Wednesday, June 5, 2013

the last few days have been spent in Wisconsin, right now we're on our way to Minnesota. i'm pretty excited about MN. my cousin's have a big gig tomorrow, i think we're all sorta nervous about it. they brought in a drummer friend, i'm super excited to see their show with a drummer. my cousin John does a Johnny Cash song. i heard him for the first time on Monday, and my jaw dropped. it was pretty dang impressive and he's just so dang cute up there. hehe. so anyways. i really loved Wisconsin. the people there are so nice, at least everywhere we went they were.

i ate fried cheese curds for the first time on Sunday. i'm addicted! they're soo yummy.

we're going into Canada next Monday...this means no constant wifi. *sads*
 even though it'll stink to not have facebook handy all the time and being able to chat at home peeps. i'm sorta looking foreward to no wifi. i have several books i want to read and i'm hoping to draw and paint more. and maybe make some more jewellery to sell at the merch tables. 

so anyways....



so, if you guys have any questions about anything, like this tour or whatever. or. yeah. stuff. ask away! :D


  1. Minnesota will be fun.
    dude! I wish I could hear the show with Tyler added in!! xD I bet it's awesome.
    no wifi!!! :'( Oh, I'mma miss chatting at you.
    <3 <3

  2. this seems like so much fun!

  3. JOHNNY CASH IS DA BOMB. So kudos to him for playing a johnny cash song:) yaaaay.

  4. What kind of music are ya'll playing? I was so excited for you that you are going on tour that I never even knew what kind of music you play haha!

  5. I hope you can still share some pictures in Canada! Can you post any of the band on stage? Oh yeah, and what kind of music is it? I second Lacey's question. Do you think you'll ever join in? With a tambourine or some marraccas or something?