, i might want to come live up here.
Springfield {home of brad pitt} is a great area, and i have lots of family here, and really amazing friends.
anyway, i'm not sure how much longer i'm gonna be staying here.
maybe till the end of the week {if i last that long} or maybe till wed.
this weekend we're doing my families thanksgiving, i can't believe its already that time of the year again!
i'm so ready for christmas!! are you excited for christmas? i'm keeping my fingers crossed for lots of snow.
and now i'm getting all excited thinking about it.
i'm gonna go take that walk now...
have a fantastic week everyone!



  1. Loki is awesome. Agreed. You’re in Springfield? That’s awesome, we’re literally a couple of hours away from each other! aha. Have a great week yourself. :)

    -Victoria Horea

  2. Don't sweat it dear, I haven't been up to date on blogs and commenting either!
    I love the little baby! <3 and i hear ya about the busyness! And lastly, I AM SO EXCITED 4 CHRISTMAS. I'm actually taking this day off to plan and find ideas for christmas gifts.

  3. Sam says that I can't be excited about Christmas until Thanksgiving is over. But I want Christmas music! And snow! And cinnamony smells. <3

  4. I know how you must feel about wanting to get home. I've so felt that way before. I'm so glad I've gotten to see you so much lately though!
    yeah....Loki is amazing. <3
    If you ever come live here I'd be the happiest girl ever. :)
    <3 I can't believe thanksgiving is so close. It's kinda bizzare.
    I love that picture of you and Asa...It's so sweet.

  5. yep, there is no way I am waiting for thanksgiving to be excited about Christmas{or listen to Christmas music}
    nope, no way, na-da.
    the end.
    I hope you survive.
    surviving always good.
    oh and agreed, Loki is awesome.

  6. Visiting people is nice, but returning home is always delightful.

    Christmas, yes, I am very excited!