Wednesday, January 23, 2013

grr and sniff

listening to: curb side prophet by jason mraz-- some nights by fun-- live high by jason mraz.

you probably wouldn't believe how many different titles i've tried and how many times i've re-written this post or how many times i've blown my nose in the last hour. i'm in a blogger slump, people. blimey, i sorta hate when this happens.

so, here are two little pen/watercolors that i did this week.

i'm seriously so stumped. what to say? certainly not a mile long list of randoms. i don't feel up to that. i think i'll just blame january like everyone else. i don't know why it does this to us. i need to go to the library so freaking bad. i'm out of books, and dickens just isn't cutting the mustard. also, i really enjoy photographing my outfits. ehe, and then doing what i wore posts, they're just enjoyable and easy. so i can guarantee i'll be doing more of those, and perhaps i'll share more of my art with you guys too. i'm tired of posts like these with no point. i need ideas. i need inspired. i need a q&a page too, so if you'd be so kind {last time i asked y'all weren't, but don't worry, i still love you guys} could you e-mail me at noniijoy{at}hotmail{dot}com with any questions you might have so i can get up that page? i'd so appreciate it, and of course you can just ask any questions in the comments if you'd rather. :)
anyhow! seeing as i've been busy all week, the house has been neglected. so i really should go clean up. i'd much rather just stay here and bore you to death, really. but i have to



  1. ugh me too. You saw my post. That's all I could come up with. Nothing. I'm so ready to be outta this weather. Please do show us more OOTD posts and your artwork. 'Cause I loooove it ;)
    Ill ask you questions!!! Pick me! Pick me! Hahaha. In your next email ;)

  2. I like the first one a lot!

    <3 Melissa

  3. I love your watercolors though and that you told me what you were listening too because that way I could listen to the ones I haven't heard before! :) I think your posts are doing fine but I get the lack of inspiration feeling. Funny enough, i made an inspiration post for tomorow. So, hang tight, and maybe it'll help you out a bit? I don't know. Sometimes for me, I don't get inspired until I see or hear or experience certain things. And i found and was able to upload some photos that inspire me for tomorow's post, so I'm hoping it'll help the January Stumps. Much love<3

  4. Sorry that you're in a slump! :P I hate that so much...<3
    I love your watercolor art a lot. :D All of it.

  5. ach, january is the worst month for inspiration. quite seriously, I haven't really thought up a brilliant post in awhile. *hits head* sorry you have been forced into the same corner. :P love the snippets of your art! you are so talented, noni! xoxo | grace