Thursday, March 28, 2013

treskie over at occasional randomness {which is, btw, one of my favvveee blogs!} awarded me.
so. erm.
here i go!

le rules
2.) thank the person who awarded you.
2.) Answer the three questions. 
3.) Nominate four bloggers.
4.) Notify the bloggers you nominate. 

so, treskie!

and now the questions..

What famous person would you like to meet?
i find this question amusing. because i dislike meeting ordinary people {only slightly kidding}, so of course, meeting someone famous is sorta out of the question.
i mean, can you imagine how freaking awkward that'd be for me?
i can just feel the pain thinking about it.
but, that said. if the opportunity were to because reality. then i'd pick Benedict Cumberbatch.

basically i'd hug him, get a picture, and then run away as fast as i could.

What's your favorite flower?
daffodils! these are the closest i could find to my favorite species of daffodils though..

What is your least favorite food?
definitely peas and green beans. 
peas are like fungus pills and green beans are just plain evil. and they're both so disturbingly nasty that i'm not posting a picture of them. ha.

and now for the step i normally skip! the bloggers i nominate are...


well that was fun! did you have fun? i did. :)


  1. Lol! I swear I was going to do Benedict!!! :-D I love that picture of him though! <3 <3 <3

    1. really? hehe. i didn't know you liked Benedict enough to put him as who you'd want to meet! :D
      that picture is freaking gorgeous. gah. i can't get over his pretty.

  2. That's what I've always thought, looking through people's bucket lists . . . how weird and uncomfortable would it be to meet a celebrity? Very. I'm positive. Very.

  3. haha!! Yeah! I freaking love that picture and quote of his face. I would meet hiddles. I would TOTALLY meet hiddles. <3

  4. D'aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw. BENEDICT!!!!!!!!! That's just really awesome. He's a sweetie. (And I totally get what you mean by awkwardness. Can you imagine actually MEETING any of these people? I think Matt Smith would put me at ease. He just seems that character. And Josh Groban is super nice too and laid back.... and I'd feel like I could sing around him. But Hiddles? Jeremy Renner? Robert Downey Jr?? AWKWARDSVILLEE.)

    Thank you for not liking green beans!!!!!!! People can't understand why I don't like them and I'm just like, "Believe me, they're awful."

    lol.... fanks for saying that about mah bloggy. That's the nicest thing I've heard all day. xo :D

  5. I have no idea who Benedict is, but his interview is awesome!

  6. I LOVE daffodils<3 annnnnnd peas....yuckkk. haaate. anyways, now that im tagged what am i suposed to do? Answer the three q's you answered too? :) Thanks for the nomination btw!

    1. :D hehe, yes, thats what ya do. :)))

  7. "peas are like fungus pills and green beans are just plain evil."


  8. Thanks so much nominating me! I totally approve of the fact that you would want to meet Benedict Cumberbatch. Not like you needed my approval...haha

    "peas are like fungus pills and green beans are just plain evil. and they're both so disturbingly nasty that i'm not posting a picture of them."
    I love this. haha

  9. Oooh! Fun! I can't wait to do this! Prolly tomorrow. :D Thanks for tagging me. :D