Wednesday, October 16, 2013

day six of both challenges.

a childhood memory..

walnuts! when i was younger, we always picked up walnuts. i haven't done it in years, but it's a really good year for walnuts this year. so this weekend i'mma get out there and fill some bags! it should be fun, because the weather is *perfect*.

a song that reminds you of somewhere..

Camouflage by Plus One

so my sister used to listen to these guys in Mexico aaaallll the time. her past obsession with them probably out does my current obsession of Mr. Cumberbatch.
i know. it was that bad. so granted, every time i ever hear this band, i feel like i'm 5yrs old again, back in our giant blue house in Mexico. the house that had a giant, ceiling high cage/gate-ish thing for the back living room wall so you could look out on the back yard. i loved that house.

anywho. i really need to get going on this challenge thing! :p



  1. Ahh I miss our walnut tree at our old house now!! It randomly died for no reason so we chopped it down. It was sad, I miss having our own walnuts. That's a good childhood memory for me, too! :)

    This is the second time I've heard about Plus One this week, and I don't think I ever listened to them! It's my generation so you would think I would have, but I never did.

    P.S. thanks for your comment on my blog! :) Nice to see your friendly face! Hope you have a fab week too.

  2. Gathering walnuts on a fall afternoon sounds so autumn-y.

  3. i love the walnut tree in your picture. so pretty