Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fun Confessions

or maybe i should just call this "random junk thats going on right now in my life"

1. i've made it a secret new year resolution to watch all of Doctor Who, on the 3rd season right now!
2. i very much miss my friends in Springfeild.
3. i always feel really weird when i don't blog every day, i just love blogging, y'all! :p
4. i adore pinning with my bestie, its hilarious and awesome.
5. i really want to find a new pen-pal this year, any takers?
6. i'm seriously psyched to see Hansel and Gretel {coming out the 12th}
7. i want to have twins someday.
 8. i like to do posts like these that have very little class about them.
9. sometimes i'm really moody and can never decided what i want to do.
10. i'm currently re-obsessed with LOTR and am reading The Fellowship for the first time! 
11. discovered Brandi Carlile and am in love, check out 'Way to You' by her, its loverly.
12. i really want a new lens.
13. i'm very happy. for the moment. ;)
14. i'm pretty positive i'm a hobbit reincarnated.
15. i really wish i could do a q+a page..but no one really asks me questions, whattup? ;)
16. sometimes i can be all "deep and thoughtful/poetic/inspiring" but lots of the times i'm not. i'm just silly and fun and i don't feel like i portray that enough to you guys.
17. i really like squeaky doors and hugging my cat. i mean. really.
18. i asked my mom "whats something funny and quirky about me?" her answer: "your face".
19. i like my mom, i do.
20. i carry a pocket knife with me everywhere, either in my back pocket or purse. it ain't no swiss army one either. you'd be surprise at how often i use it!
21. i get to babysit two darling twin boys, which explains why i want twins someday.
22. i know, this list is astronomical, but you don't mind, do you?
23. i'd bet money that Rinskii will be the first to comment on this post.
24. i really wish Tom Hiddleston would be 12.
25. i took a "which Doctor Who character are you?" test. i got Rory.
26. i like you guys. you're all quite chummy and i really appreciate all the feedback you leave me!



  1. haha!! I love you!! these are awesome. and I miss you bunches and oodles. :) <3 <3 I might copy this post. ;)

    1. P.S. I freaking love that you have a David Tennant picture on here. xD <3

    2. Well I freaking love David Tennant so. yeah. :D

  2. It's so funny that you mention Doctor Who. I'm getting ready to buy season 1 off of Amazon because I've heard great things. I'm all in on the pen pal idea. There's something about hand-written letters...seems nobody does that anymore. I just recently saw LOTR for the very first time (yes I know I was a decade late to the party) and I loved it!

    1. Doctor Who is epic. and LOTR are even more epic, you should read the books! So far the Fellowship is better than I ever could have imagined ^_^

  3. Ahah I love all of these. You should make a Q and A page! What you can do is have a blog post telling people to write in any questions and then you can make a q and a page out of it. :)

    I love Lord of the Rings and i really wish I had watched Dr.Who from the beginning because everyone raves about it...but now i feel as if its too late to watch it cause id be tremendously confused. I guess ill wait till they starting showing reruns of season 1.

    I'd also be your pen pal if i could but my mom doesn't like me giving my address to people i don't know. * sigh * :/ Its a shame though cause i love writing letters, and i still have yet to find a person who would swap letters with me.

    Lastly, I believe you on being quirky and fun. :) You can definitely tell from some of your posts and from some of the pictures you have hanging out with your friends and whatnot. No need to worry about that.

    And i think it's good to have a balanced life like that:)

    1. i adore this comment :D
      how bout e-mail pen pals? would that be ok? i totally understand that your mom doesn't let you give out your addy:)

  4. Lord of the Rings is the best thing. I like that you used "re-obsessed," I feel exactly the same way! Every few months I watch it again and am once more blown away by it.

    Brandi Carlisle is amazing, I really love her. I also love her on Gregory Alan Isakov's album "This Empty Northern Hemisphere." She does the background vocals for him and it's some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard. You should check it out if you feel so inclined.

    Still lovin your blog.

    1. Eek, ikr? Every time I watch those movies I get so nostalgic, I grew up watching them, takes me back to my bliss days of playing Hobbit in the woods and watching the Extras over and over and over. I probably watched the Extras {interviews, making of} more than the actual movies!
      I've heard a few songs by Gregory Alan Isakov and I LOVE him, I reallyreally have been wanting to get one of his albums, and I guess I know what album I'll be getting now! ;D

  5. Hahahaha!!!! This is a good post. I'll be your pen-pal. Or maybe chat-pal. Kinda already am. :D A lot of this list mirrors me. Not all, mind you. Never seen a Doctor Who episode as of yet... But I want to have twins one day too! They are genetically in my family, so my chances are really good. Of 4 Aunts on my Mom's side, 2 had twins... :D So I'm praying... lol
    And LotR....aw, yes... I think it is The Hobbit that did it. :D

  6. Your face? Oh goodness. I miss you guys XD
    Hey! Did you cheat? I bet you were chatting with said Rinskii. ;)

  7. Hey so you know you like put out an ad for being pen pals... You still accepting applications? ;)
    I'd love being pen pals. I've never had one really. But when I'm traveling this year (which is six months total) I obviously can't always send actual letters. Especially when I'm in El Salvador next month (eep!) xx