Monday, February 18, 2013

here are a few pictures from my last week. looking back at these makes me so happy, those few days spent with everyone in Springfield were the best, and nearly perfect. we all had a blast, everything from shopping, orchestra all day, ice skating, hanging out at Starbucks and the mall and going to church. it was all just amazing. i miss everyone {most especially the bf and nephew} and i can't wait to see them again! ok, enough jabbering, here's the pictures!

 i *love* this girl so stinking much, she's the best.

we like to draw matching stuffz on us when we're together. its fun.

all in all, i think i had 3 monsters in 2 days, 2 starbucks coffees and some other energy drinky thingy.
we like our caffeine.

 2 of Rachel's brothers playing outside at orchestra:)
 photo by Rachel, this is my crocodile smile/me laughing. :pppp
 another one of Rachel's lil' bro's!
the adorable Rachel herself. 
the group that went skating, for the heck of it i'll name everyone for ya, left to right now. ;)
joe, john, jonnah, sydney, emilee, noni, rachel, dean, daniel, aerial, david, nathaniel, shannon, eliza, ameron, micah, hannah, sarah, jeanette, sarah, lacey, and mary. *phew* that was a mouth full. :p

 Caitria and Rachel!

 my sister, and her husband Jason {Rachel's brother} and their beautiful boy, Asa.
i love them all oodles.

uncle Daniel and Asa.
 Auntie Rae and Asa!
  me, Asa and R., its so cool to share a nephew with your best friend. i'm so blessed!


well, i hope you enjoy these as much as i do, i'll probably be looking through them in a week or two and be reminiscing on good times, wishing i lived 4 hours closer and getting excited for the next time.
anywho, i'm not feeling very wordy today, so i'm signing off now.



  1. I love the group photo. Everyone looks so happy!!

  2. ACK! xD <3 this post made me giggle and smile like an idiot multiple times. <3 <3 *you're* the best. and I love your "crocodile smile". I think it's adorable. ^_^
    The second picture down is way up on my favorite list. It makes me so happy.
    And those pictures of us and the one with Asa. and the picture of the Starbucks cup. And the Group photo. Oh my gosh. So many great memories made last weekend. xD <3 I miss you like crazy.

  3. Awww you guys are adorable. That is so cool that your siblings are married! I wish I got along with my siblings in-laws, haha! That is so special though, what a blessing :D

  4. loveeee thiss! ya'll look so happy. bet you had a blasttt. xx

  5. I had so much fun while you were here! I am looking forward to your next visit! <3

  6. I already commented on Rachel's post of you two but I'm gonna say it again; You guys are adorable. I love the photos, especially the heart one but I also really like the writing on the starbucks coffee cup icture. Also, man, that is a LOT of caffeine! hahaha. I can only imagine the adventures and hyperness you guys had/experienced. lol. You guys are awesome. I enjoyed the photos and the posts!!!

    Much love,

  7. I love your pictures. I feel like I'm jumping into your brain and seeing from your perspective for a few seconds. Looks like you had a blast, way to pound down that caffeine!

  8. It looks like you had a lot of fun, and your pictures are amazing! And your nephew is adorable!