Saturday, September 7, 2013

i'll be honest. i've disliked today. i mean, everything is going fine, my life is good. i'm content with how things are, i've decided thats the best way to go at it.

but today. has been bleh. put together allergies that have sunk into something worse, maybe it's a cold, perhaps i'm running a fever. and add pulled muscles in the back and you get a bleh sort of day. so all day i've chucked the allergy pills, blown the nose, and stayed laying down so i can stay out of pain.  i'm not trying to sound complainy, some days are just like this and i don't see any use in pretending like they don't happen. so i figured i may as well share the bleh days on here too. hopefully i'll be better tomorrow.

on the bright side of stuff, having a new puppy around somehow just makes everything so much better. last night i took her to a friends house for a bonfire and she was the centre of the party. she has such a sweet nature and is very smart. and ohmygosh. softest puppy ever, i can't imagine how soft a full blooded huskie puppy is, because a halfie is still so sooooffftt. i wish you could pet her. really i do.

and now i'm signing off to go lay down again cos the old back is yelling at me.
i hope you guys have been having a fantastic weekend.

"think of all the beauty left around you and be happy"~ Anne Frank



  1. Seriously, what IS it with these allergies?! They ruin lives. Or at least days, if we're being less dramatic here.

    I really liked that first line haha. Very honest. I hope you feel better asap :)

  2. It's not fair. How can you be so stinking pretty while bed-ridden with allergies? Yes. Not fair. Moxy, btw, is an absolute doll and I super wish I COULD pet her!! Also, I hope and pray you get better real fast-like. xD