Thursday, November 8, 2012

oh, you must have been a beautiful baby

i adore his sweet little lips and cute nose<3 p="p">
  daddy jason, mommy antonia, and baby asa! _DSC0024

Asa Matthew, born Tuesday  6th of October, two thousand and twelve after 50 hours of labor at 11:18pm. this big man weighed in at 9lbs, and 8oz, and is 23" long.
it was one of the hardest waiting times *ever*, spent all of monday traveling and waiting at my families house, then left early tuesday morning and waited all day at the hospital for him to come.. he was planned to be a home birth, but complications forced us to have a hospital birth. its amazing he wasn't a c-section, but my warrior of a sister wanted it natural. and she made it! the actual pushing time was about 3 hours. i sat out in the hallway for most of it.
it was a really hard labor, like. you wouldn't honestly believe it. just crazy. 
but Asa is healthy and mommy is recovering well! i'm here at the hospital right now, my sis' and bro-in law won't be taking baby home till tomorrow. friends are gonna come by in a bit to see him and my brother, Eli, will be coming too. we're all so happy Asa is finally here!
his eyelashes are a stinking 1/4" long and he's got the biggest hand and feet i've ever seen on a newborn. he's just so precious.

i took these photos yesterday when i came to visit, really hoping to get some better ones soon. he's the perfect birthday present! its so odd, a week ago i felt like he was never gonna come and that i was never gonna turn 18. and now he's here and tomorrow is my birthday.
time hasn't gone fast at all, its dragged by so slowly and painfully. but now its done. he's safely here and tomorrow i'm going to spend all day with family and friends just like i hoped for.
life is *so* good.
i did a bit of shopping with mum today, new shoes and earrings. yup. happyhappy!
anywho, i'm gonna sign off now, not sure how much i'll be able to blog this next week or where i'm even gonna be. but it's gonna be great. have a fantastic week everyone!


  1. Aw, darling. How adorable<3 ahh awww!!!! Also, happy day before your birthday:) so happy for you!

  2. He IS the perfect birthday present! <3 I'm sending you something in the mail for your birthday, but I don't know when I'll get to send it. You'll probably be in Springfield for a while yet, right? That give me a little time ;)

  3. maaaaan. I just love him so much!!! <3 <3 Your pictures are stunning! <3 ^_^

  4. bfi;ejWVBGI. He has the cutest nose. Like. Ever.
    <3 ^.^
    The new header rocks!

  5. Thanks everyone for the sweet comments! He really is the cutest <3