Friday, February 15, 2013

photography + writing challenge: week 2

week 2 chalenge: a photo of an animal // write about what makes you free

what makes me free? 
this is pretty simple actually.
Christ, He makes me free.
true story.
the end.


i'd honestly love to be able to write more for this post, i was really looking forward to it, but as you know, i'm in a sort of writing slump.butd i realize that this is a challenge. 
and. i guess i failed.
 {another excuse. i am pretty occupied today ;) }


  1. It's beautiful and true :) And gosh is that your horse?!

    1. Yes, thats my horse, her name is Ellie May <3

  2. Well, a picture is worth a thousand words you know...and this horse is really so beautiful!
    I know horses aren't exactly soft per say, but this one looks as soft as a cat! And such a beautiful color too. =)
    Is it your horse?
    Free as a bird. Very True.


    1. haha, thanks, i think she is too! And yes, she is super duper soft and she's mine! <3