Wednesday, March 13, 2013

listening to Its a Brand New Day by Joshua Radin< this song makes me grin like an idiot.


these little flowers are so happy, i love them. daffodils are my favorite, not these kind though. there's a different kind that doesn't bloom till later, they're so gorgeous. these {the petie four and manly} are my favorite, i can't wait for those to bloom. so pretty! did you know there are 25 different species of daffodils? i want them all. the ones above are called Carltons. *snicker*, i'm gonna remember that.

the sun is shining here and the wind smells so yummy. the house even reeks of spring. its wonderful and it makes me so antsy for summer! its crazy how fast this winter has gone. i think its weird how quickly life goes by when you get older, i imagine it will only get worse. this has been the fastest winter so far, i'm sure i'll say that about next winter too. i don't like that time slips by so fast as you grow.

well, i have things to do, a present to make, books to read and i'm starving.
i hope you guys are having a beautimus day!



  1. Time does go faster yes but we can always "slow down" and appreciate the beauty of these daffodils :)

  2. yes! this year already has gone by so so fast. it's crazy. love the pics btw. and your FB message made my day<3 xx

  3. oooh I loove daffodils. We've been cutting ours to bring indoors to enjoy too :) I love 'em. We have some of these, but also the white/yellow ones... no clue what variety they are though.

    I decided to youtube the song you are listening to and it's so cute! hehe thanks for sharing :D

  4. I adooore daffodils. They're *So* pretty. And that song...yes. XD hahaha.