Thursday, January 31, 2013

listening to: Pretend by Sierra Hull 
Shiver by Old School Freight Train< Coldplay cover- a bluegrass tribute.

i am 100% cat person, just as i am 100% dog person, and horse person.
that being said, i like my animals inside, close to me and convenient, and obviously..i can't realistically keep a horse in my house {although she's tried to come in before!} and my parents won't let me keep my beagle puppy inside.

so my kitty gets loootts of attention from me and always has the camera stuck in her adorable little fat face. gah. she's just so ceeuuutttee!!

 brace yourselves...

 oh yes, now the face of "i hate you".

 and the faces that cracks me up so bad.
 aaannd, she's forgiving me..if only a little.

this is Lulu, my little lovely freakazoid.



  1. Awww she is so cute. I love my kitty to death too and she constantly makes faces like that one at me, lol. Pets are the best!

  2. Those pictures say it all! Cats haha I love cats.

  3. Eeek. Your cat scares me just about as bad as Ben's cat does ;P

  4. You're right she's so ceeeeuuuuttte! <3
    Persons in my family are allergic so I never get to see enough cat pictures; those faces are hilarious! To be perfectly honest I never even thought about doing that! Wonder if my grandparents cats would mind...!
    Love her purty green eyes. o.o
    My beagle could probably relate to your cat though, SHE had the camera pointed at her quite often...
    Do you have pictures of your beagle you might post?? 0.o Maybe?


    1. I do have pictures of her!! I can totally post some, maybe this weekend? Can't promise, but I'll try:)

    2. Really? Cool! I love seeing pictures of other peoples beagles. =D

  5. what a freaking cutie!! <3 <3 I need an indoor cat so bad...I wish Mum wasn't so allergic to them.

  6. I LOVE them!!!! Adorable. Yeah, can't let my dear ones inside either...yet. ;) That kitty is just so pretty. I love her markings. Stunning!

  7. Those are some funny faces!! I love cats. My little Ruby Sue (my cat) is my pride and joy LOL. And who says you can'y have a house-horse? :)

  8. Hello there Lulu, aren't you just the darndest thing<3