Wednesday, December 26, 2012

the day after

we actually had our Christmas on Sunday, so yesterday didn't have that much excitement.
but thats ok, i read Divergent in 9hrs and played with puzzles and had a game of chess with myself.
this morning i woke up beneath my pile of king size fuzzy blankets to snow.
snow! eek. its so pretty. i haven't gone out in it yet.
but i will.
and i'll be back with lots of pictures too.

how was your Christmas?? do you have snow yet?



  1. So pretty! I love your snow. :) I wish it snowed here so badly but im glad I got to experience some snow in north carolina. :)

  2. Waking up to snow is awesome isn't it?? Alas we haven't had any here yet. I am eagerly anticipating it thbough!!

  3. I love your comments. They make me feel sane. We woke up to snow as well! Looking forward to those pictures. Merry belated Christmas.

  4. Oh, and I'm impressed with your reading speed.

  5. LUCKY!!!! We didn't get snow!!! We have only had like one inch and it melted in less than a day! :-)