Thursday, May 16, 2013

am i back?

i think, i hope. the answer is yes.

i'm not quite sure what i'm doing here. maybe something will click again and it'll all come rushing back.

 one thing i *never* forget how to do is make a list.
so here's a list, or, series of lists.. lets see how long this goes..

::things i really like::
1) i'm really liking my new laptop.
2) i really like my new hair.
3) i really like my velvet tights.
4) i really like imagine dragons and AWOLNATION.
5) i really like life. and blogging outside.

::things i'm beyond excited about::
1) canada and alaska.
2) seeing rachel and my nephew!
3) life.
4) going to SDC.
5) living on a tour bus for 12 weeks.

::things i need to do::
1) take pictures of my hair to show you guys.
2) make a new pillow cover outta this cool fabric mum got me.
3) ride my ellie may girl several times before i leave in 9 days.
4) blog more.
5) draw something.

and thats really all i've got. i hope you liked the photos, i adore them. there's so much gorgeous around here, its overwhelmingly lovely.



  1. Ah, is that a swallowtail? Your photos are just getting awesome-er. :)

  2. :D :D So glad you are back!! :D :D

  3. Love the photos! They're awesome!

  4. I always adore your photos, Noni. You are so talented and oh my gosh God is such an artist! I love His creation and you capture it beautifully.

    Glad you are back!!!

  5. Overwhelmingly lovely is right! As usual, so envious of where you live! And happy to see you back.

  6. Ahhh, YES. to so many things. Your new hair(I saw on your last post<3 I love it). Awolnation and Imagine Dragons<3 Life. <3 The places your going!!! <3 I love it all. And especially your pictures, like the one of the bird and the one of the river and the daises. I think those were my favorites. I love nature and I love how you capture it<3